Child inherit property

Allow elements to have the inherit property. This is very useful for base elements like links (make links have the parents defined color, like paragraphs). 

  • Designer Viewup
  • Jul 14 2017
  • Ronald Bardalez commented
    19 Jul, 2020 06:21pm

    So important, specially for links. Besides the color picker, a simple "inherit".

  • Bertrand Perrin commented
    3 Mar, 2020 10:15am

    This has to be made! And it shouldn't be too complicated to implement and so helpful!

  • Noah Raskin commented
    29 Jun, 2019 09:30pm

    MUCH NEEDED!!! Especially in interactions you always have to choose a text color for example on the hover out state instead of being able to set the color back to "inherit" the parent elements text color which it was to begin with.

    This can be very frustrating. Webflow please add this option! :)

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