Add a note to version/backup

I would be great to be able to add a note to a backup/version that I have created.  I handoff my Webflow exports to developers who use Git to manage version control.  It would be great to be able to add something to my "versions" in Webflow that I could then correlate with theirs.  I am now committing the webflow files into Git for them to access.

  • Matthew Gauthier
  • Sep 27 2017
  • Waris Ali commented
    6 Mar 11:19am

    This will be the typical thing whixh you are asking now. YOu will be get much more on pinoy channel replays online in hd.

  • Snapper Cridge commented
    21 Feb, 2018 05:29pm

    Guess I didn't realize that function I mentioned already exists 😉