Shared CMS across multiple sites

Some of the benefits:

  • This will be extremely useful in various scenarios like --multi-website, multi-brand with shared content
  • Will also avoid repetitive work in certain situations
  • Will enable a lot of interesting possibilities
  • Tarang Sanghi
  • Feb 15 2017
  • Shane commented
    August 14, 2018 07:25

    For me personally, it would allow me to lower the API processing/requests that essentially update multiple duplicating CMS's across multiple projects/sites.

    I envision using the 10,000 items for each of my 10-15 business projects/sites.  I'm having to use a third-party DB to centralise the data, before pushing updates to the various sites.

    Looks to be the only way forward for efficient multi-site collection/data management.

    I also believe you may run into more of a demand when the eCommerce version of WebFlow is released.

  • Luke Bishop commented
    20 Feb 18:09

    Personally, I would love to see this so I can push the same content to different subdomains.

  • Meredith Knight commented
    29 Aug 18:01

    This is becoming a critical issue for us.  Would REALLY love to see this.