Email notifications from an unbranded email address on Hosting accounts

It is really backward to receive email notifications or inquiries from on hosting accounts. 

When replying inquiries, no-reply.webflow appears in message thus confusing customer.

Hosting accounts already provides full editing functionalities, in such case there is absolutely no need to subscribe for a pro account which increases cost for nothing.

  • Zulqarnain Siddiq
  • Aug 1 2017
  • Jems Ford commented
    November 20, 2018 08:00

    Email is information stored on a computer that is exchanged between two users over telecommunications. More plainly, e-mail is a message that may contain text, files, images etc. you can get email notification by using the Gmail on hosting account. If you are facing any type of issues related to the Gmail then Please visit for the proper solution. 

  • James Gimbel commented
    19 Mar 12:35

    Yeah, this is hugely important and I'm shocked that this was not implemented in Webflow from day 1. I am just getting started with the platform, and as I am designing websites for clients, I am realizing that with the monthly account fees + the monthly hosting fees + the lack of email is quite a headache. Certainly not seamlessly set up...I think Webflow could really be the future of website design, but they definitely need to work these structure flaws out for that to fully happen.

    For now, I think that it would be really helpful for them to write a detailed article on these issues and let people know the best options for dealing with these issues.

    I use ZOHO email with my clients, and it works great. If you need email support contact email help desk. 

  • Lisa Rose commented
    29 Apr 11:20

    How to Create a Email Signature in Outlook?

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  • Lisa Rose commented
    17 May 09:22

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  • Robert Smith commented
    24 May 08:49

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  • Robert Smith commented
    24 May 08:50

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    07 Jun 11:44

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    24 Jun 06:32

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  • Robert Smith commented
    12 Jul 08:40

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  • Lisa Rose commented
    25 Jul 12:18

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  • Lisa Rose commented
    30 Jul 09:27

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    01 Aug 11:32

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  • Tiara Mueller commented
    03 Aug 07:12

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  • Marry Martin commented
    28 Aug 18:28

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  • Robert Drowney commented
    03 Oct 06:40

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  • Adward Simon commented
    30 Nov 07:20

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    03 Dec 12:25

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