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Share Data Across Multiple Projects and Their Subdomains Merged

This would be useful for businesses that would want to have a unified user profile login system across multiple domains in order to provide a range of different services. This would also allow developers to do things like unify content between Projects in any way they need. The benefits of this essentially would make a lot of website to website interaction seamless and make webflow a lot more attractive to businesses looking to develop a system with seamless interactions.

The current process to achieve this is to export webflow created sites to another domain hoster that would allow for this functionality and then have developers develop all the backend work in order to be able to do this. Obviously, this can be very time consuming and making these changes to the webflow infrastructure will greatly improve the workflow of developers in order to make critical changes that would otherwise need backend coding a lot easier.

Even if developers made multiple versions of a project on webflow for frontend development only and to minimize the coding needed for edits as much as possible, they'd still eventually run into the brick wall of having to recode pieces of the backend on another domain host whenever infrastructural changes are needed. So eliminating the need for that backend coding altogether would be great for everyone who wants to utilize webflow for everything.

  • Khari Lane
  • Feb 22 2018