Replace Files in Asset Manager

We use the Asset Manager to host some pdf files that we want to make public. It would be super helpful if we could could replace files in the asset manager instead of having to upload new. 

Replacing files would allow us to update the file itself without having to update all the pages the file may already be linked to.

  • Sam Oh
  • Jun 18 2018
  • Jeff Berube commented
    28 Jun 12:36pm

    This should be a basic feature and expected behaviour. We should be able to update any asset in place.

    Often I'll be building a site on one screen and have photoshop/illustrator going on the other and tweaking things as I go.


    • Saves time: No need to update each asset across the site, or create unnecessary components to get the same functionality

    • Declutters: Having 7 iterations of the same file in the asset panel is annoying, requiring you to clean up every so often. This is equivalent of the defragmentation tool in Windows: it wouldn't be necessary if it manages thing correctly in the first place.

    • Webflow Team: You'd end up saving storage space on your servers.

  • René Binder commented
    5 May 10:47am

    Please implement it 🙏🏽

  • Steven Maas commented
    7 Mar 10:11am

    We have clients with 30+ documents referenced on multiple locations. A replace feature would help us out so much. A bit surprised to see this hasn't been addressed yet!

  • Marcus Sheen commented
    25 Jan 12:40pm

    It's been five years, please add this basic feature I beg of you.

  • Marcus Bergman commented
    6 Nov, 2023 09:51am

    No-brainer! This feature would help so much!

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    15 Sep, 2023 12:05pm

    I just commented on the Upload and replace images (all instances) idea, which should be merged with this one. Please prioritize asset replacement via the assets manager! It is much needed, by many developers.

  • Erica Melton commented
    6 Jun, 2023 02:49pm

    Please add this feature!

  • Brahim Sliti commented
    22 May, 2023 05:43pm

    Hey! 👋

    I am currently planning to build a simple app to help us manage assets, for now I am focusing on being able to get clean and professional Asset URLs instead of the ugly URLs Webflow provides us.

    I may be adding a feature to easily replace files as well and not have to deal with this kind of problem anymore...

    I am currently launching a WAITING LIST so if you really want that issue to be solved and why not ask for other requests subscribe here:

    See you. Brahim 🙂

  • Pat Donaghy commented
    3 May, 2023 03:48pm

    Pleeeeeeease add this!

  • Edwin Brito commented
    12 Apr, 2023 02:18pm


  • Aquagga Inc. commented
    4 Apr, 2023 09:47pm

    In 2023, not seeing how to replace a file, which breaks the ability to host and link files that periodically need to be updated. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE

  • Allan Levy commented
    5 Dec, 2022 06:03pm

    Come on, Webflow, catch up with what your users need. Based on the thread, we've been asking for this very basic feature for YEARS!

  • Scott Hieatt commented
    7 Nov, 2022 07:22pm

    You've got to be kidding me...

  • Taylor Osborn commented
    16 Sep, 2022 04:07pm

    Honestly embarrassing that this wasn't a launch feature

  • James Lu commented
    13 Sep, 2022 07:18am

    You can't be serious I can't do's 2022!

  • Carlos Tocchetto commented
    6 Sep, 2022 09:41pm

    This feature is one of the most important ones for easy website management.

  • Martin Schwenzer commented
    11 Aug, 2022 04:49pm

    replacing images from the file manager would be much easier than changing them everywhere used.

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    4 Aug, 2022 02:13pm

    I've wondered about this one in the past +1

  • Aaron Zide commented
    7 Jun, 2022 11:09pm

    It's now 2022, this is a generally obvious and much needed feature. If you use the CMS to host PDF resources or file assets that are located in multiple locations across the site, updating the original source asset by replacing the file, would then update it across the site in one process, vs what it happening now.

  • Antonia Pervanidis commented
    6 Jun, 2022 04:15pm

    please add this. it is necessary for me, too.

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