Scandinavian Payment Gateway

In Sweden There are some major Payment Gateways. I would like to see a connection to DIBS (good friend of me) and Klarna.

Also would like to have a custom payment option that works the same as in Shopify.

In Sweden we have a bank transfer option that works very well in the DIBS solution as well as credit cards. The bank transfer option is quite big in sweden.

Klarna is a very big player in Sweden and with the full implementation the offer some good options that the Swedish market is used to.

Pay When deliverd

Split payment 

Bank transfer

and much more.....

  • Janne Wassberg
  • Oct 24 2018
  • Sven-Erik Slåttedalen commented
    October 25, 2018 16:17

    I would like to point out that Klarna is the biggest Payment Gateway in Scandinavia. According to Klarna they got more than 60 MILLION customers, and more than 90 000 companies. They operate in 14 markets. I would say they are pretty major in their field, and should seriously be considered along with Stripe and Paypal. If I could, I would've given a LOT more votes then just my 3.

    Please have a look at this:

  • Elia Malmsten commented
    05 Jan 22:59

    +1 for klarna and "invoice"

  • Tim Gabrielsson commented
    20 Feb 09:24

    Would be an amazingly appreciated added feature!

  • Tobias Gärd commented
    10 Apr 11:10

    Until Klarna is integrated there's no way to use webflow for ecommerce in Scandinavia.

  • Stefan Blendulf commented
    10 Apr 15:11

    Can't agree more. I am just about to lose a client because of e-commerce not supporting klarna. Another big dissapointment is that there is not way to manage the CMS by phone. Which should be the most important thing in 2019. And no - does not work outside the US if u dont change region in appstore, also editors cant login. 

  • Per kristian Grindheim commented
    31 Oct 22:42

    Any news on Klarna? I would love to see some priority on this as I also badly need Klarna for my customers.

    Klarna has been a big player here in Scandinavia for some time and is now expanding their marked all over. And has just raised capital for raising their presence in the U.S. 

    Heck, even Snoop Dogg is in on the action and has changed his name to Smooth Dogg.
    It definitely should be smooth enough for Webflow.  ;-)