Afterpay Integration

Shop now, pay later.

Very very popular with Australian shoppers and Europe/US has the equivalent in Klarna

It's really important for so many consumers who use it to make certain purchases more affordable for them, as they can pay over a certain time instead of fronting the money up all at once.

  • Rosaria Gandar
  • Feb 25 2019
  • Advisory Team commented
    28 Jul 10:35pm

    Really need this, we have multiple sites

  • Sarah Gell commented
    21 Jun 03:35pm

    Yes please add this feature, I REALLY want to use Webflow for several projects, however if it can't support AfterPay it is a complete deal breaker here in Australia

  • STEVEN Gabriel commented
    12 Jun 12:17am

    we NEED this ASAP please Webflow

  • Temuge Namjilsuren commented
    1 Jun 05:13am

    Yes, losing projects because we can't integrate into after pay

  • Amanda Van kuppevelt commented
    28 Apr 02:20am

    Would be a great integration for my NZ/AUS clients!! And a deal breaker (like others have commented,)

  • Jano le Roux commented
    24 Apr 11:15pm

    Please add it. We’re loosing clients because of it.

  • JESSE DALE commented
    22 Apr 12:35pm

    I'm having to move to other platforms because there is no Afterpay integration. This would be amazing

  • Richard Deverell commented
    22 Apr 01:39am

    Yes pleeeeeease!!! We get this and I'll be using Webflow for absolutely everything... at the moment I either lose a client or get forced into using another platform with less design flexibility.

  • Andy Karl commented
    22 Oct, 2019 11:32pm

    I have a clients that want Afterpay and we are having to use other platforms that support this integration. Please make this priority.

  • Mark Locke commented
    17 Aug, 2019 04:26am

    totally agree - I've lost sites because of the lack of payment gateways for Australian retailers

  • Jacques Coetzer commented
    8 Aug, 2019 05:11am

    A big resounding yes for this. Please make sure you vote for this. It is absolutely critical for Australian Ecommerce sites to have the option of offering Afterpay. Webflow is frustratingly far behind in this area which is really limiting considering how amazing and robust the rest of their feature set is. This literally needs thousands of votes if we're ever going to see this integration come to fruition so get voting guys!

  • Nakia Watters commented
    16 Jun, 2019 12:22pm

    Most definately a must have for ecommerce 

  • Alec Wren commented
    2 Mar, 2019 03:15am

    Bump for this, Afterpay is super popular in Australia.

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