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Tabs Lightbox (Small Gallery): NOT like a full-blown Gallery Merged

In any Ecommerce, a Product Sheet always have 3-4 pictures + zoom.

Today, it's almost possible to build, with a 2 modules: the TABS + the LIGHTBOX module.
Only thing missing in the Lightbox properties is: "Get Image from {Product} or {Collection}"

See screenshot.

Why not making it happen today (as it's a quick addendum)?

PS: It's not like the future CMS Gallery, it's a Tabs Lightbox:
|                          |
|  Tab Content  |   <= Lightbox inside each Tab Content (to "Zoom" in)

Tab  Tab  Tab       <= Thumbnail inside each Tab Link

Of course Thumbnails aren't real Thumbnails, as they'd be the same image as the one in Tab Content, and in the Lightbox Modal window... But it'd work!

  • Zacchino
  • Nov 12 2018
  • Shipped