External Data Source for Collection List

It would great if you could query an external API to retrieve some data that can be returned in JSON or XML.  This result set could be data bound to the collection list.  

It is really nice to be able to layout the visual aspects of the collections list and have it "repeat" for the underlying data set.  There are situations where a user has external systems that support their business and being able to pull data from those system and display the content on a Webflow site.

The idea is to NOT have to repeat the data in two places by setting up a collection inside the Webflow CMS and either manually enter it or write custom code to connect to the Webflow API to manage the Webflow CMS collections.  Many of these systems already have a way through JQuery/Ajax to query the data and return a JSON data set.

  • Bo Manry
  • Oct 9 2017
  • Michael Wells commented
    13 May, 2018 09:18pm

    Yes, please, with support for ICAL as well.  

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