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Symbols Marketplace Merged

I would like the ability to start a project then pay money for specific completed elements of a website. For example, I could build a homepage then go to the Symbols Marketplace and purchase a completed blog that will appear in the symbols area of Webflow designer. I would then drag and drop the Blog symbol onto the page and, voilà, the Blog design I purchased (for like $10) now fills the entire page.

Users would be able to submit their Symbols to the Symbol Marketplace for review by the Webflow team. Each Symbol purchase comes with 1 license, similar to template purchasing.

Some ideas of elements of what could be purchased on the Symbols Marketplace: contact forms, full blogs, website footers, menus, image galleries, custom code modules (embed feature), and much more.

This sort of feature would address a lot of the demand for cross-site copy and paste ( as well as custom plugins (this would be the place to access completed plugins made by other people) while opening a new massive revenue stream for the Webflow team. Please consider.




  • Christopher Travers
  • Dec 28 2017
  • Shipped