CMS Gallery

Add a gallery component in the CMS Collections. Many of my clients want to add galleries/lightboxes to their CMS items.

  • Rowan Hartsuiker
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Shipped
  • Jake V commented
    January 17, 2017 20:59

    I think this already exists.

  • Sergie Magdalin commented
    January 17, 2017 21:37

    This would be awesome. Currently the only way to add a lot of images to a collection like Portfolio Projects is to create a separate "Images" collection and reference the appropriate project for each image which is a big hassle. You can add a lot of image fields to the Project collection but there's a 30 field limit.

  • Good Kind commented
    January 17, 2017 23:35

    This is #1 on my wishlist. In my experience this has been one of the major features our websites need that we have to do custom/workaround work for. And most CMS projects need dynamic image galleries.

  • Sergie Magdalin commented
    January 18, 2017 00:35

    The tricky thing about having a Gallery field is that sometimes gallery images have titles and other fields within them. Maybe a "flexible" field where you can choose all the fields you'd need for it. So you'd be able to upload multiple images with their own titles, rich text, links, and any other field. So meta. 

  • Rowan Hartsuiker commented
    January 18, 2017 12:43

    Sergie, we trust on you to solve the tricky part of this wishlist item ;-)

  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    January 18, 2017 13:36

    Cant we look to squarespace for this. They let the client add images, choose what type of gallery, if it should or should not be thumbnails, They can add headline and body to each image with link and other formating, and choose some other styling preferences. Might be a bit complicated, but would be great :D

  • Cameron Johnson commented
    January 18, 2017 15:48

    This would be awesome! Endless possibilities with it!

  • Chris Gardiner commented
    January 18, 2017 18:28

    In need off this now!!

  • JUXTA Design commented
    January 18, 2017 21:07

    This would be INCREDIBLY useful. +1

  • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer commented
    January 19, 2017 11:22

    I also think this alreay exists.

  • Rowan Hartsuiker commented
    January 19, 2017 19:06

    How can you THINK it already exists? It either exists or it does not, lol! 

    And it does not exist...YET!

  • Jay Bussiere commented
    January 20, 2017 02:02

    Most components that work so well before the webflow CMS world, do not have an option to connect to your CMS datalists.  I believe this should be addressed since they work so well already and a great time saver.  (ie. galleries, sliders, lightbox, tabs, etc)

  • Michael Wurst commented
    January 22, 2017 12:14

    Would be awesome! #1 on my wishlist :D!!! 

  • Diarmuid Sexton commented
    January 23, 2017 10:10

    #1 on my wishlist also

  • Brett Houston commented
    January 24, 2017 03:20

    We need this feature pretty badly. Several clients want this option.

  • Joe Hoffman commented
    January 26, 2017 15:44

    This would be helpful - I have a separate entry for each gallery image and use multi-ref to pull in all the images and hacked together a working gallery/lightbox. This would have made it a lot easier.

  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    February 01, 2017 14:14

    This should also make it possible to make a Pinterest looking image gallery. Its actually hard to make portfolio websites for people when that is not an option at all in webflow. 

  • Shadi Desjardins commented
    February 02, 2017 01:57

    #1 on my wishlist too!!!! pretty please? I'm going crazy trying to figure out an efficient/effective way to get a big gallery with different sections together for my current client/project. 

  • Koen Spaansen commented
    February 06, 2017 19:01

    Idea: Selecte the gallery pictures by: Date, Tags, or maybe even part of the image name or map structure (if there is) 

  • Hywel Thomas commented
    February 09, 2017 17:02

    My client said "you have all these great features but not a gallery for the CMS?" I'm totally with him on this.

  • W Jan commented
    March 03, 2017 17:55

    This is much needed, One of the main reason many of my clients that lean towards CMS is to have the ability to update images in gallery. But it is not a user friendly solution for site visitors as you can't scroll between images and very soon becomes a long list.

