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It would be awesome to have a dynamic slider component with the ability to filter the number of slides, ordering them, etc.

  • Matthieu Layes
  • Jan 18 2017
  • In backlog
  • Brian Walker commented
    06 Aug 03:37

    Yes please :)

  • Kyle Hudson commented
    21 Jul 15:18


  • Blend Creative commented
    17 Jul 03:42

    How is this not a thing?!

    I have designed and built a static portfolio page for a client expecting to simply be able to link a multi image field to the native Webflow slider element. Now I have come to make portfolio pages dynamic, I learn this obvious feature doesn't exist.

    Come on Webflow, this seems like it would be a no brainer!

    In backlog since Jan 18th 2017??

  • Iris Dahan commented
    14 Jul 07:29

    A slider is like oxigen for a designer without is just a developer . and for developer there is much better than Webflow...

    Just think different.

  • Todd Galloway commented
    12 Jul 17:14

    Echoing all the comments that if it exists in SQ and WP... it better be in webflow

  • Milovan Gudelj commented
    06 Jul 09:16

    It would be awesome!

  • Arya Khalaj commented
    25 Jun 02:41


  • Gerold Brunner commented
    16 Jun 09:07

    we need this now! :D

  • Riza Galicinao commented
    11 Jun 03:30

    Please webflow!

  • Rasmus commented
    28 May 11:15

    That this feature doesn't exists is really really holding Webflow back.

  • Steven Kawer commented
    20 May 17:47

    This feature is extremely important and it is a shame it isn't a priority

  • Nate Shields commented
    15 May 19:53

    Yes please! Looking forward to this one. Thanks

  • Klaus Dyba commented
    15 May 17:09

    yes please! When the customer wants to add images to the slider and i have to say its not possible without me changing by adding slides. I brought them from squarespace because insaid its better...

  • Rafael Boselli commented
    14 May 22:19

    It's been more than a year since you guys promised that. Is this team made up of one 90-year-old lady?

  • Clay Reeves commented
    07 May 16:30

    Webflow, let's do this baby!

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    07 May 10:40

    I keep coming back to this. The lack of ability to add dynamic slides is painful. Please add this asap so that we don't need to hack Webflow with script alternatives when it should be achievable natively.

  • Sophia Oneal commented
    28 Apr 21:19

    just realized i can't do this and i need to for the mobile version on my site (product images) Webflow please, not excited to try another day of workaround for something that is relatively 'simple' on any other platform.

  • Matthew Gavioli commented
    23 Apr 13:44

    Feeling the pain here too. Client is like "what?!" you can't remove the empty slide.

  • Djoe commented
    07 Apr 06:49

    Yes, please. Ran into this problem today and it didn't feel good. Feels very limited in its current state.

  • Paul Seymour commented
    06 Apr 10:13

    Need more than just a slider. I can't believe something like Mailchimp, which my client uses himself for their company newsletters, can't be recreated and work responsively with the pretty horrific rich text field.

    Side by side images? NO. Mailchimp can. Responsive, on top of that? No, but again Mailchimp can easily put those side by side images on top of eachother.

    Looking forward to another awkward convfersation where I have to say no sorry, can't do what you can do yourself. Aren't you glad you hired me and are paying for deluxe CMS hosting on top?

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