Custom order for Collection Items

At the moment there is little possibility to easily achieve custom ordering of items of a collection.

Outside in the CMS world—and I'm taking Drupal as an example—custom ordering is quite always achieved the same way: there is a custom "order" field, that is updated anytime the order of items is manually changed in a backend section. Editors will manually reorder items by dragging them up and down the list, and the value of the order field is updated after each drag. In the template, the list is set to be sorted depending on this order field.

A very popular module to do this on Drupal can be seen here:

A list and comparisons of the ordering modules can be seen here:

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Jan 19 2017
  • David commented
    29 Jul 10:04

    I can't believe this still isn't a thing, I wish webflow would pause on new features and fix all the tiny quality of life issues that really are hampering it. I keep coming back to Webflow to build sites with excitement, the promise of quickly putting my designs into action – but it's usually crushed when I remember all the 'quirks', I then spend hours figuring out creative ways around these by which point a quick job has turned into a big job, negating the reason for using Webflow in the first place.

  • Carl Williamson commented
    08 Jul 16:46

    This is such a needed feature across so many contexts and really hinders users. Creating a custom field with a number is a terrible way for users to have to sort items. Couldn't this be prioritized? It doesn't seem like the hardest thing to implement.

  • Manish More commented
    21 May 16:52

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  • Stu Smith commented
    12 May 01:51

    Let me give you an example. About Us Bios List which there is a template baked in for. What company do you know that would not care in what order the people are listed?Every single one I work with wants it in order of job title hierarchy. How hard is it to implement a drag drop custom sort order? That's the whole point why we pick Webflow, granular customization.

  • Christopher Wijkström commented
    07 May 14:18

    It's crazy needed! I wish I was a developer so that I could help you with this feature 😭

  • Pablo González Day commented
    01 May 07:35


  • Kert Pilman commented
    28 Apr 21:04

    Come on guys. Get this done! Even for simple list pages, this is crucial.

  • Andy Taylor commented
    27 Apr 14:44

    Quite a few of my clients are looking to shift from Etsy to Webflow, and each time this comes up, I have to tell them that we need to use a system with switches, or we an only sort their products by Name, or set up a load of number fields and manually change them when you want to change the order! I've even been asked about this again today and have to start explaining all over again! It gets tricky to sell Webflow to people (which I want to as it has so many great benefits) when things like this are missing.

  • Giles Holland commented
    21 Apr 19:57

    This is so basic--how was CMS ever released in the first place without this feature?

  • Mike commented
    20 Apr 17:01

    It's April 2020 but didn't realize that something as simple as manual order for collection projects wasn't already standard. I was trying to do this for a client that wants specific ordering of the items for his portfolio. If the collection projects list was implemented just like the drag-and-drop field order (under each project), then we'd be golden.

    So because the client wants a specific order, now I have to figure out another solution, which eats up our time. :(

    I'd LOVE for this to be implemented since it's something I'd use a lot, especially for clients wanting to quickly have their projects ordered/reordered at any given time.

    So, pretty please, with sugar on top, make it so!

  • Mitya Sukodav commented
    08 Apr 09:22


  • Aaron Atkins commented
    02 Apr 19:06

    Yes - needing this. My client is wondering why its so hard and is considering a different platform because of this. Would LOVE this!

  • Rebecca commented
    06 Mar 17:45

    There is a work around with this and that is to add a filter to your collection by release date. By doing this you have to go into your collection settings add a release date. Configure your release dates to be in the order that you would like collection items to appear within each collection item. Go into your collection list settings and apply filter by release date.

    It still is a bumper that you have to manually put in your release date, but it's better than nothing.

  • Pavel Gorin commented
    04 Mar 19:05

    Is this a real issue? How is it unanswered for 3 years?

  • Paul Seymour commented
    04 Mar 07:54

    Wow, I can't believe this was what came up first when I googled "webflow CMS manual order" — You literally cannot do what's in their own example video. I was going to use the CMS for our staff, but clearly the higher ups will want a specific order, and in the future people will be added, and they'll be added in a different order. I guess you use "number fields" as some random work around? Maybe? Hmm....

  • Conan Johnston commented
    16 Feb 20:24

    This needed so much!

  • Sean Tubridy commented
    04 Feb 19:22

    I can't believe this has been on the list for over 3 years now, with over 600 votes and it hasn't been addressed. It's such basic, essential functionality.

  • Heike Wähner commented
    31 Jan 19:16

    Need this asap

  • Nicolas Hoban commented
    29 Jan 04:45

    I'm actually baffled this doesn't exist and has been an active wishlist item for so long - almost like unbelievable oversight. Seems like such an obvious feature to include, especially with ecommerce. How can you or a client rearrange product order without the ability to drag and drop them? I know there are workarounds, but they are untenable. The lack of the ability to next/previous through a product list is also a huge let down for anyone wanting to build an ecommerce site with webflow. Lift your game, Webflow!

  • Aidil Goh commented
    21 Jan 16:36

    Ouh man... looks like people have been asking this since 2017.

    Need this like now!

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