  • Adrial Dale commented
    March 24, 2017 14:32

    I'm assuming this would also include the ability for images to be dynamically pulled from the CMS for the slider widget, too? :D  

  • Martijn Brackman commented
    March 27, 2017 08:45

    Please. Implement this asap. Clients aks this all the time. It is as vital as a contact form.

  • André Goldstein commented
    March 27, 2017 15:25

    I'm extremely surprised that this hasn't been implemented. This isn't a niche request, could sadly be a deal breaker in us using Webflow going forward sadly :(

  • Marcio Nunciaroni commented
    April 15, 2017 05:19

    I really need this resource. I don't know why it doesn't exist yet. Please Webflow Team, go ahead with galleries in CMS items. Pleaaaase!

  • Eva Pettifor commented
    May 11, 2017 05:28

    Most clients expect at least a basic photo gallery these days, something they can easily add themselves. Could you please add this feature :)

  • Dmitry Ra commented
    May 21, 2017 09:38

    Just saw a temporary workaround for this on the forums

  • Film 360 Company commented
    June 03, 2017 21:07

    There is already a gallery lightbox widget in webflow... why have they not just allow a CMS image to be selected to show in this lightbox widget?

    Ability to create a dynamic gallery lightbox for images to be pulled from the CMS should be a basic feature of any website building platform. Looking forward to having this added to the highest of priorities in Webflow. Thanks!

  • Dave Finkelstein commented
    June 08, 2017 18:55

    Something that has batch upload where you can simply drag and drop a big list of images and be able to tag or add descriptions if you want.  It would be nice to have a checkbox for add descriptions before you upload and if you check it, it will come up with a text prompt for the description as the images upload.  This way if you don't need descriptions it will just quickly upload the images.   Also please add the image resizing feature to galleries!!!

  • Mark Robertson commented
    June 09, 2017 12:39

    Allow full screen lightbox so images are scaled fully to width and height or browser window. With an option to hide thumbnails and just use arrows to scroll through. 

  • JBP commented
    June 27, 2017 11:49

    Is there any news about this topic?
    Trying to use the workaround (WF newbie) but making it a feature would be so much greater and easier :)


  • Dario Stefanutto commented
    June 28, 2017 11:25

    I started working on my new portfolio website using the CMS features, but I had to abandon project and keep the portfolio static.

    This is because the CMS doesn't allow to include components like background videos or to add interactions to the content. 

    I hope this feature will be released soon, it would be a total game changer.

  • Gordon Cyrus commented
    July 08, 2017 06:22

    yes, crucial!!!




  • Mark Willis commented
    July 19, 2017 11:55

    I have also voted for this as a +3. I have a project coming up, and a dynamic lightbox really is essential for it. I love Webflow, but I'm looking at other alternatives at the moment... 

    I have made a few large dynamic lightboxes already with Webflow for a client all the images on there are in the CMS, but it's not the ideal way.

  • Jeremy peterson commented
    July 27, 2017 21:00

    absolutely crucial for all functionality to be enabled in the cms pages. honestly shocked to find out it wasn't. may force me back to wordpress if we can't at least have an image gallery.

  • Brian Brewer commented
    August 15, 2017 13:23

    Having an integrated image gallery built into Webflow would be incredibly helpful. As a workaround, I have found that nanogallery in conjunction with Flickr works well for clients who need to frequently update or change images in a dynamic gallery.  Flickr albums can be created and modified via a web browser or app and no re-sizing or "save for the web" is necessary for clients.  The only field necessary in the CMS is the Flickr album ID, nanogallery does the rest.  There are some complexities when using nanogallery with Webflow https sites, hoping that Webflow soon allows uploading of support files other than images, PDF's, etc - specifically css, js and other files types that enable helper apps such as nanogallery.

  • Koen Spaansen commented
    September 13, 2017 21:08

    Multiple upload plus sorting the images with "Drag and Drop" is really needed for this idea. Also the lightbox options must be available with a click!

