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It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Shane Griffiths commented
    15 Oct 01:24pm

    Really shocked this doesn't already exist.

  • Yesid Perea commented
    30 Sep 08:42pm

    It would be awesome having it. Thank You!

  • André Oldani commented
    18 Sep 12:36pm

    Yes, please! It would make my live so much easier with tons of image galleries and more!

  • Mica commented
    12 Sep 05:17pm

    Need this!!! Thanks Webflow!

  • Tom Macfarlane commented
    5 Sep 02:28pm

    I have needed this feature super often! Would be fantastic to have it esp. for blogs and portfolios.

  • Morgan Ræ commented
    10 Aug 02:36am

    Yes please! Would be great to be an outcome based on the form input

  • Nick Meagher commented
    8 Aug 08:22pm

    I've been playing around with Webflow and this is an absolute must.

  • Brian Walker commented
    6 Aug 03:37am

    Yes please :)

  • Kyle Hudson commented
    21 Jul 03:18pm


  • Blend Creative commented
    17 Jul 03:42am

    How is this not a thing?!

    I have designed and built a static portfolio page for a client expecting to simply be able to link a multi image field to the native Webflow slider element. Now I have come to make portfolio pages dynamic, I learn this obvious feature doesn't exist.

    Come on Webflow, this seems like it would be a no brainer!

    In backlog since Jan 18th 2017??

  • Iris Dahan commented
    14 Jul 07:29am

    A slider is like oxigen for a designer without is just a developer . and for developer there is much better than Webflow...

    Just think different.

  • Todd Galloway commented
    12 Jul 05:14pm

    Echoing all the comments that if it exists in SQ and WP... it better be in webflow

  • Milovan Gudelj commented
    6 Jul 09:16am

    It would be awesome!

  • Arya Khalaj commented
    25 Jun 02:41am


  • Gerold Brunner commented
    16 Jun 09:07am

    we need this now! :D

  • Riza Galicinao commented
    11 Jun 03:30am

    Please webflow!

  • Rasmus commented
    28 May 11:15am

    That this feature doesn't exists is really really holding Webflow back.

  • Steven Kawer commented
    20 May 05:47pm

    This feature is extremely important and it is a shame it isn't a priority

  • Nate Shields commented
    15 May 07:53pm

    Yes please! Looking forward to this one. Thanks

  • Klaus Dyba commented
    15 May 05:09pm

    yes please! When the customer wants to add images to the slider and i have to say its not possible without me changing by adding slides. I brought them from squarespace because insaid its better...

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