Custom order for Collection Items

At the moment there is little possibility to easily achieve custom ordering of items of a collection.

Outside in the CMS world—and I'm taking Drupal as an example—custom ordering is quite always achieved the same way: there is a custom "order" field, that is updated anytime the order of items is manually changed in a backend section. Editors will manually reorder items by dragging them up and down the list, and the value of the order field is updated after each drag. In the template, the list is set to be sorted depending on this order field.

A very popular module to do this on Drupal can be seen here:

A list and comparisons of the ordering modules can be seen here:

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Jan 19 2017
  • Petra Ouhrabkova commented
    28 Aug 01:51pm

    Please, please, please. We use CMS with practically every single business and this would be a huge time saver. Thank you!

  • Cesar Lopez commented
    17 Aug 10:47am

    I decided to add this comment because it's been over a month since someone else's plea and I just built another FAQ with only 12 questions and it's still a pain to customize the order of the list by using a number field. Thus I was reminded how desperately there needs to be an option to to customize the order of collection items. A manual drag-and-drop option would be ideal for most clients.

  • Rafael Bergstrom commented
    13 Jul 11:40pm

    Please make this happen!!!! We're a small nonprofit and this has been a really big hinderance for efficiency in website edits for us.

  • Jonas Cederholm commented
    13 Jul 07:42pm

    I can't believe this is still on the wishlist 5 years later. It really is a bad joke at this point. Sort by manually added numbers on each individual cms item you say? Yeah clients really love doing that. Give me a break ...

  • Michael Hoang commented
    2 Jun 04:33pm

    Any updates on this?! So many of our clients are not enjoying the experience of sorting by numbers, it get's too complicated and messy when managing CMS items.

    Can we get going with this drag funcationality please!

  • Tyler Griffin commented
    31 May 09:36pm

    What has been holding this up for 5 years?

    Make a new field type: 'Order/Position'

    It does not have to highjack the current 'Sort By' functionality, users can simply set 'Sort By' => 'Order/Position'

    Every time an item gets an updated value in the 'Order/Position' field, the rest of the items in the table get scanned and updated as needed

    If it's it not possible to updates all other items in the table automatically, there is still a solution using decimals instead of integers. When you drag an item between 2 other items, check the 'Order/Position' values of the other 2 items and update the 'Order/Position' of the dragged item to whatever decimal place value is needed to get in between the other 2. It's hacky, but this is basically what we have to do currently through a manually created field and I don't see why this wouldn't work for a draggable sort tool.

  • David commented
    5 May 04:18pm

    This comes up on most projects I work on, I can't believe this still isn't a thing.

  • Alistair Williams commented
    5 May 01:30pm

    Super essential – pls add.

  • Freedom Doran commented
    2 May 05:26pm

    Oh my god guys its not that hard of a feature to add please hurry up, its literally a basic feature even on Wix lol

  • Scott Cole commented
    26 Apr 08:29pm

    Seriously guy.....hurry the freak up with this option.

  • Pablo Sara commented
    19 Apr 02:14am

    Yes please, manual order is crucial in some cases.

  • Susan MacPhee commented
    15 Mar 03:11pm

    This came up in a client call again today. What is the status?

  • Jonathan Holden commented
    22 Feb 08:44am
  • FilmPRO Srl commented
    25 Jan 06:34pm

    I propose a deal. 1,000 people who voted for this service will each transfer $10 to 1 WebFlow programmer for $10,000 to make this service within 1 day.

  • Susan MacPhee commented
    18 Jan 04:13pm

    Very important to have this feature. In this case, we are managing almost 100 FAQs and need to order them in a way that's contextual to members/users.

  • Brian Punger commented
    12 Jan 02:20pm

    Such basic functionality should have been a feature since Webflow's Infancy

  • Rick commented
    6 Jan 06:37am

    Seriously! No brainer on this.

  • Dave Cruickshank commented
    17 Dec, 2021 08:22pm

    Here we are. The end of 2021. Still no sign of Drag'n'drop arbitrary ordering of content. Man. It's funny... this feature was first proposed 2 years before I had even HEARD of Webflow! :)

    Come ON!!! :)

  • Studio Noue commented
    5 Dec, 2021 09:23pm

    5 years later, still nothing done here. Quite a shame... This is something so important for clients. Can't believe it doesn't exist yet.

  • J Glynn commented
    18 Sep, 2021 05:25am

    Please! Probably the number one thing to make editing easier for clients. It's not realistic to ask them to go in and change the number value of a field for each collection item just to reorder things

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