Ability to create collections WITHOUT automatically creating a template page

Currently when you create a collection it automatically creates a template page. In many cases you don't need or want the template as you're pulling data from the collection into other places. If you don't use the template you will just create blank page after blank page which then need to be 301 redirected, removed from the sitemap and generally hidden in the best way possible.

Wouldn't it be great if the template pages were optional rather than mandatory? It would save us having spend time hiding all these unwanted pages.

  • Chris Steele
  • Nov 8 2017
  • Hazel Audrin commented
    30 Apr 09:51am

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  • Helen Riley commented
    26 Mar 04:16am

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  • Rerum Tempore commented
    2 Apr, 2020 08:21am

    thank you

  • Michael Wells commented
    15 Oct, 2018 01:41am

    I've added this wishlist item, which would solve the item here. Please add your vote if you like it.


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