Ability to disable Unsubscribe link from form submission emails

It would be really useful to be able to disable the Unsubscribe link from the form submission emails.

If e.g. there is only one email adress submitted to receive the form submission and the user of this adress clicks the unsubscribe link by misstake (mistaking the email for something else perhaps), then no one will be notified of form submissions. This isn't good!

Fingers crossed that this option will be available in the Forms dashboard shortly!

Thanks for the fantastic work so far!

  • Emil Fomin
  • Oct 11 2017
  • JM Kriz commented
    29 Jun 11:38am

    This is pretty much happening to at least one of my clients on a weekly basis at this point. Can we give this one at least a review? You appear to making an effort to at least mark some of these wishlist items as reviewed if nothing else.

  • Darren Squashic commented
    10 May 04:12pm

    So sick of dealing with this issue. I wrote a post on the forum about this issue, with some simple ideas for improving the situation if Webflow continues to insist that the unsubscribe link needs to stay in the emails. https://forum.webflow.com/t/my-client-has-been-accidentally-unsubscribed-from-his-own-contact-form-email-notifications/170273

  • Jeff commented
    15 Apr 02:25pm

    This is still a thing? I cannot even believe it, what a terrible oversight. We cannot even use the form feature now it's useless.

  • Alex Dixon commented
    16 Feb 11:07am

    Agreed, this seems oversight on the Webflow system.

  • Gene Jeter commented
    8 Dec, 2020 09:50pm

    As it is now, our customers can literally unsubscribe us from our own support emails. Big problem.

  • Gene Cavender commented
    10 Aug, 2020 06:33pm

    We use email to reply to as it integrates into a helpdesk for our staff. Please add the ability to remove

  • Jack William commented
    12 Jun, 2020 10:05am

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  • Joshua Klein commented
    23 Aug, 2019 09:38am

    Please be aware that if you remove the unsubscribe link most email provider will block the mails then. Because this is a high criteria for those email providers to eliminate mails without an unsubscribe link.

  • Anke Saini commented
    23 Jul, 2019 04:58am

    This allow you most of the suitable options which you can confirm for the free checkers and every regular basis information works here easily with the given authority. Thanks a lot 

  • Marc-Olivier Lafontaine commented
    19 Oct, 2018 12:31pm

    I second Michael Wells. At least have a warning message and confirmation button so that clients don't unsubscribe by accident.

    Also, sending a notification email that an email address was unsubscribe to Webflow Account manager would be great so that we can be proactive in unblacklisting emails that were unsubscribed by clients by accident.

  • Andrew Hersh commented
    10 Jul, 2018 08:04pm

    It is absolutely insane that this glaring security issue is a wishlist item...

  • John Sellers commented
    20 Jun, 2018 03:29pm

    Ummm if a customer hits unsubscribe on accident... how the hell do you fix it so they receive again?

  • Amery Winter commented
    21 Mar, 2018 02:43pm

    Check out this thread. It covers the entire massive issue regarding this subject! Please get on it. It's a nightmare and should be tackled immediately since, it is not just a nice to have thing. People (me included) are seriously considering leaving webflow due to this. 

  • Michael Wells commented
    6 Dec, 2017 09:45am

    At the bare minimum, if the unsubscribe link is clicked, the impact to the client must be clearly explained. I.e. "you will no longer receive any lead notifications from your website. Are you sure?"

    Currently my clients keep unsubscribing themselves when they get a spam message and then I get emergency calls because leads have stopped. 

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