Optimise Images for Google PageSpeed

Please make me not think of if my images are optimised for Google PageSpeed ranking. Now I had to download them and re-upload again. Next time I will design anything, I have to compress them first according to Google's policy. This is hell via Webflow, and we could do it with one click on our own hosting. I wonder why you still did not implement it. 

  • Nikita Shilenok
  • Nov 14 2017
  • Joel Downs commented
    28 Jul, 2022 03:33am

    Agreed on this. Perhaps give us an option for how aggressive we want our image compression to be? I can see artists wanting their portfolio sites to be at high quality, but for my sites I'm all about the page performance, and your compression is seriously lacking in that regard. Like the original poster, I end up having to download all my images, compress them, and re-upload just to get reasonable file sizes.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 09:01pm

    You can now lazy load images better than Webflow and convert into WebP or AVIF Format for both image and background images: https://stacket.app/

  • Tim Jones commented
    3 Nov, 2020 09:59am

    All images should be compressed on upload, there is virtually no SaaS web design service that does this properly. Be the first.

  • Dahlia Orcajada commented
    12 Jun, 2018 08:21pm

    Yes please!

  • Hannu Virta commented
    15 Nov, 2017 01:11pm

    Standard WebFlow sites should pass all Google quality tests by default.

    Such as:



  • Hannu Virta commented
    15 Nov, 2017 01:06pm

    Yes this is very important.!

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