Get rid of the "Feedback Category" in the community forum.


noun: feedback

  1. information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.
    synonyms: response, reaction, comments, criticism; More…

The word Feedback is a catch-all term and consists of everything a user tells the company from bugs to wishlist ideas. If not used in the dictionary defined way, the use of this forum category page title is confusing for users that are trying to give feedback.

Asking users to give feedback, but arbitrarily discriminate between types of feedback (bug reports, kudos, suggestions, questions, etc…) is asking them to jump through cognitive hoops to know if what they have to say should be posted here, there, or somewhere else, and is unacceptable. 


Good Solution:

IF the feedback page is no longer being used for general purpose feedback, a “catch-all” as the term is defined above, don’t title the category feedback… change the name to something more specific that it is intended to represent.

Simply, Define better categories, and get rid of the catch-all "Feedback" category. It will save everyone from a headache. 


Bad Solution:

The quote in the Guidelines for posting to the feedback category pinned post, “Please do not use this category for new feature requests/suggestions/discussions. We have an app for that!”, is hard to see as the last line of the post and its arbitrary nature creates a lot of uncertainty about what the feedback category page is actually for. 

  • Roarke Clinton
  • Sep 29 2017