Native Responsive 4k Desktop Breakpoint

I'm making a special landing page specifically for users with 4k monitors. So I would like to make this feature request.

I would like my project to naively render on 4k without ZOOMING in. 

  • Custom responsive 4k Mode
  • Specialized 4k Projects
  • Naive 2560px Width container

I included a screenshot from css-tricks illustrating how some popular sites render  under 4k without zoom.

$bp-small: 48em; // 768px $bp-medium: 64em; // 1024px $bp-large: 85.375em; // 1366px $bp-xlarge: 120em; // 1920px $bp-xxlarge: 160em; // 2560px

A perfect example of it's adoption can be found in the Death Star demo here:


  • Miek Thompson
  • Aug 22 2017
  • and 8 more