Visibility of CMS content based on date range

Example use case: special offers that have a start and finish date – my clients have to manually show and hide the offer at the specific time which is very inconvenient (e.g. "offer closes at midnight" – they have to stay up to remove the offer).

This would also be very useful for an events list for example – once the event has occurred, it could automatically be removed/hidden. 

  • Matthew Sanderson
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Georg Kuklick commented
    8 Aug 10:08am

    Is there still no progress?

  • Alfredo Rodriguez commented
    13 Jan, 2021 10:08pm

    Definitely a MUST!!

  • Greg Washington commented
    16 Dec, 2019 10:40pm

    I want to create archive pages for a publishing site that gives people the ability to only view collection items from a specific year, or year+month.

  • Mauricio Bazán commented
    19 Jul, 2019 07:44pm

    I think this is definitely a MUST idea. It will be so useful for events that last more than one day, for special offers that ends at a specific time, for calendars and much more!

  • Rebekah Daniels commented
    19 Dec, 2018 05:34am

    Yes! I need to conditionally format date ranges on events spanning multiple days (November 30 - 31, rather than November 30 - November 31 for instance).

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    24 Nov, 2018 03:17am


  • Василий Никоноров commented
    15 Nov, 2018 01:28pm

    Need it a lot to represent items by years: 2012, 2013, 2014, etc.

  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    6 Aug, 2018 08:13pm

    Yes this is a must have. I can't believe this is not on the wishlist already! 
    I have 4 websites that needs this today! 

  • Hywel Thomas commented
    10 Feb, 2018 01:01pm

    Only 13 votes? I would have thought we'd have a lot more by now...

  • Vincent Bidaux commented
    13 Nov, 2017 09:10am

    Also taking care of periods like "months". There is no way to filter things happening this monthor a given month or 6 months from now. All my callections of events hae a date field plus many text fields for months, days and other stuff related to dates. Like 2 fields for hours and minutes in international format.

  • Vincent Bidaux commented
    3 Jul, 2017 03:39pm

    If there's several events per day, there is currently no way to hide the past events... Like departures. The only possible filtering is per day.

  • Pedro Alfonso commented
    20 Jan, 2017 03:15am

    Yes! We need the ability to show/hide dynamic events based in a date range.

  • Tobias Heilmann-Schuricht commented
    18 Jan, 2017 10:10am

    Totally agree. At the moment we manually "turn off" items once they have passed the current date... automation would be very helpful here.

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