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It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Dmitri Ostashenko commented
    25 Sep 05:58pm

    looks like it will never happen, right?

  • Niklas Ekholm commented
    16 Sep 12:19pm


  • Mona Tennert commented
    7 Sep 09:44am

    I agree!

  • Joe Coll commented
    2 Sep 07:02am

    Would like ability to have one CMS collection, with a reference field that would enable my client to control the images for the various sliders on their website.

  • Kobi commented
    28 Aug 03:34pm

    Yes, please - so many people in this forum have been asking for a CMS slider that can display variants. Please make this happen!

  • Stof Hofer commented
    24 Aug 06:44am

    The slider is already there, the CMS collections is already there. Almost all it takes is to soften those nesting restrictions to combine them, and boom there we have it.

    Come one Webflow, please.

  • Matthieu Poirier commented
    16 Aug 06:26am

    This is a basic requirement useful for many use cases / clients.

    Shouldn't take 6 years to deliver it IMO...!

  • Colin Martin commented
    15 Aug 10:48am

    Wow, seemed like a pretty basic CMS thought to apply it to the slider yesterday. But alas, only to find it's another seemingly basic requirement that's not yet possible in Webflow and has been asked for since 2017 - six years !

    It's like 1 part of the webflow dev team is pushing ahead and now bringing in AI etc. But to the cost of not getting some of the basic functions to work. Functions that may be a little boring to promote and shout about but to the user are expected already.

    I came across to this platform from Wordpress and Elementor but I'm worried the Dev. team here is not productive enough to keep pace with new ideas and resolve old issues, and may end up going the same way as Adobe Muse. Hopefully not.

  • Cam Colson commented
    15 Aug 01:51am

    I need to be able to populate the slider with CMS items (featured projects). Surprised this is not supported.

  • Joshua Sanabria commented
    20 Jul 04:22pm

    This would be very nice to have.

  • Mike Daly commented
    5 Jul 02:40pm

    Also, I find it strange that this request currently has over 3400 votes and is still categorised as 'Reviewed', while the current highest-voted suggestion set to 'Planned' has little more than 100 votes.

  • Mike Daly commented
    5 Jul 02:29pm

    This feature is a must. Given the quality of the rest of the service, I'm super surprised that it hasn't been prioritised and implemented yet.

  • Georges Taverne commented
    29 Jun 07:44am

    Seriously ? It's not yet supported ?

  • Graham Jones commented
    22 Jun 04:51pm

    I really do not understand this, all the amazing things Webflow is coming out with yet there is still no CMS slider!

    It's unbelievable, the workarounds you have to apply to get this working is quite frankly absurd!

    Clients just do not believe me when I say that Webflow does not do a CMS slider, I mean come on Webflow, a CMS slider, surely it cannot be that hard to do, it is an absolute basic requirement that huge numbers of clients expect.

  • Miles Mitchell commented
    4 May 09:24pm

    Reviewed andddddd? ...raised prices 👍 great, that's fair

    Premium product and can't do this basic thing without relying on third-parties like finsweet. Competitors are starting to catch up too...⏳

  • Duetto Marketing commented
    27 Mar 05:29pm

    yes, essential. the possiblity to drag and drop the items of a cms in the way you want them to be ordered

  • Bar Rosenfeld commented
    23 Mar 10:21am


  • Martin Geyer commented
    16 Mar 05:06pm

    Yes please

  • Kevin Bryniak commented
    10 Feb 04:27pm

    You can use Finsweet's plugin for this. Only works on paid plans though, because of custom code requirements.

  • Brent Stuchlik commented
    3 Feb 03:58am


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