Filters feature for the Navigator tab

There are countless needs for ways to find, locate, isolate elements in Webflow.

With the launch of the quick find bar, I though we would be able to look for elements by their classname, by their type, or characteristic (is it dynamic, or is it a trigger for an interaction...), but in fact not at all (It says "Find anything..." but I still wonder what it finds, in fact). I proposed the feature but it got no attention.

I also proposed to give such powers to the X-Ray mode but that didn't get much attention or love either:

So here is another proposition: a Photoshop-like Layers panel filter bar, for Webflow's Navigator tab.

Photoshop filter for the Layers panel is awesome. It lets you list Layers by their kind (type, smart objects, bitmap, vector, shape...), or look for them by their name, or their blending mode, or their smart object characteristics... it really goes in-depth and allow for maximum efficiency.

It's useful while designing, it's useful to prepare files for others to work on, it's tremendously useful for maintenance, when you work on a file months or years after. And it would be the same for Webflow.

Here's a quick mockup of the idea:

Under the drop down menu, we could have access to search by name, and to access more options for forms, links, ecommerce, IX etc.

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Oct 29 2018
  • and 4 more