CMS Collection batch edit functionality

Would be helpful to set a field on multiple CMS items at once, like a category field, a switch, et al.

With the limitation of not being able to import CSV files and have them match up to existing Collections data using Reference and Multi-Reference fields, one is left wondering how to apply a Category, Tag, Type, Featured switch, etc., to all of the records just imported. 

A batch edit to CMS records would assist in users migrating from inferior site platforms. ;)

  • Luke Dorny
  • Oct 8 2017
  • In backlog
  • Avi Phillips commented
    August 29, 2018 23:24

    It would also be great to do what was mentioned above:  be able to import CSV files to match up to Reference fields.  Otherwise, I'd have to edit each group of CMS items separately, instead of having all the tags/categories/etc. map on import.

  • Bill Hamway commented
    12 Jan 18:33

    I've been working a project with lots of data and not being able to import CSV with Reference to another Collection is a real pain.


    Would be nice to have this.

  • José Ernesto Rodríguez commented
    23 May 04:03

    💯 In my case I already had dozens of items and wanted to either just invert a switch or change from a switch to an option field. Webflow is so good for settings this up but once you want to do a change to many existing items it’s a lot of manual effort.

  • Emelie Carlsson Gras commented
    02 Oct 19:09

    Totally needed, if you work with databases you must be able to edit fieds quickly.

    It is a must