Multi-selection for "Option" Field in CMS

Can you either add multi-selection ability to the option field in CMS or a seperate checkbox field?

I know you can use multi-reference to get around this but I shouldn't need to create a database for something that will only be referenced by the current database.

  • Ozgun Kabakcioglu
  • Feb 21 2018
  • Ryan G commented
    25 Jul, 2023 08:30pm


  • Kasper Dam commented
    23 Jun, 2023 08:26am

    Annoying to spend a colleciton on a simple multi-reference, and manually adjust sitemap, because collection pages are generated as a result

  • Kasper Dam commented
    23 Jun, 2023 08:25am

    A bit surprising shortcoming. Would be very nice to have this.

  • Tobias Drevenstedt commented
    19 Jun, 2023 11:52am

    this is a must.... what if you have the need for 6 option fields in which multiple options are required? mutli ref wouldbn't work because of the max 5 multi ref limitation... I am currently using 18 switch fields instead of 6 option field with multiple choice to solve this....

  • Tor Vegard Tobiassen commented
    10 Feb, 2023 12:10pm

    There are so many cases where I dont think its beneficial to ad a new collection so that I can use multi-reference. And also, since Im only able to nest 1 collection list per page, thats also an issue using that function compared to just have a multi-selection option field.

  • Natalie Lavery commented
    1 Sep, 2022 07:53pm


  • Aditya Pande commented
    18 Feb, 2022 10:00am

    Highly required

  • Zoey Tian commented
    30 Sep, 2021 04:29pm

    I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention +1
    Hope to see this feature added soon.

  • Pushground Team commented
    3 May, 2021 12:47pm


  • Kyle Simmons commented
    2 May, 2021 05:52pm

    Agreed. Improving the functionality of the Option field would be super valuable.

    • Manually drag to sort Options

    • Allow for multiple Options to be selected


  • Alex Dixon commented
    9 Feb, 2021 06:50pm

    +1 This would save having to use reference fields unnecessarily.

  • Zach Ouderkerken commented
    15 Sep, 2020 05:20pm

    Agreed. This would also help with CSV importing where you want multiple inputs displayed. Especially since multi-reference is not supported for CSV import. This makes managing and importing large collections PAINFUL.

  • Open Dev commented
    20 Jul, 2019 12:23am

    I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.

    This multi-reference field workaround is a big pain.

    The limit of 5 multi-reference fields makes the problem worse.

    The worst part:  You can't reorder options (on the Option field, or your collection items)

    More on reordering:



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