User login and membership functionality

Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types. 

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In backlog
  • Dec 21, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi everyone! First off, thanks to those who filled out our survey from earlier this summer. User accounts is a big, big undertaking, and we’re still in the research phase, working to determine which use-cases would be most impactful to tackle first.

    Our first steps down this path will likely be in the realm of ecommerce, as we’re planning to build a login system for customers on your ecommerce site. The good news here is that nearly all of the work on this ecommerce customer portal will lay the foundation for larger work around a general user login/account system in Webflow.

    So, in summary: we’re still researching, but our planned work on ecommerce will continue moving us closer to the day when a more general user login/account system is possible in Webflow.

  • GBWhatsapp Apk commented
    22 Jul 05:53

    Thank YOU for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!

  • Brent Neale commented
    20 Jul 02:28

    This is the number one reason we haven't ported more ecommerce sites across to Webflow... is there likely to be an update on this any time soon?

  • Adrian King commented
    26 Jun 03:16

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but with user logins, the ability for users to create and edit content into the CMS would be fantastic addition.

    Obviously, we'd want permissions of some kind to enable some users to be able to create/edit/delete CMS content on different collections, and some kind of form integration to make this possible.

    Adobe Business Catalyst has this functionality, but it's about to reach end of life. So that's probably a big opportunity for Webflow!

    Webflow admin - if you're watching this one, this would be a cracker of a feature!

    As would native integration with Firebase Authentication!! :)

    PS: Would be great to have a mini-update on this most voted feature... :)

  • Renze ten Cate commented
    22 Jun 12:29

    How is there no status update or any indication on this yet? Like many others I assumed account registry would come with ecommerce. Can we expect it this year? Next year? Ever?

    User login is essential for many of my (near) future projects and I would hate having to move my work somewhere else.

  • Gene Strocco commented
    20 Jun 00:03

    Has anyone heard from Webflow on this? Working with a client who LOVES the Webflow Editor capabilities, and just assumed that their E-Commerce system would include at least a simple customer login capability for them to see previous orders, possibly save payment information, etc. Trying to hold off on telling my client this isn't possible yet...hoping that there might be some word on if this is something on the near horizon (keyword: NEAR). Can anyone at Webflow chime in? Just let us know what 'in backlog' really this something in the next month or so...or something for 2021??

  • Ricky Charpentier commented
    03 Jun 19:32

    Sounds like a good idea

  • Rob Eades commented
    03 Jun 11:46

    Kyle/Webflow product team - it would be extremely useful to get an update on this.

    We build most of our client websites in Webflow, but we’re increasingly asked for user logins and membership functionality, and at the moment we have to use other non-Webflow systems (note: Memberstack is great, but it only covers a few use-cases).

    This is by far the most requested feature on the Wishlist, and it’s clear there has been loads of progress towards a user login system with ecommerce, but this is the big one - it’s a total game changer and understandably it need to be done correctly, and most importantly securely (GDPR, etc. compliant).

    If you need testers, input, or general insight, we’d love to help out!

    Eagerly awaiting an update. :)

  • Daniel Jonathan Guenther commented
    30 May 11:19

    Learning to code and working with Firebase.

    MY RANT:
    Webflow will take you for a ride with their Stripe Transaction Fees & Client Billing Fees - especially if adding any "profit" to monthly billing. So basically a total failure! Also, profits is a very strong word, it needs to be completely neutral term. Payments arrive any number of days late (which means the currency conversions will benefit 'The Americas' transaction and economy) not ideal for any freelancer who is chasing bills and platform cost and with late payments from clients.

    Now there are templates that cost as much as 129$ which is absurd! If 10K designers purchase a template they will make 1.29 Million USD (a small fortune just from 1 template) and yet we have no commitment on a date when to expect User Login and Profiles with Dashboard functionality and new tools.

    Serg has no problem announcing his vacations as an introduction to big 'no-code' events that key staff are driving to make his great product a viable product.

    Stop window dressing minor updates and pushing 3rd party integrations as updates!


    Alternatively, let us upload and control our own node.js and other various Cloud-Supported Files and protocols - IE. Machine Learning . (We will never get here on Webflow because its all about vacations and fake updates with 129$ templates)

    "It's an outrage!" Try take a CMS project (with collections) and export what a 'mare!

    Yours Truly, Dan.

  • Craftengine commented
    29 May 17:57


  • Kurban Magomedov commented
    25 May 12:12

    Hi. you Know, you shouldn't do a webflow linked to your credentials. it is better that each site has a dedicated database

  • Quincy Logan commented
    24 May 00:04

    Even if there is a basic version that can evolve, would help huge :)

    Even if the only thing the portal did was display some Google Drive folders to specific clients, so they can download and upload files... That would be amazing.

  • Victor Graham commented
    23 May 04:46

    Any updates?

  • Brent Neale commented
    17 May 19:57

    Hi Team, any update on this?

  • Mac Yoon commented
    14 May 00:28

    Update please.....

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    27 Apr 20:03

    just use memberstack and call it a day

  • Othon Nin commented
    27 Apr 04:12

    Any update? I am trying to use memberstack but I can´t create 2 differente types of signups there. It is more for subscription websites. I need one signup form for sellers and another one for buyers.

  • Jonathan Bowman commented
    17 Apr 18:16

    Can I also setup a subscription style view, that only allows you acces if your subscription is valid?

  • Victoria Geiser commented
    12 Apr 18:06

    i need this for eCommerce - so the User has a History

  • Robert Holtz commented
    17 Mar 07:04

    I highly recommend you check out MemberStack, which has native support for Webflow. It is incredibly powerful and sophistciated. In my opinion, it is far more robust than will ever be practical for Webflow to focus on building and they already work great together. The best part is their unlimited trial pricing model. Everything is free unless and until you are ready to go live. This is the best solution I've ever found for Webflow users and like the folks at Webflow, MemberStack is constantly improving their platform. Here is a link right to the section of the site that describes the tool with Webflow. Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link but I am not any part of either company. This is a sincere and honest recommendation based on my direct experience solving this same issue of integrating member access while keeping website management inside the Webflow platform.

  • Anthony Chan commented
    10 Mar 16:13

    Customer account for ecommerce is a must !

    Endless waiting......

    As an agency, Clients rejects Webflow mainly for two reasons:

    • No Customer account

    • No coupon and discount function

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