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It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Elena Sucredoux commented
    14 Feb 04:18pm

    it's too strange it even needs to be voted

  • Andrew Kawalec commented
    10 Feb 10:54am

    We really need this feature too!

  • Karol Liluter commented
    5 Feb 05:29pm

    Yes , It is necessity.

  • Jeff Berube commented
    1 Feb 10:27pm

    Seriously, this is completely ridiculous. This has been asked about since 2017. You guys just added the possibility to group component properties, which NO ONE asked for. DYNAMIC SLIDER NOW. LET'S GO.

  • Bill Trevillyan commented
    30 Jan 05:21am

    This would definitely be a nice addition!

  • Adnan Akram commented
    23 Jan 10:44am

    Still waiting for this one...

  • Jens Bäckvall commented
    18 Jan 09:55am

    It would be very nice to have this, so we don't have to work on tedious and messy workarounds. Thanks

  • Lucas Negri commented
    21 Dec, 2023 01:36pm

    Still waiting for this one...

  • Simon Birk commented
    12 Dec, 2023 12:51pm

    Any updates on this Webflow?

  • Gideon Ukadike commented
    10 Dec, 2023 05:50pm

    Why is this taking almost 7years to add you would think they're rockstar

  • Rocky Tilney commented
    7 Dec, 2023 08:15pm

    Please add!!

  • Nikusha Beatty commented
    29 Nov, 2023 07:15pm


  • vOn commented
    21 Nov, 2023 03:17pm

    As so many, also thinking this is quite an obvious feature here... Both for individuals and companies.

  • Guilherme Schwierske commented
    10 Nov, 2023 12:55pm


  • Robert Nendza commented
    23 Oct, 2023 09:22pm

    Just do it!

  • Krista Sanders commented
    19 Oct, 2023 03:42pm

    This seems like such an obvious feature. I'm surprised you haven't prioritized it yet.

  • Dmitri Ostashenko commented
    25 Sep, 2023 05:58pm

    looks like it will never happen, right?

  • Niklas Ekholm commented
    16 Sep, 2023 12:19pm


  • Mona Tennert commented
    7 Sep, 2023 09:44am

    I agree!

  • Joe Coll commented
    2 Sep, 2023 07:02am

    Would like ability to have one CMS collection, with a reference field that would enable my client to control the images for the various sliders on their website.

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