Possibility in the editor to add pre-designed sections

So right now the end-user can only edit text, images, etc. in the editor. That's great, because then they won't ruin the beautiful design I made ;) But what if I could pre-design a section and let the end-user add that section / remove that section from a certain place in the website. Not sure what it would look like, but that way the end-user has a little bit more control over what's on his website, but not so much that he can destroy the design.

  • Robert Ijsselstein
  • Jul 31 2018
  • Jarno Michel commented
    16 Aug, 2018 09:50am

    I thinks it is the same idea as this one?: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-61

    Maybe combine them?

  • Robert Ijsselstein commented
    6 Aug, 2018 07:02pm

    Thanks for your reactions! Just a brainstorm:
    - The designer has the power to pre-design sections
    - The designer has the power to choose where these sections can be placed (between other sections)
    - The client has the power to add these pre-designed sections to the place the designer chose
    - The client has the power to change to content of these sections, but nothing else
    - The client has the power to remove these sections

    There are a few problems that need some thinking (maybe not right now), for example:
    - Would the client be able to add multiple sections in one spot? It depends I guess?
    - Would the client be able to add multiple DIFFERENT sections after each other?
    - How do we keep all the sections organised? 
    - How does the client know where he can put these sections?
    - etc.

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    2 Aug, 2018 08:44pm

    interesting submission.  But just a thought.  Wouldn't these sections need to be approved of by the you, the designer?  Because you're essentially giving your clients the power to become designers when they may not have the full understanding of UX and design.

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

  • Noah Raskin commented
    1 Aug, 2018 05:39pm

    I think this would be awesome!! A lot of my clients always ask if they have the option to add or remove html elements. So I agree! This would be amazing. 

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