Global Text Blocks

It would be really nice to be able to globally change blocks of text.
Simply TEXT within the existing Design (so effected by what design they are put in)

For example:

Address, Phone Numbers, Company Name, Prices, basic header names, Etc..
Something simply like a global search and replace would help,

I'm sure there is a Javascript solution that is relatively simple for javascript folks..

But it certainly would be an 'asset' for there to be such things as 


global text items would save me a TON of time.
PARTICULARLY for a template or updating sites.


  • Dean Russell
  • Oct 19 2017
  • Dean Russell commented
    October 19, 2017 03:35

    or named items.. 
    would be pretty helpful for templates as well btw

  • Joshua Phillips commented
    March 06, 2018 15:45

    Agreed. It is so smart to create this functionality and I'm surprised it hasn't been done. I'd call it a "globals" collection - and it would be a set of content fields of which we could create several use scenarios - as you've said it would be great for address, phone number, but also maybe dates such as copyright year and even global images such as the logo.