  • Brandon Garrett commented
    October 18, 2017 23:09

    I don't want to be that unreasonable person and overlook the fact that each of these wishlist requests have to be prioritized. I know there are only so many people working on the team and can only handle a certain amount of development. I just think that this feature is such a common request and available through many site building companies. Companies that I see as inferior to Webflow. I do a lot of web design for bloggers and clients that need to upload galleries of images on a regular basis. It would make my job and the clients job much easier if this was integrated into CMS. Like I said I don't want to be the pushy customer, but you can't blame me for being impatient because Webflow does an amazing job at every new development. I just ready for this one.

  • Puya Khalili commented
    November 07, 2017 02:04

    Is there any timeline for the implementation of this feature? it seems like a very essential feature on any cms platform.

  • Al Olby commented
    December 16, 2017 09:47

    I second the request for a timeline on this feature. it's such a central function for so many CMS sites, I need to know whether to commit to Webflow for upcoming projects or look for other solutions. It's a deal breaker for me and we've been asking for it for coming on a year now.

  • Ryan Claxton commented
    February 24, 2018 16:49

    Is there an estimated date of completion for this feature? Spring? Summer? Fall?

  • Gabriela Ornellas commented
    April 18, 2018 14:25

    Heyyyy any updates on the feature?? :)

  • Brian Brewer commented
    April 21, 2018 11:08

    Squarespace, Wix and WordPress (via plugins) allow photo galleries to dynamically include images from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive folders or Flickr albums so large galleries can be more easily uploaded and managed from a browser or smartphone app.

    It would br great if the Webflow galley would support some type of dynamic link to “image stores” in addition to individual image file upload.  

  • Will Neeteson commented
    April 27, 2018 21:50

    Any news on this?

  • Alex Cheng commented
    April 30, 2018 21:21

    Would this be up anytime soon?

  • Daniel Twine commented
    May 02, 2018 09:04

    When is this Going to be developed it seems to be taking AGES considering it is a vital part of many sites! 

  • Gamba Junior commented
    May 08, 2018 23:01

    Any news on this??
    This is a critical feature and clearly a deal breaker 

  • Gamba Junior commented
    May 09, 2018 23:49

    any news on this? needles to say, this is a crucial feature and certainly a deal breaker

  • Petr Coufal commented
    May 14, 2018 18:59

    Cannot wait....

  • Phase44 commented
    May 15, 2018 02:13

    I'm looking forward to this. 

  • Rajin Dhillon commented
    May 15, 2018 20:34

    I NEEEED thissss

  • Grant Senior commented
    May 21, 2018 12:27

    I have a site that needs to be moved from the Business Catalyst platform and has this requirement as the guts of it's functionality (can see it here 

    Lightbox being able to use images from a collection is vital Webflow, you really need to sort this one out.

    Apart from that, so far I think Webflow is pretty awesome.

  • Al Olby commented
    June 08, 2018 12:57

    Hey there, any update on progress with this feature? I have to develop a site very soon that requires CMS Galleries, and while I want to do it in Webflow, I can't if this won't be available for a while. Can you give us any idea?

    Thanks a million.

  • Nick Kent commented
    June 18, 2018 01:12

    It is actually pretty mind blowing to me to find out that this wasn't part of like step 2 when thinking about making this. What do most people want to do if they are building a website? Sell stuff. What do people who buy stuff want to do before they buy it? Look at it. Hence, people that are most willing to pay to have a website developed are people who are going to make money by selling a product, and one of the most basic necessities of selling stuff online is giving customers the ability to look at it in as many attractive forms as possible...:/ So now, I have 1 of 2 options 1: Tell the customer (sorry you can only let them view one image at one size). or 2: Spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a workaround. 

    To be honest, to me this was such a basic necessity of any website development platform like this that I did not even think that it would be a problem until I actually tried to do it.

