Better conflict resolution for cross site copy/paste

Rather than simply renaming a class with a conflict, allow the merging of classes by showing what the conflict is, and allow us to keep/discard all/some conflicting attributes in a class.

  • Tim Mac
  • Apr 26 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Quang Nguyen commented
    28 Aug, 2023 08:24am


  • Onur Turp commented
    30 Jul, 2023 02:35pm

    should be part of the already existing cleanup function.

  • William Carvell commented
    22 Nov, 2022 01:57pm

    Would love to see this implemented. Would save a ton of time when using tools like Relume.

  • Steven Pitchon commented
    21 Mar, 2021 08:06pm

    this would be great!!

  • Jake Spirek commented
    13 Nov, 2019 10:52pm

    this would be great!!

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