Custom order for Collection Items

At the moment there is little possibility to easily achieve custom ordering of items of a collection.

Outside in the CMS world—and I'm taking Drupal as an example—custom ordering is quite always achieved the same way: there is a custom "order" field, that is updated anytime the order of items is manually changed in a backend section. Editors will manually reorder items by dragging them up and down the list, and the value of the order field is updated after each drag. In the template, the list is set to be sorted depending on this order field.

A very popular module to do this on Drupal can be seen here:

A list and comparisons of the ordering modules can be seen here:

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Jan 19 2017
  • Studio Noue commented
    5 Dec 09:23pm

    5 years later, still nothing done here. Quite a shame... This is something so important for clients. Can't believe it doesn't exist yet.

  • J Glynn commented
    18 Sep 05:25am

    Please! Probably the number one thing to make editing easier for clients. It's not realistic to ask them to go in and change the number value of a field for each collection item just to reorder things

  • Eric Van Buskirk commented
    4 Aug 04:47pm

    please. please. please

  • Joseph Chiera commented
    8 Jul 08:49pm

    +3 For this one. For FAQ's alone, this would be a life changer for clients.

  • Jon Duncan commented
    13 May 06:13am

    +1 for this. It’s not practical to update a custom number field every time you want to reorder a collection. It’s a major feature to be missing

  • Ignat Smirnov commented
    11 May 06:57pm

    Common, 4 years have passed :(

  • Bruno Lassus commented
    16 Apr 09:15am

    I had my information ordered in a certain way before upgrading to the ecommerce plan. I need to have my store ordered in the same way as the layout on my non-ecommerece pages.

  • Riccardo Innocenti commented
    9 Apr 01:26pm

    Oh, I just have seen that this request was updated in 2017! 4 years ago!!!

    Webflow super developers, this is urgent please!

  • Riccardo Innocenti commented
    9 Apr 01:23pm

    This is critical.

    We need it as designers and web developers but most important our clients need this feature so they can be able to order their products by themselves. For example, a client a few days ago asked me to put a specific product as first in the collection list I've created and to do so the only possible way I could have done was to delete the actual product item and upload it again so it would appear as first. But this is a slow method and only work to put items to the top.

    Webflow should give us this possibility and it should just work as it works for the drag ordering method for static pages, simply getting them and drag them over or below another page to order them.


  • Tina Wood commented
    30 Mar 01:00am

    I just want to be able to drag/ arrange the products in my ecommerce store. I'm so mad that this isn't an option. Webflow, please get on this ASAP!

  • OUTOFOFFICE .LA commented
    28 Mar 02:47am

    This is such low-hanging fruit. I don't understand why it's not implemented already. 4 years later and you can't order your products on any category page?

  • Shawn Carrié commented
    4 Mar 11:08am

    This feature is critical for anyone doing a blog or photography portfolio!

  • Saqi commented
    27 Feb 02:26pm

    great work.

  • Carrie Monescalchi commented
    20 Jan 09:40pm

    Webflow, you guys are amazing and this tool is great. But this is a super critical feature, and has been requested for years. This should really be prioritized asap.

  • TRUE commented
    19 Jan 10:26am

    Crazy not being able to offer this to a client!! For some collections a Sort-Number field will be fine, but in many circumstances this will be a pain in the butt! Please add this feature. Best would be of this was an option that could be on or off in each collection's settings.

  • Roberto Muzzano commented
    13 Jan 01:59pm

    The possibility of drag&drop reordering should be a must in a CMS.

    A user that must enter inside every single element to change order will be upset...

  • Kevin Brenkman commented
    30 Dec, 2020 03:27pm

    So awkward to tell my client he has to get into each project and add a number for the order... Slowly regretting using webflow

  • Christian Heyne commented
    3 Dec, 2020 07:20pm

    Can't believe, it´s not possible to make a custom order. First thing i needed to do:((

  • Rosa M. commented
    20 Nov, 2020 08:01pm

    Need this for product sorting as well. Doesn't make sense to sort my products by Name, or Date Created, etc, and way too many to add a # field for ordering manually.

    Custom order would suit my products.

  • The 400 Years Project commented
    18 Nov, 2020 03:09pm

    The absence of this ridiculously poor. I assumed it would be possible. I don't work in any system where it is not. This sits alongside 25 images in a multi image field (arbitrary and prohibitive) and no captions for images. This is not a viable system for photographers.

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