    In my mind it's like running something similar to shopify but leaving out the ability for anyone to process visa credit cards without some huge workaround. Crazy. Of course we can add lightboxe's but than the developer has to go in and update the content whenever they make changes? That is HORRIBLE. Clients like having a developer on hand for major changes, but they do not want to rely on them for every single little image they add...I like webflow because it keeps me from being involved in things that they may be doing every day, and at the same time they don't have to rely on me for anything other than major structural changes. However, without this ability they are dependent and I'm going to constantly be having to update images.

    And just to be clear, what I'm talking about is having thumbnails for ONE PRODUCT be clickable so they can be viewed larger. I'm not talking about seeing thumbnails on one page for every main image of products I have.

    I mean, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe this has been changed or something. If so let me know!

  • Brent Hegnauer commented
    June 23, 2018 05:00

    Please add this soon.

  • Daniel Twine commented
    June 29, 2018 11:52

    Considering how many people want this it seems to be taking BLOODY AGES! Could you please give us and update? 

  • Maurice Hofmann commented
    July 05, 2018 13:51

    Is there any update on this highly requested feature?

  • Eric Brenner commented
    July 26, 2018 05:11

    Better yet, allow the ability to add fieldsets and the ability to do multi value fields and fieldsets.  Then, if we wanted to add additional fields to the images like "caption" or "date" or "angle" we could do that.  Alt tags could be implemented this way.  The way this could be utilized for other datasets is limitless.  On the front end, we could choose how these fieldsets display within a collection item almost identically to the way we choose how collection items themselves appear.

  • Phase44 commented
    July 26, 2018 06:15

    This is great news! Keep up the great work.

  • Diarmuid Sexton commented
    July 26, 2018 09:02

    Are CMS Galleries going to be included in Regular CMS hosting or will it be business hosting?

  • Kevin Daby commented
    July 26, 2018 10:59

    Great job. I'm impressed with the speed you guys roll out new features. Keep it up. Love WebFlow!

  • John Sellers commented
    July 26, 2018 14:39

    Boom! Please just DON'T make it only for the business only plan!

  • Adrial Dale commented
    July 26, 2018 16:18

    Oh this is so great! Thanks so much!

  • Zach Stevens commented
    July 26, 2018 16:37


    Can’t wait! This is why Webflow is my go to design tool

  • Collin commented
    July 26, 2018 16:49

    This feature is so important!  Great to hear it's in development.  Do you have an ETA for the multi-image field?

  • Tony Mills commented
    July 30, 2018 22:29

    I hate all this piling on but sometimes mob rule rules. I produce about 30 real estate listing sites a year and to add the usual thirty or so images one at a time is a bit crazy making. 

    Also, as long as we're encouraging finger crossing, what about folders in the asset's panel? Is that too much? 

    Other than that, as a Muse refugee, I'm grateful for what you've done.

  • Joshua Fry commented
    August 01, 2018 16:07

    'CMS multi-image field' sounds great - there's no link here though? Would
    love to track that.

  • Rey Alejandro commented
    August 12, 2018 03:11

    I'm quite disappointed that it's been a year and there is no progress, this is somehow forgotten feature request. It's painful. Spend 2 days for a hack on this.

  • Pascal Krebs commented
    August 15, 2018 09:31

    Dear Webflow-Team. The No1 reason why Adobe Muse had to be shut down was; they did not listen to what customers wanted. They implemented features that no one needed and missed features that were essential. Please, don't make the same mistake. Metaphorically speaking you are allready putting in furniture to a house that has no roof yet. You should really focus on essential features first (cms image gallery is absolutely essential) and then focus on advanced features. You should not start building the roof when it's allready raining - just saying...

  • Teerapat Khiangthong commented
    August 23, 2018 03:46

    PLEASE. I am facing the task right now having to create ~10 galleries with ~30 pictures each and it really leaves me speechless that there is no way of doing this without having to spend 1-2 whole days and use custom coding and lots of tricks. :-(

  • Bryan Maniotakis commented
    September 03, 2018 22:26

    Working on my first site with webflow right now for a real estate client, and I'm running into this problem as we speak. Sadly, I think our only option, for the time being,is going back to wordpress.


