Allow restoration of deleted projects

I'm really nervous with that feature of Webflow, I'm nervous that someone found out how to login to my administrator account and deletes everything and forever!  Or if a member of the team deleted a website project by error.

Please, allow us to backup our projects with a zip file on our computers and allow us to restore a deleted project by importing the project zip file with Webflow. Days, months and years of work are in jeopardy!

But, definitely, a backup system for deleted projects would be a better idea and then there is no need to upload the zip files and manage the backups ourselves.

I think this issue is critical and your great team of developer can handle it nicely inside Webflow!


  • Jean-Francois Roberge
  • Feb 13 2018
  • Stu commented
    February 13, 2018 21:38

    Good idea this one - I know it does give warning that the site is deleted forever - but maybe some kind of 7 day grace period before it goes completely would be good.

    That would give time for any deletion error to be rectified, or to pick up on a security breach if you've not gone for 2 factor.

    There is a related wish here: - which covers the security aspect you mentioned.

  • Ezra Siton commented
    October 19, 2018 22:31