Calendar Widget

Calendar widget that can be managed via collections. Allowing collaborators to populate events on the front-end.

  • Nick Arnot
  • Sep 28 2017
  • Michael Wells commented
    25 May, 2022 04:35am

    Just wanted to comment that I implement a lot of calendars, event lists, etc in sites and building this as a Webflow feature is a much bigger challenge than you might expect.

    1. Events are a unique CMS structure all by themselves. You've got the events themselves, but you've also got event durations, start and end dates. Recurring events. Exceptions to recurring events. Times of events within event days, which can vary. It's gnarly.

    2. Displaying events requires views- you might want to list today's events, or events for the next 30 days.

    3. A calendar widget is a complex thing, which means complex configuration and formatting. Is it a standard month calendar? What day is the start of the week, Sun or Mon? What language is the calendar in? What time format? Should weekends and weekdays be shaded differently? How to show multiple events per day, when they don't fit in the box? How should navigation work, to scroll through months, or to jump to a specific year/month? For Webflow this are big designer issues, because Webflow is all about giving the designer 100% control.

    4. All of this has to account for the end-client too, and their ability to manage these events, recurrences, etc efficiently- which basically means rebuilding Google Calendar inside of Webflow's editor.

    I'd guess if Webflow did implement a Calendar Widget, it wouldn't be usable for a huge range of use cases. Much like the Slider can't be dynamic (CMS-bound), at least last time I checked.

    A few workarounds-

    Use Google Calendar as the back end. It handles all of the possible event-description and recurrence scenarios.

    If you're ok with the styling, just embed its native widget, it's pretty slick.

    If you want your own CMS data connected, use Zapier to create those events from Google Calendar in your own CMS. It works great, and you can e.g. wire up your events to e.g. a Venues Collection.

    If you want a calendar widget, go with a JQuery one. It will require some scripting, and connecting it to your Google Calendar iCal feed, but it gives you the most versatility, best styling options, and easiest administration overall.

  • CHI FOLK commented
    17 May, 2019 01:49pm

    Additional alternative -

  • CHI FOLK commented
    17 May, 2019 01:45pm

    Examples to references for business requirements, perhaps an integration into the CMS:

  • Guest commented
    20 Mar, 2019 08:48pm

    hello has any one already a solution: I found out Zapier works with Google Calendar and Webflow: 

    or is there an other possibility?


  • Guest commented
    14 Jan, 2019 06:36am

    Google Calendar shouldbe a better solution into webflow shoud be a better solution

  • Matt Neve commented
    19 Jul, 2018 08:46am

    Seeing as Webflow are working on a e-commerce interface/elements, it would be great to have a events / diary drop in. So instead of using the cms blog collections to create events. Something already geared towards events i.e calendars for events, future publishing dates, search within dates, selectors for radius - especially if this could tie into the e-commerce to book and purchase the events. Wishful thinking but thats why its called a wishlist haha 

  • Donald Moore commented
    5 Mar, 2018 12:56pm

    Not only a widget for calendar, but configurable views. I use the calendar view and a list view on calendars I use on non-Webflow sites.

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