Increase CMS Collection Field limit

Some customer sites in Webflow could use more fields to complete their layout designs.

  • Dave Sloane
  • Jan 9 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Ange Kein commented
    8 May 11:22pm

    Do we have an update on this? We'll definite need this

  • Adelaida Bilous commented
    22 Apr 06:14am

    Please, increase the limit. It's almost impossible to build customized marketing blog with different elements on its different sections.

  • Franz commented
    17 Aug, 2023 02:58pm

    Please increase this limit. It's getting impossible to get a good website without :)

  • Cam Gomersall commented
    13 Jul, 2023 02:53am

    Guys please increase this, or introduce a business +/enterprise lite plan.

  • Yoan Basset commented
    11 Jun, 2023 10:48am

    huge issue to scale our busines

  • Mark Pukita commented
    18 Aug, 2022 05:14pm

    This sounds like a business opportunity. WebFlow has been unresponsive. Why hasn't someone come up with an integration/add-on to have a "sidecar" CMS that allows unlimited items, pages, etc?

  • Zebra Creative commented
    20 Jul, 2022 03:47pm

    I'm an agency owner and this and the 100 page limit are really swaying me away from Webflow. It's been a big part of our workflow, but this has affected too many of our clients. It's a silly limitation that really makes webflow not work for more than just pretty marketing sites. A real bummer.

  • Julia Kabelka commented
    28 Mar, 2022 06:35am

    Please! This limit makes using webflow for ecommerce clients pretty hard.

  • Kyle Pflueger commented
    22 Mar, 2022 11:04pm

    Definitely a silly restriction that makes me not even want to consider Webflow for CMS-based websites when comparing to WordPress or other common CMS leaders.

  • David Carroll commented
    19 Feb, 2022 08:30am

    Come on Webflow...where is the love? Or at least the feedback? Will this be resolved soon?

  • Nathan commented
    15 Nov, 2021 04:44pm

    Current limit is 60 on business accounts. Unless you're selling t-shirts why would they think that 60 is a reasonable number?? I'm building a travel site with 14 day itineraries and each day has a number of fields. I'm going to have to severely limit the number of items per day because of Webflow not being able to adapt fast enough. What's the point of the CMS if we can't get more than 60 fields per collection? IMO not reasonable and will probably need to leave Webflow because of this one limitation.

  • Mario P. commented
    21 Oct, 2021 08:17pm


  • Rubén Alejos Dasilva commented
    14 May, 2021 03:13pm
  • Michaela Arvidsson commented
    10 Nov, 2020 09:51pm

    30 is way to little and extremely restricted.

  • Monique commented
    28 Oct, 2020 04:07am

    Same same! I've a limitation of 30 and it's way too little to make my project working. Webflow, could you please increase the number of CMS collection fields?

  • Nour Beiruti commented
    5 Aug, 2020 03:13pm

    Hi Guys,

    So its 2020 and this issue seems to be pending from 2017. It would be great to get some feedback as to if this is something in the pipeline. A limit of 20 CMS Collection needs to be fixed, especially with Pro users.

  • Yousef Rayyes commented
    8 Jul, 2020 10:46am

    This rule is extremely restricitive and makes my client project impossible to implement on webflow. Even the 60 field is too small. I need 120 to make my project work. Such a shame, I love using WF and wish i could stick to it for this client.

  • Christian Skelton commented
    9 Mar, 2020 01:26pm

    30 is quite restrictive. I'm trying to use Webflow to build a basic product comparison tool for a client and I'm having to cut data fields to meet the limit. Seems a bit silly really.

  • Robert commented
    21 Jan, 2020 12:57pm

    Increasing the limit from 30 to 50 would be so great! Or even 40... or 35 😁

  • Oleg Khalidov commented
    4 Jan, 2020 03:09pm

    As a freelancer I'm going to do anything to keep my clients from using webflow because of such dummy constraints 🤦‍♂️

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