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It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Harm van Beek commented
    9 Sep 07:31pm

    yes please, feels silly to have to use a workaround

  • James Bulmahn commented
    28 Aug 01:06am

    Please add this functionality.

  • Micaela Lumpkins commented
    27 Aug 09:55pm

    I want to use this for product photos on the product page.

  • Daniel Kedinger commented
    26 Aug 09:52pm

    How is this still not a thing? Requested in 2017!!

  • Cameron Gould commented
    18 Aug 09:12am

    Yeah Why isn't this a thing!

  • Abhishekkumar Dutta commented
    30 Jul 06:30am

    Neeche waale ki suno yaar. Badi pareshani hai jeevan me. Itni badi team hai bhaiya tumhari. Ye ek feature ko 4 saal? Bahut nainsafi hai :(

  • Sachin Zade commented
    30 Jul 06:27am

    Banao ye feature jaldi nahi to band baj jayegi

  • Nils Heinemann commented
    15 Jul 09:29am

    I can´t belive it... Mid 2021 and there is no solution for a basic CMS Image Slider.

  • Ben Fletcher commented
    11 Jul 11:48am


  • Nik commented
    10 Jun 03:15pm

    Dynamic content in the slider is a must really. Please add this functionality.

  • Julien Widmer commented
    6 May 02:56pm

    With an option for vertical Slider also ! not only horizontal !

  • Pearl Rae commented
    19 Apr 06:26am

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  • Benjamin Churchill commented
    16 Apr 03:29pm


  • Peter commented
    28 Feb 02:03pm

    Since 2017?!?! 2.3k votes?!? Is someone even reading this at webflow?

  • Dee Udre commented
    14 Feb 07:30pm

    yes pleeeease! would be so awesome to have featured blog posts in a slider on the homepage!

  • Hedvig commented
    10 Feb 01:43pm

    Pleaseee make this happen!!!!

  • Nikol' Moira commented
    9 Feb 07:15am

    Yup. Still need this in 2021 :)

  • Renata Birch commented
    2 Feb 12:53am

    C'mom guys! How come this is still in backlog?

  • TX Markets commented
    22 Jan 10:15am

    tumbleweeds as usual over at Webflow..

  • Shane Veldhuizen commented
    20 Jan 06:55pm

    Pleeease make this happen

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