    Any update with an ETA on this feature? I'd love to stay in the platform since I'm loving it so much.

  • Anton Vorster commented
    September 04, 2018 10:59

    So need this now

  • Jordan Stambaugh commented
    September 17, 2018 05:24

    yeah, I need this for client projects now. I'm not sure what to do without this feature. 

  • Chris commented
    October 03, 2018 17:23

    This would be HUGE for a lot of people. Can't wait until this makes it in the product. It would be nice to have some controls like has for laying out the different images so you don't have to think about it too much but still have enough options. So there could be a field thats a 'Image Group" that allows you to select multiple images and then you choose the layout that they display in.

  • Matt Jones commented
    October 08, 2018 19:06

    This is such a must have for any CMS... I would say everyone of my clients need CMS editing abilities for #1 Blog, #2 Image gallery... and everything else comes after that. Not every client wants to edit the full site content, but those two are the baseline. How is this still not available? I was trying to decide between Duda and Webflow and unfortunately I have to go with Duda because of #1 no CMS image gallery, #2 No undo on the Editor. I prefer Webflow, yet So odd to have a solution so robust yet missing some very expected features. Lots of votes here for the feature yet it seems a very long turnaround for any movement toward resolving this.

  • Matt Jones commented
    October 08, 2018 19:13

    Webflow... you are likely not growing as a business because you are missing a CMS gallery and the undo button in Editor, Both Client (our clients) facing issues. If you had a way to measure how many people go to another solution because of this two basic essential features maybe you would take this more seriously. Ignoring this much user feedback on a specific request is not a good sign for the company... just saying. 

  • Tempie Christlebar commented
    October 08, 2018 22:53

    Still hasn't been updated after all of these comments? This is a must. 

  • Cany Ash commented
    October 17, 2018 13:52

    Is there an update on when CMS collections will be able to be linked to lightboxes?

  • Ezra Siton commented
    November 07, 2018 01:12

    the missing puzzle

  • Ryan Claxton commented
    November 14, 2018 20:37

    Been waiting for this for years.

  • Petr Coufal commented
    November 16, 2018 18:46

    Admin, is there any hope it will be true this year as promissed?

  • Andu Potorac commented
    November 21, 2018 18:29

    This might be a temporary solution before the Components Marketplace is up. But we've enabled dynamic content to our Mosaic Gallery and one could send it like this:

    Ignore the lightbox not taking over the page as in the first link, that's a restriction from Observable. You'd have to make sure the SDK is embedded in the head of your page with Webflow.

  • Marcio Nunciaroni commented
    December 18, 2018 17:29

    Just waiting for this feature to start a lot of new projects.... I've been using Wordpress so far... just because Webflow doesn't have the CMS Gallery yet. Hope you launch this feature very son.

  • Brian Simons commented
    December 25, 2018 16:20

    CMS galleries are pretty critical for the projects that I have. I'm trying to decide on which platform to use to replace Adobe Business Catalyst for a dozen or so sites. Most of the site's have a significant number of separate photo galleries. 

    On that platform I was able to combine the built in Galleries module's JSON output with Galleria to create great looking results, and all that I have to do to update any gallery is add or remove images from it's specific folder. 

    That would be something else I would vote for - the ability to create sub folders in the assets panel.  I'm still testing the waters with Webflow, so I may just be missing it, but I can't see an option to create subfolders.  For sites with a lot of image galleries or other assets, it gets really difficult to deal with hundreds or even thousands of images that are all lumped together in one place.

  • Grant Senior commented
    03 Jan 02:40

    I really, really, really need this too! Commented back in May, was hoping things would have been in place by now. If this was out I'd be using it a lot, regularly. 

    Come on Webflow!! We need this real bad..........

  • Andrew Hazard commented
    04 Jan 09:31

    I am a Muse user (for the time being anyway) but have been learning Webflow as I will be migrating my two websites asap. I intended going online with a new site this week but this gallery problem is holding me back and I am considering using WIX. I want to get a result similar to this

    This post began 12 months ago and I can't see any progress.

