Better Style Manager

Wish list:

Allow changing of styles from the style manage pane

Allow merging of styles (with conflict resolution by selecting which conflicting attributes to keep/discard)

Allow filtering to see just those used on the current page

Allow sorting by number of pages with styles

Allow selective clean up (exclude some styles from cleanup)

  • Tim Mac
  • Apr 26 2018
  • Jonathan Little commented
    1 Aug, 2022 05:18pm

    I would like to add further that it'd be incredibly helpful to be able to adjust the order of classes in the style manager. CSS is order specific, if I create Class A and then create Class B that has new properties, it will override Class A. This becomes a problem when I create global modifying classes that are used to override other properties.

    There's been several times where I made the mistake of making my global modifier classes to early in development. My only choice at that point is to delete all of the modifier classes to then have to remake them later in development. Such a waste of time. Being able to re-order classes in the style sheet would fix that.

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    2 Jun, 2022 10:25pm
  • Johnny Liabø commented
    29 Jul, 2018 09:49pm

    I would also like to:

    • Sort styles by for example name, date created, number of times used
    • Group styles into custom categories
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