Emergency plan if designer/freelancer goes Awol

An odd one this, but, as a freelancer, I have been asked the question often. 'What happens if you die/become disabled in some way?'

This is a non-issue for a company; others carry on, but for an individual freelancer, it can be a showstopper. A contributor suggested this could be a very easy addition to the account settings - with a simple list of customers and contact details per account.

If, as I suspect, the first thing Webflow notices is that subs aren't paid any more, then websites hosted by Webflow would be suspended. In this case, it would make sense that Webflow contact the customer and offer continuing Webflow hosting from that point.

The second scenario is where a website is created in Webflow but hosted elsewhere. Here again, Webflow should be able to contact the customer and offer ongoing hosting. 

In both cases, it would make sense for Webflow to provide an alternative designer for the customer.

Samliew suggested this morning that the client would need to contact Support in these circumstances, but I think this idea would be a cleaner and easier alternative.

  • Hywel Thomas
  • Aug 10 2017