Upload File Button in a Form

Allow visitors to a Webflow site to upload files through a Webflow form.

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  • Andy Hoey commented
    2 Dec, 2022 08:12am

    Vlad if you are listening, this needed to happen in Webflow CMS plans since launch, you now have Logic Beta with the ability to use forms to change update and delete CMS items, so how are front end users live on the site meant to do that without the ability to change/upload files to a CMS item? This needs to be implemented ASAP!

  • Adam commented
    2 Jul, 2021 07:35pm

    I almost had our company get to test Webflow after trying for a few years now. We got to building out the first website out of the many we were about to transition over to and it turns out we have to pay for the business acount just to get the form to upload a file. They now don't even want to consider it because, "What else are they going to bait and switch us with?" Literally one small thing like this is preventing a whole organization like mine not go with Webflow. I can't tell you how crushing this is. I was so close to getting us over, with all the websites we manage, to Webflow. Please change this and I might be able to convince leadership to try it.

  • Atwork commented
    11 Feb, 2021 12:34pm

    Sorry Guys, but that's not fair. It's more than twice as the CMS plan.

  • Valentin Grandi commented
    26 Jan, 2021 03:06pm

    Really not cool. I used to love Webflow and i start using with all my clients. But i cannot say to my client that webflow will charge them 45 dollars a month to send and attachment in a form. It's a shame, nonsense. DISAPPOINTED

  • Doris Torchia commented
    26 Oct, 2020 05:10pm

    My client is small and only need a one page, no CMS or anything complex, but they need a form upload for contact as they do project quotes. I think is sad to have to buy a CMS that won't be used just to have that button..

  • Ben Dickens commented
    8 May, 2019 04:00am

    Guys, not cool making this feature only available for business hosting feature. Lets make this accessible to everyone! Not worth the price to upgrade just to unlock this. 

  • John Minshall commented
    6 Mar, 2019 02:23pm

    Really feel this should be available for all accounts also, at least in some limited sense.

  • Pavel Gorin commented
    21 Jan, 2019 10:32pm

    Please please please allow regular paid accounts to use this. This can't be a business only feature. Just restrict the file size and quantity... it's a critical tool for many contact scenarios. Thank you!

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    29 Nov, 2018 12:16am

    Really can't believe with all of these responses that this still isn't included with the CMS plan. Every time I have had a business want to do something simple like having users upload a resume on the site, when I tell them the monthly cost difference for this one feature, they laugh :-( 

  • Vic A Ruiz commented
    31 Jul, 2018 09:02pm

    This needs to be a feature of the CMS plan. In my case, we don't need any of the extra features from the Business plan. File upload is a normal feature of any form, we should not have to pay $20 / mo. for it. :(

  • Nicolas Winderickx commented
    13 Jul, 2018 07:01pm

    Please add this to other plans!

  • Anthony Goodison commented
    4 Jul, 2018 10:46am

    I find the Webflow platform brilliant – but they obviously don't respect us.

    Why is the file upload functionality only included with a business plan?

    We're planning to invest a lot into Webflow in the future – but I'm anxious that it will seriously come back to bite us when I see unfair functionality limitations like this.

    Webflow, please can you reconsider this. You have many loyal customers – surely you can see this is not the way to treat them.

  • Christoffer Furnes commented
    4 Jul, 2018 07:14am

    Only on business plan? Crapers!

  • Grant Senior commented
    4 Jul, 2018 12:27am

    Hi Webflow, It's great that you've added file uploading to forms, but not so great that you have made it only accessible to Business plan hosting. CMS plan maybe, but not the Business plan. 


  • Specular Design commented
    3 Jul, 2018 08:56pm

    I agree with some of the other users that while I love Webflow and everything it offers, this is a little disappointing. Only allowing business plan users to access this feature seems unreasonable. I think it needs to be standard since you force hosting through your system.

  • Matthieu Layes commented
    3 Jul, 2018 08:02pm

    Shipped, ok.... but with such a disappointement !!!

    For the first time in years of using Webflow (and honestly being thrilled by its amazing evolution), I feel « betrayed ».

    This was a much requested feature by the community.

    Considering it’s a  pretty standard functionality with other platforms, it seemed more than reasonable to think it would be available with all paid hosting. 

    I would gladly accept less storage or a couple of small limitations in standard hosting plans, but this...

    Please Webflow team listen to the community... it seems I’m not the only one being disappointed.

    (and thanks for this great platform anyway :) )

  • Noah Raskin commented
    3 Jul, 2018 07:11pm

    I'm sorry, but as much as I love Webflow.. I think that is quite a foul move to only launch the upload feature for the business hosting plan. SMH.. I low-key feel cheated. More than DOUBLE the price to use that feature?? Unreal. I figured at LEAST with the CMS hosting plan makes sense but my god. Smh, so bummed!

  • Ambre Hadjez commented
    3 Jul, 2018 03:26pm

    "This element requires Business Hosting"... 45 USD / Mo. I
    t's twice the price of my cellphone plan here in Paris, France.

    This is so unfair to small businesses / Blogs like us with no income.
    I'm sticking to UploadCare which is free and just as easy to integrate.

    Bad Webflow, Bad doggy !

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    3 Jul, 2018 03:23pm

    Yes, it's unfortunately true. It only comes with business hosting. I honestly can't believe this. No client of mine is going to pay an extra $25 a month just so a user can upload their resume. The $20/mo is already a tough pill for many of my clients to swallow. I love Webflow but this is such a huge disappointment.

  • Brad Poirier commented
    3 Jul, 2018 02:07pm

     @Guillaume I know ! I could understand at least CMS hosting plan... but what's the deal with the business hosting only package... if that's true... not sure. IF thats true, that's wack.

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