Table Support

Add support for creating, styling, and modifying tables.

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Dec 16 2016
  • In backlog
  • May 28, 2019

    Admin response

    Update 05/28/19
    Hi everyone! Please help us understand what you're looking to do with table within Webflow

    Thank you in advance!

  • Lucas Farias de Moraes Sarmento commented
    16 Sep 00:46

    2020 still no table.. please make this happen.

  • Peter Akkies commented
    06 Aug 14:29

    I love Webflow and was super disappointed to find out today that I can't add a frigging table to my website. I sell different products and want to show a table comparing them.

  • Jake Smith commented
    31 Jul 14:10

    Hi there - we're looking at moving over to webflow for an online accounting firm blog and sales site - sadly as accountants we have lots of tables and need to be able to use them - what are our options?

  • Michael Riddell commented
    25 Jul 11:25

    It would be great to be able to add a table inside a shop item for specifications of the product item, see the bike specifications halfway down the page

  • Joshua Farmer commented
    15 Jul 23:02

    Yes please, need tables for blogs and things like that. They're essential. I can actually insert a table in this comment field but not Webflow rich text ¯\_()_/¯








    Them :-)

  • Mauro Iannicelli commented
    08 Jul 13:24

    I am soooooo surprised that I cannot simply add a table... Please team can you add this feature. Thanks.

  • Ronald Czarnecki commented
    30 Mar 02:28

    Need to do an itinerary for stage times. Want it to scale for versions.

  • Corbbin Goldsmith commented
    20 Mar 00:24

    This could be a huge thing. I didn't even realise couldn't do this...

  • Alexander Wong commented
    17 Mar 10:00

    This feature is taking forever to get released. Am not sure how Webflow team prioritizes their dev efforts.

  • Angelika C. commented
    12 Mar 23:19

    Tables will allow me to create a simpler schedule section for my clients' websites.

  • Aesop Pang commented
    12 Mar 02:33

    Support that table presentation:

    Hope it can implement in Webflow

  • Tim Trautman commented
    10 Feb 23:02

    Webflow is a fantastic product -- I'm very impressed with you all and what you've built, but I'm also shocked by the inability to add basic tables to rich text inside the CMS.  I would gladly give up any sort of fancy styling for a working MVP.

  • Bosse Nilsson commented
    08 Feb 19:52

    Tables is an extremely good way to do layout. TABLES are backward compatible compared to GRID and FLEXBOX that are not. 

    Of some reason, tables are missing in most new web layout tools.That's a shame really. I/we have used it to do complicated layouts long time before flex or grid. 

  • Peter Richards commented
    08 Feb 10:33

    Does anyone have a way to import a SVG and maintain the text in the SVG?

    That way, we could create an Excel table, paste it into Illustrator, and save as SVG to import into the web page, maintaining all formatting and styling.

  • Liam Emery commented
    07 Feb 08:52

    This is absolutely unreal that this has been in backlog for 3 years lol. Webflow needs new devs and project managers, fast!

  • Sam Support commented
    27 Jan 07:09

    Trying to move away from Wordpress and I have my new Webflow design ready and waiting but can't take it live until I can bring across financial data in my tables (tables are so crucial for SEO in this industry).

  • Blanca Szabo commented
    26 Jan 00:03

    I need the table function! I'm using Webflow mostly for prototyping and so far it has been mostly fulfilling (it's a great prototyping tool, Webflow shd market itself more as such), but I MUST have those tables!! Pasting in a grid is just a cosmetic solution that looks amazing, but when I hand it over to the engineering team, suddenly I'm their worst nightmare... 

  • Heather Robertson commented
    22 Jan 22:20

    Need to be able to add supporting data for a blog post in table format within the blog body (rich text field). We have been using images, and that is not ideal for a multitude of reasons. 

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    20 Jan 03:45

    tables for data would be nice, I guess you can put them in as custom code but everything else in HTML is supported nicely with a gui, would be nice it have tables too

  • George Pappageorge commented
    November 14, 2019 17:03

    I have resorted to showing tables as images. There needs to be away to display a table of manufacturers' part numbers for each cms item and have them be searchable.

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