User login and membership functionality

Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types. 

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In beta
  • Mar 15, 2022

    Admin response

    Hi everyone!

    The private beta of our Memberships feature was announced at No-Code Conf 2021

    We’re building out foundational features for user accounts and subscriptions which converge to deliver a paid memberships product. The private beta will provide Webflow users the ability to create sites where only logged-in site visitors can access restricted content. These can be anything from simple gated members-only content sites, to an online business where members purchase access to premium content [subscriptions or one-time payment].

    If you’re interested in being informed and kept in the loop around the latest information for the Memberships feature, please follow this link and sign-up:

  • ANDRES MENARD commented
    24 Apr 08:38pm

    Do we know when this feauture will be roling out to everyone?

    Would be great to start using it! 😃

  • Esther commented
    4 Apr 03:05pm

    Is the memberships feature going to give the possibility to create a community platform as well?

  • Arina Ignatova commented
    1 Apr 12:51pm

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  • Robert Holtz commented
    27 Mar 08:48am

    Native functionality for Memberships is coming soon to Webflow and, from what I've seen from previews, it's gonna be great. That said, no release date has been officially announced yet so it's still not clear exactly when we will get these tools in our hands or how robust they will be when they're first released. That's why my advice for anyone that has a Webflow project that needs membership features RIGHT NOW, you MUST check out Memberstack. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with Webflow sites and has been in production on real world member websites for years now. I believe it will remain a great member access solution for many Webflow designers and site owners for years to come. Here's a direct link I've set up for you to a page explaining exactly how Memberstack works for Webflow users. You can be up and running TODAY. I highly recommend you check it out:

  • Sam Hewa Nalagamage commented
    4 Mar 01:42am

    Is there any update on the release date?

  • Demetris Roumis commented
    28 Feb 10:50am

    status update on this?

  • Riley Brown commented
    11 Feb 07:12pm

    It's been about 5 months since I first heard about this entering beta. I know these things take time to get right. To everyone here begging for a release date, just know that it is very unlikely for a company as large as Webflow to put out news about a release until it's knocking at the door. If you haven't heard anything about an official release date on membership functionality, it's likely to be at the very least, a few months away, if not longer.

    They need to build the tool, test it, fix it, produce video content to educate people on how to use it, etc. It's kind of a big deal! I know we've all been waiting for years, but I wouldn't hold your breath just yet.

    If you happened to get into beta, I hope it's going well. We're all very eager to see something.

  • Eric Llouquet commented
    11 Feb 08:32am

    What is the timeline for official release?

  • Eli Stawicki commented
    4 Feb 07:36pm

    Anything on the timeline? Is this 10 years out? 1 Year, 6 Months? And why is the bata open if you never let us join?

  • P K commented
    29 Jan 11:17am

    Why did this take 6 years to roll out? Was originally submitted in 2016 and it is now Jan 2022 and the basic ability for users to login and out still isn't live for all users. What is the point of this wishlist if it takes years for any features to be added?

  • Danila Mouzytchenko commented
    27 Jan 08:27am

    Without proper handling of the GDPR problem, it is unusable in the EU.

  • Levent Deniz commented
    22 Jan 10:17pm

    Could we kindly have an update on the progress of this feature

  • Jayesh Parmar commented
    15 Jan 05:40pm

    Could we kindly have an update on the progress of this feature. My clients are fast losing patience with the lack of login feature from Webflow. It would be useful to know roughly when this is going to be launched. Many thanks for your consideration.

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  • Jan Göhmann commented
    27 Dec, 2021 02:31pm

    Feature request:

    I want to build a B2B course business. My customers will be corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. Example use case: I want to be able to let the HR department buy a course membership subscription for 1000 employees who will log in with their company emails. Will it be possible to build something like this with Webflow memberships?

  • Matthew Caldwell commented
    16 Dec, 2021 10:18am

    Can we please have the option to prevent concurrent logins.

    Really important feature that would be easy to implement and add as a setting, as it helps prevent account sharing and protect valuable content. Happy to implement beta if this was an option.

    I know many large/valuabe clients who would not move unless this was possible.

  • Robert Holtz commented
    29 Nov, 2021 07:29am

    It's exciting that Membership functionality is on the horizon as an eventual Webflow native feature. I'm personally looking forward to it. But if you have a project NOW that requires memberships, user signups and logins, member-only gated content, recurring subscription or one-time payments, designed to work seamlessly in Webflow NOW, the best solution available is still Memberstack. I've been recommending this product to Webflow users and clients for years now and it has been a great solution. I believe even after built-in membership tools arrive in Webflow, there will still be value added by Memberstack along with its API and third party integrations. If you have a project right now that calls for Webflow plus integrated membership, I highly encourage you learn more details at:

  • Dayna Lafontaine commented
    27 Nov, 2021 09:11am

    This is a very informative blog for me. I am very much benefited after reading this blog. Keep sharing.

  • Mario commented
    20 Nov, 2021 07:44pm

    Hi, I applied for the beta some week ago but I haven't received any news or whatever, when will this be public?

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