Choose Store Pickup Instead of Shipping Method

It would be great to have the ability to let customers choose to collect their order from a store location instead of shipping it out. In this case, they could select which location they want to collect it from using a list of pre-set options, and wouldn't need to provide a shipping address.

Super excited for e-commerce btw. Well done to everyone at Webflow!

  • Alex Harvey
  • Nov 8 2018
  • Zacchino commented
    November 12, 2018 21:02

    This is almost a mandatory for any Eshop. Specially for catering / fresh products.

  • Alexander Miller commented
    December 02, 2018 00:46

    Hey Alex,

    I believe this is something they are already working on. For now I've named Store Pickup as a flat-rate shipping method and checked the Free option. When users checkout, they can select this as one of the shipping methods. You can even add a description to make it more user-friendly for them.

    From the Designer
    Settings > Ecommerce > Shiping > Add New Shipping Method
    (You have to click your shipping zone to add new shipping method)

  • Pete Alexander commented
    November 05, 2019 22:28

    Not sure what the status of this item is however this is a key and mandatory feature for ecommerce. One of our recent client, a Bakery, has a lot of customers picking up orders (e.g. Birthday Cakes, etc.) locally and not having this feature is a dealbreaker. There's always Shopify – Store Pickup is a necessity these days for shopping (as witnessed by most, if not all, retail stores offering this option which is great). Thanks.

  • Aaron Legaspi commented
    December 07, 2019 02:57

    I've also applied the same work around as Alexander. It would also be helpful to be able to reorder shipping methods or pickup locations in the future. At the moment my client has pick-ups on specific dates, and it's inconvenient when they add a new date prior to the ones already listed. In this case I need to remove and re-add all the pick-up dates in order for them to be sequentially correct.