CSV Import - Reference and Multi-Reference Fields

This is a major feature for larger websites. What happens to complex Wordpress (or any other CMS) sites with hundreds of articles and dozens of categories? It is impossible to match that amount of records manually. 

Not having the ability to import all the content and match the article with the category collection, is a deal breaker for most clients. The Option field is not an alternative because it doesn't generate dynamic pages.

Please, please, please consider adding this briefly.

I'm voting for Webflow being a true Wordpress competitor. This is really a must have.

  • Sónia Alves
  • Oct 10 2017
  • Shipped
  • Nov 11, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi everyone - excited to share that you can now map CSV content to reference *and* multi-reference fields when importing your CMS content onto Webflow. Read more in our release notes.

  • Leon Vermij commented
    16 Feb 10:11pm

    Do you know it's not working on e-commerce product cms?

  • Monique commented
    15 Apr, 2021 05:52pm

    Has anyone figured out how to upload data into a multi-reference field using Zapier, without the need of using the Webhooks (which is a paid feature within Zapier)? I'm using a basic Zapier to upload a bunch of data from a form, but I receive errors for the multi-reference form. Thanks in advance!

  • Matt commented
    18 Nov, 2020 10:50pm

    Great to see this has been added after more than 3 years! Unfortunately it's a little too late for me as I lost a customer because they ended up using a developer that used Wordpress instead.

  • Remi Duval commented
    9 Oct, 2020 02:24am

    it's a must

  • Amber Reyngoudt commented
    22 Sep, 2020 01:00am

    I need this too!

  • Jake Kushner commented
    16 Sep, 2020 08:06am
  • Dave Legion commented
    27 Aug, 2020 09:27am

    I wonder how many votes it will take before it rings the 'New-Dev Bell' at Webflow HQ... - 410 perhaps?

  • Timothy Charles commented
    8 Aug, 2020 04:08am

    Really need this capability for a client. Please pick this up.

  • Nils Heinemann commented
    2 Jul, 2020 11:58am

    Let´s go webflow,- make us lucky and work on this!

  • Gillum Media commented
    24 Jun, 2020 06:45pm

    Almost July 2020 and still have this issue. How? How can I export the CSV and see that the multi-reference field is organized by semi colons but even when following the same structure it doesn't allow it to import? Even if I export the CSV and try to import the same thing I just exported it doesn't let it happen. We need this!

  • Lesley Toche commented
    17 Jun, 2020 02:39am

    This will change the game on a major level. Would love to see this in the near future.

  • Rex Labs commented
    18 May, 2020 06:48am

    If it wasn't for the API work-around I and many people I know probably wouldn't be able to use Webflow.

    This feature would make things sooooo much easier and accessible for large CMS updates and Wordpress migration.

  • YEYMedia commented
    12 May, 2020 10:00am

    This feature could save me so much time, its for frustrating that it isn't available.

  • .N commented
    12 May, 2020 05:14am

    Please make this happen! The fact that this option is missing is really frustrating :/

  • Gonz Sanchez commented
    30 Apr, 2020 08:36pm

    It's insane that this isn't available. It makes Webflow useless for any non-new projects that has more than a few dozen items.

  • Studio commented
    31 Mar, 2020 06:07am

    When you can export multi-reference fields but not import them it just feels like this is a feature that could be implemented sooner rather than later. So frustrating!

  • Christian Skelton commented
    17 Mar, 2020 10:32am

    Such an important feature.

  • Jake Spirek commented
    28 Feb, 2020 05:36pm

    Can this be done with the API at least??

  • Antoine Legendre commented
    19 Feb, 2020 03:51pm

    Ca serait juste indispensable. 

  • Daniel Lozano commented
    7 Feb, 2020 03:26pm

    How is this update going? I'm still in the need to upload a 1000 item catalogue to our website and I would need to manually reference the supplier and categories manually.. that's a lot of manual work. Please give us an update, this idea is more than 2 years old and we have no news.

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