User login and membership functionality

Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types. 

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In backlog
  • Dec 21, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi everyone! First off, thanks to those who filled out our survey from earlier this summer. User accounts is a big, big undertaking, and we’re still in the research phase, working to determine which use-cases would be most impactful to tackle first.

    Our first steps down this path will likely be in the realm of ecommerce, as we’re planning to build a login system for customers on your ecommerce site. The good news here is that nearly all of the work on this ecommerce customer portal will lay the foundation for larger work around a general user login/account system in Webflow.

    So, in summary: we’re still researching, but our planned work on ecommerce will continue moving us closer to the day when a more general user login/account system is possible in Webflow.

  • DM KH commented
    21 Apr 07:16pm

    Any updates from the Admin? :)

  • Caleb Williams commented
    14 Apr 12:39am

    holy shit this is old... is this actually gonna happen...?

  • Luxe Calendar commented
    31 Mar 12:59pm

    "One small teaser is that for “user login and membership functionality” (the top rated item on there), we are already in very active development with internal goals to ship the first set of functionality within the next 2 quarters"


    Carmen Simona

  • Vlad commented
    29 Mar 03:22pm

    As the user below me says, yeah work faster guys :) We need this feature like yesterday. Have children to feed.

  • Webtech AG commented
    10 Mar 10:11am


  • Ant Rushton commented
    8 Mar 12:16am

    It's a shame as it totally prevents me from using WebSlow. I was about to buy a template. Wix has this nailed for sure. It's so easy to set member sign up/log in/permissions at the click of a button. I hypothesise that WebSlow bought MemberStack or have a stake in it so they are not incentivised to offer this most basic of CMS funtionalites i.e. restricting content/pages for members only. Memberstack is also very short sighted. 20k member restrictions on their highest paid plan. Makes me think WebSlow is only for upstarts or dreamers, not start ups. Well anyway, keep up the good design/flow work and perhaps fix the 404s on your templates pages.

  • Info Graphitestudio commented
    17 Feb 11:52am

    I'd love to be notified while loading a project, that I'm about to kick out someone else currently working on that project. I hate being in the middle of custom code typing and someone accidentally kicks me out. I have to retype all the code again.

  • Open Dev commented
    11 Feb 01:46am

    hey webslow are you going to moderate the wishlist? also please release this feature we NEED user signup!!

  • Lykad Studios commented
    10 Feb 01:52pm

    "One small teaser is that for “user login and membership functionality” (the top rated item on there), we are already in very active development with internal goals to ship the first set of functionality within the next 2 quarters"

  • Lykad Studios commented
    10 Feb 01:29pm

    It will be released somewhere between april and may 2021, based on Vlads reply to a forum post.

  • Ajda Zup commented
    1 Feb 01:53pm

    Any thoughts on when it might happen?

  • HYPE Studio commented
    31 Jan 06:44pm
  • Jake Arredondo commented
    31 Jan 07:18am

    has there been any update on this? This is your most asked for feature since 2016 and it looks like Webflow has just ignored it. Wix was literally able to create an entire new builder in that time and they have all these features.

  • Lykad Studios commented
    29 Jan 07:40pm

    Whilst other platforms are pushing new big features at a accelerated pace, it seems like webflow isn't in a hurry.

    I hope that this mindset changes now with the big funding and that the really push some long overdue features that other platforms has had for years now.

  • Ladi Svoboda commented
    19 Jan 11:29pm

    Still no update?

  • Armin Seltz commented
    19 Jan 10:12pm

    Last response from 2018. The comments are filled with spam. This is the top-rated wishlist item for 4 years, but nothing is happening at all. The second top-rated (multi-language) we just got told was not a priority. Why does this wishlist even exist if it means that little to Webflow?

  • HYPE Studio commented
    19 Jan 05:08pm


  • Alexaadams455 commented
    16 Jan 08:06am

    This Website Is Amazing For Blogs And Q&A But It Need To Be Update
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  • SH commented
    13 Jan 10:44am

    Webflow is great but lacks basic basic functionalities like user accounts and comment sections. I know it can be done through 3rd party apps but seriously?

  • SH commented
    13 Jan 10:43am

    Is this for real? After 4 years nothing has been done?

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