CMS Collection batch edit functionality

Would be helpful to set a field on multiple CMS items at once, like a category field, a switch, et al.

With the limitation of not being able to import CSV files and have them match up to existing Collections data using Reference and Multi-Reference fields, one is left wondering how to apply a Category, Tag, Type, Featured switch, etc., to all of the records just imported. 

A batch edit to CMS records would assist in users migrating from inferior site platforms. ;)

  • Luke Dorny
  • Oct 8 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Hrishi Mittal commented
    16 Nov, 2023 01:58pm

    I ran into this same problem, so I built a solution. If you want to try it out, sign up here -

    (Apologies for the repost. link didn't work in my last comment)

  • Hrishi Mittal commented
    16 Nov, 2023 01:56pm

    I ran into this same problem, so I built a solution. If you want to try it out, sign up here -

  • Mateusz commented
    28 Jul, 2023 01:39pm

    2023 and it's still not implemented... I have to edit 1 value in over 200 records one by one...

  • Miek Thompson commented
    15 Jul, 2022 05:48pm

    I must find replace text in over 100 CMS items. Its quite painstaking because it takes a while to lookup replace then there is a long delay between saving between CMS items. Bulk CMS Find Replace batch edit would be a life saver!

  • Mike Powis commented
    7 Feb, 2022 09:26am

    2017 and this still isn't implemented! I was hoping this would be a feature of the CMS update we recently got.

    Being able to batch edit CMS items would be a life saver - even if its limited to one field at a time.

  • Sophie Mona Pagès commented
    24 Nov, 2021 04:44pm

    Wow I have just realized this is needed and it's painful 😅

  • Tansen BEL commented
    13 Mar, 2021 04:04pm

    It's essential, especially for e-commerce !

  • Lykad Studios commented
    31 Jan, 2021 10:02pm

    Imaine having 500+ products and having to edit one thing to all of them one by one. Bulk editing products/cms items is a must and really doesnt sound like a overly difficult feature to implement.

  • Campbell McKenzie commented
    4 Jan, 2021 09:07am

    Duplicate would be ace as a minor feature 'till you can edit fields in the CMS Designer View (without opening an entry) to help streamline creating similar items (even if it doesn't let you save until you've changed Name/Slug)

  • Toby Egbuna commented
    29 May, 2020 12:22am

    YES. I actually thought for a second that I was doing something wrong until I found this thread. Webflow CMS is great for importing, but managing data and having to make edits to it is a pain. Also, not being able to import data and link it to reference fields is another pain. This is a huge need.

  • Brent Goldman commented
    17 May, 2020 05:35pm

    This is important.

  • Fixxo Technologies commented
    14 Nov, 2019 08:18am

    A must feature to have. Currently, there is options to Delete, Draft, Archive. 

  • Emelie Carlsson Gras commented
    2 Oct, 2019 07:09pm

    Totally needed, if you work with databases you must be able to edit fieds quickly.

    It is a must

  • José Ernesto Rodríguez commented
    23 May, 2019 04:03am

    💯 In my case I already had dozens of items and wanted to either just invert a switch or change from a switch to an option field. Webflow is so good for settings this up but once you want to do a change to many existing items it’s a lot of manual effort.

  • Bill Hamway commented
    12 Jan, 2019 06:33pm

    I've been working a project with lots of data and not being able to import CSV with Reference to another Collection is a real pain.


    Would be nice to have this.

  • Avi Phillips commented
    29 Aug, 2018 11:24pm

    It would also be great to do what was mentioned above:  be able to import CSV files to match up to Reference fields.  Otherwise, I'd have to edit each group of CMS items separately, instead of having all the tags/categories/etc. map on import.

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