Afterpay/Klarna/DIBS Integration

Shop now, pay later.

Very very popular with Australian shoppers and Europe/US has the equivalent in Klarna

It's really important for so many consumers who use it to make certain purchases more affordable for them, as they can pay over a certain time instead of fronting the money up all at once.

  • Rosaria Gandar
  • Feb 25 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Fusion L commented
    22 Oct 06:25am

    Many of these e-commerce integrations seem to have minimal work involved. It is confusing why webflow does not add these.

  • Alex commented
    11 Aug 09:21pm

    I'm really keen to hear any kind of update from Webflow on this!! Clients are asking me about this pretty much weekly and I can't keep fobbing them off with hopefully coming soon. That only works for so long. Dear Webflow - if you can offer some kind of information on this i'd be pleased to hear it.

  • Jade Kilshaw commented
    11 Aug 04:08am

    Does any one have an update on this, in particular Web Flow? I think i may have to change platforms as Aus customers are 25% of our captured market.

  • BrandSpace Studio commented
    1 Aug 11:42pm

    Shopify and Squarespace offer Afterpay and Zip through Stripe Integration. Come on Webflow - catch up!

  • Liv Strawbridge commented
    15 Jul 03:20am

    I'm In NZ and have clients continually asking about Afterpay integration as they keep getting sent emails about Stripe + Afterpay from Stripe. This is the latest video my client forwarded to me. I wonder if the team at Webflow could integrate the few lines of code as detailed in this video very easily and quickly so we can say yes to our clients?

  • Alex commented
    14 Jul 10:41pm

    A couple of my clients are nagging me constantly about this and share my frustrations - Fingers crossed that this can be implemented now it's on Stripe!! Let's hope!

  • Liv Strawbridge commented
    25 Jun 10:31am

    Hey everyone - looks like Afterpay is available through Stripe now, does that mean that it can be used through Webflow?

  • Ashley Balczun commented
    6 Apr 01:53am

    Yes. Just built an e-commerce site for a client in Australia. Customers have expressed a need for afterpay, so it is looking like we will have to change platforms already.

  • Stormy Forrester commented
    17 Mar 05:54am

    Even the most basic web hosts have Afterpay, Zippay and Laybuy sandboxes..

  • Garet Field-Sells commented
    26 Feb 05:52am

    100% of my e-commerce clients are asking for Afterpay. Would love a response from Webflow on their plans for incorporating a solution that is required by the majority of retailers.

  • Josh Futcher commented
    11 Feb 08:08pm

    Losing more and more clients from this. Need to build sites elsewhere.

  • Henry Jarman commented
    2 Feb 03:01am

    Absolutely need this for clients asap!

  • Diane Rayos commented
    1 Feb 04:58am

    I've also been considering jumping board... really need Afterpay integration as soon as possible please!

  • Nadia Graily commented
    17 Dec, 2020 09:30pm

    As everyone else has said, this has gotta happen quick.

  • Farooq Khan commented
    12 Dec, 2020 05:32am

    Seriously Webflow, I understanding the voting mechanic here. But you need to look at whats taking off globally as payment trends. AFTERPAY is a must now. Many advocates for webflow in Australia within our professional space, but we are losing the battle to keep clients on webflow without the "basics".

  • Brooke Hindmarsh commented
    24 Nov, 2020 10:31am

    is there any update on this? I’m going to lose clients over not being able to accomodate them.

  • Brent Neale commented
    12 Nov, 2020 11:11pm

    Is there any update on the progress of integrating Afterpay or Zip Pay?

  • Lauren Gemming commented
    6 Oct, 2020 01:58pm

    Necessary. Considering jumping board because Webflow doesn’t have an afterpay or zip-pay integration

  • Leigh Davidson commented
    20 Sep, 2020 07:42am

    I agree went to set up intergration today and it was not avalible i really need this running on my site.

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