Allow Collection-Bound Pages Anywhere

Replace Collection Pages with Collection-Bound Pages


Current collection pages have a number of design restrictions-

  • Every CMS collection gets a collection page, even if you don't want it
  • Each CMS collection can only have one collection page, even if you need more than that
  • Collection pages cannot be within folders
  • Collection pages cannot be password-protected
  • The homepage cannot be a collection page 

Instead of treating collection pages as a separate thing, and enforcing these rules, it seems cleaner to be able to create a standard "static" page, wherever you like, and the "bind" it to a collection. That would be the definition of a collection-page. In this way, you get to use all of the existing page-design mechanisms, and solve all of the above problems-

You don't need to create collection pages for CMS collections that don't need them, e.g. "Publication Type" 

You can Collection-bind the home page, just like any other page

Freedom to organize your pages, both visually in the designer UI, and logically within Folders.

Password-protection, both on the page itself, or on the parent folder.


From a design standpoint, I think...

  1. The Collection-level Slug becomes meaningless, as each page already has it's own Slug defined, which makes more sense.
  2. Collection-bound pages follow the same rules as Folders, for example,

I can have a static page named /mypage
AND I can have EITHER a folder named /mypage OR a collection-bound page named /mypage

I cannot have BOTH a folder named /mypage AND a collection-bound page named /mypage, since the subpaths could conflict.  I haven't tested this, however I"m pretty cure it's already the case that you cannot create a folder under the path "/mypage" and a CMS collection with the slug "mypage", for the same reason. 

  • Michael Wells
  • Oct 15 2018
  • Meave Wisdon commented
    5 Mar 10:25am

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  • Jonathan Haynes commented
    15 Oct, 2019 02:29pm

    Need this so badly.

  • Markus Smet commented
    12 Mar, 2019 08:03am

    Important for SEO so you can have a clean URL structure. 

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