User login and membership functionality

Allow users to sign up on your websites with a username & password. Enable/disable access to content/pages for different user types. 

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In backlog
  • Dec 21, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hi everyone! First off, thanks to those who filled out our survey from earlier this summer. User accounts is a big, big undertaking, and we’re still in the research phase, working to determine which use-cases would be most impactful to tackle first.

    Our first steps down this path will likely be in the realm of ecommerce, as we’re planning to build a login system for customers on your ecommerce site. The good news here is that nearly all of the work on this ecommerce customer portal will lay the foundation for larger work around a general user login/account system in Webflow.

    So, in summary: we’re still researching, but our planned work on ecommerce will continue moving us closer to the day when a more general user login/account system is possible in Webflow.

  • Kurban Magomedov commented
    25 May 12:12pm

    Hi. you Know, you shouldn't do a webflow linked to your credentials. it is better that each site has a dedicated database

  • Quincy Logan commented
    24 May 12:04am

    Even if there is a basic version that can evolve, would help huge :)

    Even if the only thing the portal did was display some Google Drive folders to specific clients, so they can download and upload files... That would be amazing.

  • Victor Graham commented
    23 May 04:46am

    Any updates?

  • Brent Neale commented
    17 May 07:57pm

    Hi Team, any update on this?

  • Mac Yoon commented
    14 May 12:28am

    Update please.....

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    27 Apr 08:03pm

    just use memberstack and call it a day

  • Othon Nin commented
    27 Apr 04:12am

    Any update? I am trying to use memberstack but I can´t create 2 differente types of signups there. It is more for subscription websites. I need one signup form for sellers and another one for buyers.

  • Jonathan Bowman commented
    17 Apr 06:16pm

    Can I also setup a subscription style view, that only allows you acces if your subscription is valid?

  • Victoria Geiser commented
    12 Apr 06:06pm

    i need this for eCommerce - so the User has a History

  • Robert Holtz commented
    17 Mar 07:04am

    I highly recommend you check out MemberStack, which has native support for Webflow. It is incredibly powerful and sophistciated. In my opinion, it is far more robust than will ever be practical for Webflow to focus on building and they already work great together. The best part is their unlimited trial pricing model. Everything is free unless and until you are ready to go live. This is the best solution I've ever found for Webflow users and like the folks at Webflow, MemberStack is constantly improving their platform. Here is a link right to the section of the site that describes the tool with Webflow. Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link but I am not any part of either company. This is a sincere and honest recommendation based on my direct experience solving this same issue of integrating member access while keeping website management inside the Webflow platform.

  • Anthony Chan commented
    10 Mar 04:13pm

    Customer account for ecommerce is a must !

    Endless waiting......

    As an agency, Clients rejects Webflow mainly for two reasons:

    • No Customer account

    • No coupon and discount function

  • Vincent Jacquemin commented
    5 Mar 03:45pm

    By the way... While memberstack is a great tool, it's really hard to justify the extra 25$/month to some clients... And having to ask developpers to make it work defeats the whole purpose of using webflow.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Vincent Jacquemin commented
    5 Mar 03:42pm

    Would it be possible to have an update on the development of this all important functionnality please ?

  • Annie Oh commented
    3 Mar 08:23pm


  • Jayesh Parmar commented
    25 Feb 06:11pm

    The lack of updates about a member login system is a bit concerning at this point - more so its been a while since this was initially talked about. The problem with a lot of these add-on membership options is there is limited security e.g. you can log in to sites with the same credentials simultaneously in two separate locations etc. This is not something that clients would be happy to pay for knowing this flaw. What is needed and it needs action sooner than later is a solution by Webflow that is seamless. There are countless web-building sites that have membership login features and this is something that needs to be addressed with some tentative time frames. While I appreciate all the minor updates on tweaks and little animation enhancements - it falls short of the kind of expectations that users have.

  • Alan Connor commented
    24 Feb 02:30pm

    An update on this would be really useful Webflow.

    What worries me is that it's been the most requested item for so long yet it's still sitting in backlog, not even being planned?

    Throw us a bone and at least give us discount codes soon for e-commerce as this is a particularly hard sell for clients. 

  • Jonathon Ende commented
    13 Feb 04:28pm

    Would it be possible to get an admin update to this? Last update was over a year ago and it mentioned that eCommerce which is now launched would lay the path for this. We have some pretty critical user login needs. In addition, was wondering if these would at all affect editor permissions i.e. ability to control who can edit certain pages and collection items.

  • Denis Ulmann commented
    28 Jan 03:55pm

    need that

  • Josh Pitt commented
    26 Jan 06:44pm

    Any update on when this will be available please?



  • Subs Veriteer commented
    23 Jan 11:42pm


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