CMS Slider

It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Tim Selay
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Zacchino commented
    January 26, 2017 16:44

    Most of my clients who ask for a blog, are asking for this basic feature. Adding a slider at the end of each post that they can customize (add a pic, a title and a link on each slide).

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    March 09, 2017 22:54

    In the interim I did this with jQuery cycle with relative ease. Create a collection with the images. Output the collection and then apply jQuery cycle to the divs containing the content.

  • Adrial Dale commented
    March 14, 2017 03:00

    Yes! I really need this as an option, especially for those clients who are artists or photographers and need to have control over their imagery through a CMS. 

  • Claudius Philipps commented
    March 29, 2017 14:46

    So important! The lack of it is the main reason I can't use Webflow still even though all of the other opportunities. 

  • Brandon commented
    June 02, 2017 21:23

    Couldn't you build this with collections / dynamic lists already?

  • Gordon Cyrus commented
    July 08, 2017 06:11

    yes, crucial!

  • Tim Charles commented
    July 29, 2017 23:39

    Please already

  • Matti commented
    October 03, 2017 08:07

    Yes and actually this is quite an easy one as Brandon mentioned.


    Then we can use sorting, filtering, conditional visibility and all that stuff that has been build already.

    Webflow Staff?

  • Jon Wilson commented
    October 31, 2017 00:19


  • Yeshai Lang commented
    31 Jan 07:04

    It is indeed crucial... Took me long enough to convince a client to have a Webflow website, and now they're asking for a CMS editable slider inside a collection page, and I'm struggling to find a solution for this.

  • Shawn Aller commented
    31 Jan 07:26

    This would be very useful.

  • Creative Programmers commented
    03 Feb 08:44

    +1 very important for my clients too

  • Devin Hanaway commented
    18 Feb 02:26

    Would really love this

  • Bernstein Lee commented
    12 Mar 03:24

    I hope this function can be added very soon because its pretty practical in normal usage.


  • Dan Robinson commented
    16 Apr 19:15

    This really needs to be added as a feature. Adding a new item to a collection needs to result in a new slide being created in the assigned template with content populated. I have so many projects where I've had to skirt around this issue, it seems so basic and it's been on the wish list since 2015! Please guys!

  • Doug Silvermaster commented
    01 May 21:10

    Their silence on this issue speaks volumes....

  • Grant Senior commented
    25 May 03:51

    Hi. I have managed to get a slider working dynamically from a Collection's images. 

    Add a Collection List a slider (just dropped it onto it), it shows up in the hierarchy under Slide 1 (see attached slide-1). I then assigned the relationships of each slide in the Element Settings (attached slide-2) and then tweaked slide image alignment in the Style settings.

    This has worked quite well so far, but I am working with a set number of images per Collection, and there is no option to add more per item in a Collection unless it's done globally across the Collection.

    Hope that helps some. (It'd be great if Webflow could get it working for the Lightbox tool though!)

  • Earl Randall commented
    27 May 17:38

    This would be fantastic.  I a blog post page(work fine) with a slider with Featured Items.  The slider is a pain to manage as each slide has its' own collection and filter.  The ability of the Slider to show a different post on each slide would be so much easier to setup/ manage.

  • Yeshai Lang commented
    03 Jul 12:01

    This really needs to be addressed. I am seriously considering moving to a different platform because of this. My client wants to be able to add images to the page slider and have any number of images between 3-30. I've managed to create a CMS slider but it has only a set number of images. Come on Webflow - when will this be solved?

  • Max Thoeny commented
    10 Aug 22:02


  • Shannon Rednour commented
    22 Aug 18:26

    I keep asking about this too.  The ability to add a slider to a collection template.  I keep having people recommend the adding a collection to each slide, and then limiting each slide to 1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc.  But the issue with that is it doesn't allow for a dynamic numbering of slides.  Some slideshows may only have 2 images, and others may have 50.  We need a way for Sliders to operate based on a collection list without going in and hacking a number of each collection per slide.  Does that make sense?

  • Maurice Hofmann commented
    27 Aug 14:57

    Is there any update on this topic? This feature would be highly requested.

  • Stéphanie HANTAT commented
    26 Sep 23:26

    Please, this feature could be a basic building bloc for creating crazy things! :)

  • Laurent Toulemonde commented
    15 Oct 22:11

    please fo the community, 

  • Noah Raskin commented
    22 Oct 13:01

    Need this soooo bad!!! C'mon Webflow please!

  • Nef commented
    30 Oct 16:11

    Today i made my first webflow. Ran into this problem and realized how it was not possible. Huge frown in my face, something as necessary can't be done with the slider. Guess will have to stick with a static slider.

  • Ad Studioz commented
    17 Nov 17:53

    would love this feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janne Wassberg commented
    20 Nov 11:53

    Now with the Ecommerce this is a MUST have. CMS Slider is needed to be able to present your products

  • Jay Bussiere commented
    06 Dec 15:36

    I'm using cycle2 JS but would love this baked into Webflow.  Also ability to choose various transitions between slides and timing of transitions/slide delay.