Better Asset Management

  • Easily sort and organize assets (drag/move - organize in folders)
  • Take bulk actions ( multiple asset upload - multiple select - move to folders - delete assets)
  • Rename assets and define image alt text
  • Replace every instance of an asset throughout the project by replacing it in the Asset Manager
  • Find assets in the manager using a search bar
  • Anna Kelian
  • Dec 22 2017
  • Shipped
  • Chloe Can commented
    28 Jun 11:50am

    The easily delete unused images has not been shipped unlike what is written there

  • Christoffer Furnes commented
    23 Jun 08:28am

    The replace image features has not been shipped as far as I can see.

  • Tor Vegard Tobiassen commented
    3 Jun 12:22pm

    still missing the replace future?

  • The Webmaster commented
    3 Apr 10:26pm

    I'm new to Webflow and wish to discover the paths of stored assets, so that I have more control via robots.txt and in my case when using my own domain. If hosting with Webflow I cannot imagine that assets are pointed to my domain or are they?
    So: or maybe

    Does anybody have the answer please?

  • Robert Simmons commented
    19 Mar 09:17pm


    *Only fixed a couple of the multitude of issues that have all been merged into this thread.

  • Web Fabel commented
    1 Feb 09:09am

    When adding a photo, why cant i choose photos from one of my folders? Whats the point of folders if i have to add photos from "All photos" tab anyway?

  • Andrae Waters commented
    28 Jan 04:03am

    I'm in agreement with Ruben. The updated asset manager is an improvement, but it would be nice to have an easier way to delete unused images.

  • Rubén Alejos Dasilva commented
    10 Dec, 2020 09:31am

    Sorry guys, but I'm with Paul Seymour here. This can't be marked as "Shipped". Your Asset Manager is your achilles heel. No replace, no renaming, chaotic and non-consistent folder manager. Please review again the feedback from the community. Right now it's not on the level it should be.

  • William Mike commented
    9 Nov, 2020 05:48am

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  • Steven Hill commented
    30 Oct, 2020 08:25pm

    Am I missing something... but I'd like to when adding a photo be able to choose from the selected folders I've made

  • William Mike commented
    27 Oct, 2020 03:11am

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  • Philippe Côté commented
    26 Oct, 2020 05:38pm

    I do agree with previous comments:

    "Clean Assets" would be one of the most important feature. It even saves space on your own servers! :)

    Still waiting for this.

    Thanks Webflow team! :)

  • Paul Seymour commented
    23 Oct, 2020 08:59am

    NO. This is not shipped! Where is clean up unused assets? Also you merged all of those requests into this, and now they are also "shipped." Where is replace a file of the same name? Where is rename? Do we now have to re-make all these requests yet again? This is not proper product management. You guys should know better. You can't merge things and then not do them, then mark them as complete. Or, am I missing something? Are these functions hidden somewhere?

  • Neil Fellows commented
    22 Oct, 2020 01:43pm

    Just missing the most important step now - delete unused assets!

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    22 Oct, 2020 01:26pm

    Finally! 👏

  • BJARNE x TAKATA commented
    12 Oct, 2020 07:41pm

    I find it really strange that you can not create folders in Assets to keep things organized, this is a big issue and makes it a huge pain tp work with large amount of images.

    Ideally Id like to organize my folder in Finder (on mac) and just drag and drop the folders in to Assets. Need to be added asap, can't be that hard!

  • Erwin Yulianto commented
    12 Oct, 2020 01:57pm

    Assets Folder please.. its been so long.

  • Guillaume Langlois commented
    9 Oct, 2020 06:29pm

    Definitely requesting folders in the asset manager, it's essential for bulkier projects.

  • Joseph Amato commented
    8 Oct, 2020 07:56pm

    Need instance replacement!

  • Loius Ford commented
    4 Oct, 2020 11:40am


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