Better Asset Management

  • Easily sort and organize assets (drag/move - organize in folders)
  • Take bulk actions ( multiple asset upload - multiple select - move to folders - delete assets)
  • Rename assets and define image alt text
  • Replace every instance of an asset throughout the project by replacing it in the Asset Manager
  • Find assets in the manager using a search bar
  • Anna Kelian
  • Dec 22 2017
  • In backlog
  • Feb 9, 2018

    Admin Response

    2/9/18 Update:
    Hi All! Our designers have a lot of ideas around how to improve the asset manager, especially unifying the assets that you use on static pages and CMS collections. This improvement is important to us, but we are prioritizing larger features that will allow you to do more with Webflow, such as Multi-language, CMS Gallery, and Pagination. We can’t give you any dates for this right now, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

  • Yuan Yuan commented
    09 Jan 06:38


    • Remove all unused assets
    • Show only assets on selected pages
  • Kjell Ruben Strøm commented
    26 Jan 11:58

    Follow up on what Yuan is saying. 
    Lets sort them after whats in use on the website. Bulk delete everything that is not in use of images or files that are linked to. 

  • Jozef Benz commented
    29 Jan 18:46

    Folders would be definitely a grat help in large static websites. +1

  • Michael James commented
    06 Feb 18:26

    This is a merged feature request from January 2017, so it's much older than December 2017. Please please please implement a better asset manager soon! The asset panel is one of the worst aspects of Webflow currently (and those are very few and far between!). 

  • Kjell Ruben Strøm commented
    09 Feb 22:58

    2/9/18 Update: 
    This is very good news. I appreciate that you prioritize updates that let us expand our business and work with more clients. Thank you for the updated as well :) 

  • Neither Nor commented
    10 Feb 10:03

    I am glad the Multi-language feature is a priority for you, we Europeans almost always need to provide our clients with a website in English plus the local language. However, batch deleting assets is a huge pain right now, any chance that we might see this soonish or is there currently any workaround?

  • EQS Design commented
    16 Feb 15:49

    What we need are more supported file formats for download but at least *.zip and the possibility for EDITOR users to upload files for download at static pages and dynamic pages at the link settings. 

  • Kane Baker commented
    05 Mar 07:09

    Very much needed!

  • Hywel Thomas commented
    21 Mar 12:54

    Currently dealing with a site with around 400 images and it's a real pain. Folders and bulk delete are must-haves. Please do this. (Now you've finished ecommerce!)

  • Martin Rommel commented
    30 Mar 21:50

    I hope improved asset management is not held back to push people into using CMS features which then prevents the export of the website!

  • PS Werbung commented
    12 Apr 09:17

    I need support for special characters (non-English languages) and better handling of assets, for example: filename, display name, alt-TAG, title-TAG support?

  • Adam Strange commented
    17 Apr 17:13

    Imagine not having folders on your computer. How crazy would that be!? No other feature makes sense if you can't organize your assets. This is fundamental.

  • Rob Saville commented
    26 Apr 10:02

    This would possibly be at the top of my most wanted features. Being able to quickly sort through and organise / manage assets, would be a major boost to my personal workflow.

  • Noah Raskin commented
    14 May 22:39

    Yuan Yuan has a great idea.. Removing all unused assets would be killer! 

  • Kristine Paulsen commented
    18 May 05:45

    Another huge upvote for this from me! I can't add any additional suggestions to what others have said already, but I agree with all points mentioned here. As someone whose sites are pretty much entirely made of gazillions of photos, pretty please, I'd love to see this become a priority! Thank you!

  • Sebastian Zimmer commented
    05 Jun 08:06


  • Hamish Maclean commented
    20 Jun 12:20

    Damn, I'm out of votes +2. Thanks for the updates on this Webflow!

  • Hywel Thomas commented
    25 Jun 19:24

    Please, please do this now! It's so much more important to the average designer than multi-language and pagination...

  • Evan Meacham commented
    13 Jul 19:07

    In Backlog. Lol. A request for better ASSET MANAGEMENT in a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM..... is backlogged. In favor of .. multi-language support. You should see the look on mah face right now. And looking at the "merged" ideas....... it hurts.

    Creating workarounds for basic, yet absent CMS functions is maddening. Ive been working with a client for around 8 months, building their corporate site, and I deeply regret using webflow. 

  • Zen Kick commented
    28 Jul 14:28

    Backlog? What the heck, guys. I was just getting back into Webflow and considering recommending it again to my clients. But, if we still can not delete and organize images, and use existing assets in collection records, then I can't sell this for anything but the most basic sites. Gah.

  • Davida Pitts commented
    30 Jul 04:46

    ugghhh...came to the wishlist specifically to see what the status of this was currently....and to my surprise it is backlogged. for the life of me i don't understand why this would not be a priority. it would be great if the webflow team picked this back up and started working on it.

  • Davida Pitts commented
    30 Jul 04:49

    also i would think better asset management would go hand in hand with adding e-commerce functionality which is in development. e-commerce sites rely heavily on images and being able to sort, organize and perform bulk actions on them will be really important.

  • Hywel Thomas commented
    10 Aug 08:23

    Please, please do this! This is so much more popular with your customers than multi-language and pagination...

  • Alborz Heydaryan commented
    17 Aug 17:43

    May i offer these suggestions on top of what's been listed and merged into this wish:


  • Nikki Harrison commented
    30 Aug 13:12

    Remove unused assets would be fab ! Or multiple delete from the Asset Manager - great product though - Love Webflow!!

  • David Wallace commented
    24 Sep 14:06

    Putting all assets into one folder is not a good idea. I can't find some graphics because of all the images and other content. The ability to remove and put images into specific folders would help with the number of assets I have imported.  

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    28 Sep 06:31

    Client website are ranking for the keyword webflow thanks to the the media urls. Crazy days🤪

  • Intuilab commented
    23 Oct 07:21

    Seeing all unused asset and possibility of bulk deleting them is a must.

    Also, ability to see where an asset is used

    My website has hundreds of unused images and I have to delete them one by one and I'm not even sure of the ones to delete. This makes the editor very slow and causes it to sometimes crash. I think that as you move towards ecommerce, you'll have to make the editor more robust and focus on this feature. 

  • Julien Vanwinsberghe commented
    13 Nov 06:10

    Adding directories and detailed view would be very useful!

  • Julien Vanwinsberghe commented
    13 Nov 06:11

    And identifying which assets are used and where would be also very useful!

  • Björn G commented
    20 Nov 13:43

    ability to delete several images at once in asset manager. the two-step process limited to only one delete at a time, slows down my workflow so much... seems like a simple fix?


  • Brandon Fertig commented
    22 Nov 11:37

    How is this not a feature?

  • Kees Kroon commented
    27 Nov 20:49

    Really  need this feature :D

  • Fumiya Kawai commented
    09 Dec 02:48

    All I want is just folder. Please...