Fluid type for a more consistent design experience

Making a website truly dynamic includes Fluid or Dynamic type. Where you can choose a font size in relation to screensize. Today we have ViewportWidth that don't work so well because of how aggressive it is and that you cant stop it from growing and shrinking. 

Fluid type can give you the option to truly keep the design intact from big screen to pad. Its a small thing, but I think its a game changer. And it solves problems for clients, not just designers. Thats important!

Examples for different solutions


  • Kjell Ruben S.
  • Nov 6 2017
  • Alexaadams455 commented
    21 Jan, 2021 09:00am


  • Luca commented
    28 Jun, 2018 01:40pm

    It would be great, indeed. Fluid typography should be a must, but strangely enough, the design community has never paid much attention to it. I remember a fantastic JS ilbrary that could do that, called flowtype.js. I've done some research but eventually found it almost impossible to figure out how to make layouts truly responsive, with fluid typography that adapts dynamically so the number of words per line remains approximately the same, and the protportion between text and image is preserved.  

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