User login and membership functionality

Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types. 

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In development
  • Apr 22, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi everyone!

    If you were able to watch our recent Webflow Community Business Review (CBR) then this isn’t news for you but we wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to share in the news.

    TLDR - We’re aiming to launch a private beta of our Memberships product in Q4 2021

    We’re building out foundational features for user accounts and subscriptions which converge to deliver a paid memberships product. The private beta will provide Webflow users the ability to create sites where only logged-in site visitors can access restricted content. These can be anything from simple gated members-only content sites, to an online business where members purchase access to premium content [subscriptions or one-time payment].

    If you’re interested in being an early beta tester to help improve the Memberships product, please follow this short link from our recent CBR and select the Memberships option:

  • David Shantz commented
    16 Jun 01:46pm

    The acute point of frustration is that a basic eCommerce hosting platform really needs rudimentary user authentication.

    What if someone wants to;

    1. Check on the status of an order

    2. Re-order something

    3. Change their billing or shipping data

    A singular transaction with no support for a user account has almost no applicable business model, with the possible exception of selling cyanide capsules to the terminally ill. (sorry if this is over the top).

    Hope we can sort this out. There seems to be a way to use Firebase Authentication and Zapier as a workaround... but it's complicated and close to being easier to develop with a sophisticated (real) eCommerce platform.. Come on Webflow - we have faith in your ability to create a world-class ecommerce solution. Keep going!


  • Royce Spencer commented
    12 Jun 05:23am

    This walkthrough shows you how to manually put together these ASP.NET controls and ASP.NET membership services to create an application that authenticates users and that hides information from anonymous users.

  • Dennis Rapp commented
    26 May 06:52am

    Finally! Thanks Webflow.

  • Alden Baigan commented
    4 May 03:48pm

    Thank you by the way sharing great content and relevant also. website

  • Alden Baigan commented
    4 May 03:45pm

    Yes. This is possible for security purposes. I agree. painter and decorator

  • Dan Guenther commented
    26 Apr 01:44pm


    upgrading downgrading on subscriptions.

    profile dashboard collection && with "add fields".

    Webflow needs 100% for add fields

    And it must, once again, allow CMS collections on 404, 401 and Search pages.

    Webflow also needs to Partner more with Zapier win win win

  • Glenn McWhinney commented
    23 Apr 09:27am

    For anyone struggling in the meantime with membership, subscriptions and protected content, please just use Outseta as it is an amazing product with an incredible (& ethical) team behind it. Here is my aff link if you don't mind supporting me when you sign up but regardless of whether you use it, you won't be disappointed with the platform: ... Glenn

  • Ike Van gerven commented
    23 Apr 06:59am

    Nice ... and I hope you also integrate iDeal payments, because, like e-commerce, we cannot use it in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg without the most used online payment system in this region.

  • Guillermo D'onofrio commented
    22 Apr 07:23pm

    Wow, you can read my brain!! Just today I was going mad looking for an easy and cheap integration.

    > El 22 abr 2021, a las 18:45, Webflow Wishlist (Linda Pham) escribió:
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    > Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types.
    > View Wishlist Idea 
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  • Jesse Shauffer commented
    22 Apr 05:12pm

    Does this also mean e-commerce user accounts? I would hope so!

    Let me know please.

  • Vincent Vega commented
    22 Apr 05:12pm


  • Evan Koch commented
    22 Apr 05:02pm


  • Nick Jones commented
    22 Apr 04:52pm

    O M G finally...

  • Nadine Mohr commented
    22 Apr 04:50pm


  • Jonathan Bowman commented
    22 Apr 04:47pm

    Yes!!!! Wooohhooooooo!!!!

  • DM KH commented
    21 Apr 07:16pm

    Any updates from the Admin? :)

  • Caleb Williams commented
    14 Apr 12:39am

    holy shit this is old... is this actually gonna happen...?

  • Luxe Calendar commented
    31 Mar 12:59pm

    "One small teaser is that for “user login and membership functionality” (the top rated item on there), we are already in very active development with internal goals to ship the first set of functionality within the next 2 quarters"


    Carmen Simona

  • Vlad commented
    29 Mar 03:22pm

    As the user below me says, yeah work faster guys :) We need this feature like yesterday. Have children to feed.

  • Webtech AG commented
    10 Mar 10:11am


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