Better Asset Management

  • Easily sort and organize assets (drag/move - organize in folders)
  • Take bulk actions ( multiple asset upload - multiple select - move to folders - delete assets)
  • Rename assets and define image alt text
  • Replace every instance of an asset throughout the project by replacing it in the Asset Manager
  • Find assets in the manager using a search bar
  • Anna Kelian
  • Dec 22 2017
  • In development
  • May 21, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi all - another update here: now you can select multiple (or all) of your assets at once in the wide view of the asset manager to delete unneeded files faster. Read about this update in our release notes.

  • Js commented
    18 Sep 14:03

    Hello Webflow-Team!

    Are you planning on giving the User the ability to create own Folders and renaming Asset-files in the Future? Seems highly necessary to me.

  • William Mike commented
    10 Sep 06:25

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  • Roman Davis commented
    08 Aug 10:07

    I am got diploma of management from london University but I appreciate your tips about about this topic .I think all your suggestion will improve my job. Thanks for it.

  • Roman Davis commented
    08 Aug 10:06

    I am got diploma of management from london University but I appreciate your tips about about this topic .I think all your suggestion will improve my job. Thanks for it.

  • Brad Harris commented
    07 Jul 16:25

    Please make this happen! Assets are unmanageable, and for such robust software ...

  • Kevin Lerens commented
    04 Jul 23:03

    This is from 2017?! Still no folders?! I need this so much aswell

  • Richard Chao commented
    15 Jun 16:33

    Is there an ability to add Folders and Manage folders yet?

  • Kevin Handy commented
    21 May 14:10


  • Katie Swanson commented
    21 May 13:07

    [insert confetti gif] heck yes, it's in development!

  • One Desk commented
    20 May 17:56

    This is strongly needed!

  • Pistil Brands Digital commented
    18 May 13:27

    Please add a bulk delete option, and a sort by size option, and the ability to organize by folder. The asset manager is too basic for such a great software - We LOVE Webflow. We HATE having to delete a template's assets one by one. It's excruciating. Also, please add a tagging option for assets, too. Thank you!

  • Joe Bates commented
    15 May 14:02

    This feature with all these suggestions would be a very welcomed improvement!

  • Gene commented
    23 Apr 17:29
    • Yes I too think it's really important that the Assets section comes with a basic management system, including:

      Checkbox system so you can delete more than one file at once

    • Easy way to rename assets

    • Folders and subfolders

    • Ability to delete entire folder and all assets in it

    • Check box system so you can move multiple assets to a different folder at once

    Thank you!!!

  • Bruno Bürgi commented
    21 Apr 11:43

    Curious whether this is also going to inlude adding (any reasonable filetype) to the assets as an editor user..

  • Noj commented
    16 Apr 10:54

    most things said but trying to migrate a site with over 100 press releases... folders would really help... even a sorted by added or by A-Z would help...

  • Veer Manhas commented
    08 Apr 13:31

    API access?? It would be amazing to have that.

  • Adam Twardoch commented
    26 Mar 16:49

    Clean up (Remove assets that are not used in the site) is the most important missing feature. And it’s reasonably simple to implement!

  • Paul Seymour commented
    12 Mar 04:39

    In the meantime, a couple "low-hanging fruit" I'd like to suggest that would be extremely helpful:

    1) Enable export of assets via "Code Export" – I have a hosted plan, and surpirsed this isn't enabled. But, at the very least if I could export my assets only (not code, CSS, etc), I can sort, organize and optomize them all on my own local machine. Now, I can't even do that. I assume this is "flipping a switch" as it's already there, you've just chosen to disable it based on the plan flag. Please, enable it for everyone till the above improvements are done.

    2) In the sort popup, can you please put "Sort by File Size"? Again, that data is "visible" to the platform; I'd imagine you can even have that code done by the front end devs.

    Please? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? These should be there already, as the Asset Manager as been missing much love and attention, and is really a basic function that should be optimal in function at this stage. You guys really have the eye-popping wow features "done" at the moment; go back to concentrating on the everyday user needs. Love Webflow most the time, but just want to love it even more all the time :-)

  • Judii Tran commented
    10 Mar 20:15

    YESSSSS! We love you webflow. thanks for constantly growing and improving :)

  • Joshua McSorley commented
    10 Mar 17:49

    Awww yeah!!!!

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