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Widgets? Merged

We love Webflow and the platform - which with creativity allows you to do pretty much anything. However creating some elements (especially for some of our team members and I'm sure other users with no code background) are either time consuming or to hard for them.

It would be great if in the 'Add Elements' panel there was a "Widgets" section under Components. These could consist of things like:

- simple tooltip popups
- instagram feed
- navigation (like hamburger push or overlay) pre animated and styled (but still so you can edit the style)
- charts and tables
etc... bringing out new features to keep people excited as to what they can achieve. 

You may already have plans for going down this route or have reasons not to, but as some of the other competition use this eg. Musethemes (when Muse was still in the game) WithoutCode, Squarespace etc... I feel like adding this feature will not only improve workflow of the users but help ownership of a broader spectrum of the marketplace.

I do see a lot of users asking for simple explanations because they aren't 'coders' and truth be told some of our team are in a little to deep when trying to edit some webflow components.

Apologies for any waffle, thanks and keep up the good work :)

  • Matt Neve
  • Aug 29 2018
  • Shipped