CMS Slider

It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Tyler Stephens commented
    21 May 04:13pm

    This is a basic use case. Please support!

  • Nicholas Christowitz commented
    14 May 06:54am

    How... is this still not a feature?

  • Mauricio Sola Chico commented
    6 May 02:54am

    This needs to happen now honestly, should also happen with some other elements not just the slider but slider is so important. Please add some prebuilt transition/sliding animations but also let us customize that if it's possible somehow. I'm buildin two websites with cms sliders and it's the biggest pain I've been through with the website honestly.

  • Mauricio Sola Chico commented
    26 Apr 03:11am

    Vote vote vote vote

  • Mauricio Sola Chico commented
    26 Apr 03:10am

    Can't believe this is not happening already

  • Gabrielle Collard commented
    18 Apr 08:49pm

    Please make it with a carousel option, so it loops infinitely. Pleeeeeeeeese!!!!

  • Admin Jensen commented
    18 Apr 08:27am

    So surprising that this isn't part of the CMS setup already.

  • Ronald Taylor commented
    14 Apr 03:22pm

    Dissapointed this isn't a thing yet....

  • BrandBridge Media commented
    12 Apr 08:55pm

    7 years later...

  • Luana Teixeira commented
    5 Apr 10:18pm

    Deal-breaker. Unfortunately, my team will not consider Webflow as a solution for us because of this limitation.

  • Will Price commented
    5 Apr 05:31pm

    Why is this not a thing? This is a deal-breaker for me.

    I need to be able to display CMS items in a slider using a no-code component. Otherwise, it's not a no-code tool.

    Hacks like seamless-refresh and JetBoost plugins are great, but this needs to be built into the platform ASAP.

  • Frédéric SANUY commented
    3 Apr 11:48pm

    An absolute necessary tool. Especially as we've had the feature - now its gone.

  • Gerald Morris commented
    1 Apr 06:06am

    thanks for sharing..

  • Joep Geelen commented
    8 Mar 08:58pm

    Crazy and astonishing that Webfow can ignore such a huge demand from the community for such a long time. The Finsweet solution doesn't work for me, so finally I ended up here shouting out "Give us a dynamic CMS Slider please!!!"

  • Doug Sigelbaum commented
    29 Feb 11:34pm

    How can you possibly use the slider component at scale without this feature?

  • Jonny Miller commented
    28 Feb 11:48pm

    Add this, everyone is waiting for it, and 6+ years is a long time to wait!

  • Martin Geyer commented
    27 Feb 12:09pm

    Please add

  • Elena Sucredoux commented
    14 Feb 04:18pm

    it's too strange it even needs to be voted

  • Andrew Kawalec commented
    10 Feb 10:54am

    We really need this feature too!

  • Karol Liluter commented
    5 Feb 05:29pm

    Yes , It is necessity.

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