    Can you persuade me to persevere with Webflow? 

  • Harald Vogl commented
    08 Jan 21:52

    Websites for photographers are not senseful doable without this feature, I realized today, while talking about Webflow with a potential client. Hope this will change soon.

    Also this login thing will be a need for photographers, e. g. after marriage shootings to preview the results for a closed user group.

  • Toby MacLeod commented
    10 Jan 16:08

    I know Webflow doesn't like to provide timelines as to when new features will ship, but can you provide a timeline as to when this feature will be moved from "In backlog" to "Working on"? Thanks!

  • Pascal Krebs commented
    12 Jan 20:13

    I get the impression that the e-commerce project is stalling all the other needed updates. Has been quite a while since any updates were made. Just because e-commerce will bring additional income doesnt' mean that customers with no ecommerce needs should be ignored. I also don't get the communication policy - I mean at least update us on the status of top wishlist items like this one - from time to time. The last Admin response is absoluetly useless and says nothing at all. We know what the gallery should do - what we don't know: when is it finally available? Come on webflow - you can do better. 

  • David Arnesen commented
    25 Jan 16:09

    I think it is crazy this was not prioritised over the e-commerce release, it is such a basic feature. Of course it is possible to build a gallery with multiple CMS image fields and slideshow or lightbox, but it is an inflexible workaround and therefore totally goes against what is so great about Webflow.

  • Nico Potvin commented
    28 Jan 16:41

    Hi Webflow, any update on the multi-image field in CMS?


  • Signei Koch commented
    01 Feb 14:17

    This is the most needed feature for me. Also the better Assets Management tool.

    Please update us on the development of CMS Galleries.

  • Pascal Krebs commented
    14 Feb 15:41


  • Martin Schulze-Schilddorf commented
    14 Feb 16:49

    Hey Webflow team
    I spent hours and hours learning webflow and I really love it!
    But since many clients need a gallery on their website, it doesn't make sense to use webflow. Now I'm waiting since 2 months for this feature but we barely get updates from you on how the status is for this feature.
    So pleease give us something we can work with or talk to us about how long it will take to develope this feature..

  • Stan De Manne commented
    15 Feb 14:36

    From day one of the CMS, this was a feature that was well needed. Although I love that when you implement a new feature it is well thought out and you look to future proof these updates. But, this is something that even a basic version at this stage would be very well received by all. I have clients waiting to move from Wordpress who manage assets like Yacht Listing, Real Estate etc.. these clients NEED galleries on their listings and this is truly holding the use of WF back... come on guys.

  • Lobo Design commented
    19 Feb 17:58

    waiting anxiously for it.

  • Vladimir Gordeev commented
    22 Feb 18:54

    Make it faster please my client wants to leave because of this in Wordpress

  • Allen Ray Sales commented
    23 Feb 22:47

    For an e-commerce website, this is like the bones of product pages. Please make this happen quicker it's the core basic necessity to setup product pages easily! To have alternative shots of a product setup easily in webflow!  I look forward to this integration release!

  • Allen Ray Sales commented
    23 Feb 22:50

    Any updates on this ticket?

  • Garret Voorhees commented
    24 Feb 06:52

    Can you please share an update for this feature? This is absolutely critical to the site that I just started building and will not be able to launch without it.

  • Allen Ray Sales commented
    25 Feb 17:49

    I'm a little concerned that this important feature is still in the backlog list.  I'm hoping this is outdated and that this is now up and coming into the current workflow sprint for the dev team.  I understand that it's all about time management but I hope you guys nail this soon!  Great work guys I see so much potential and workflow improvement by using workflow cms.

  • Daniel Twine commented
    26 Feb 14:10

    When is this going to be made? 

  • Louis Greene commented
    27 Feb 06:12

    This would be very helpful Any updates? Is this going to happen?

  • Alex Dixon commented
    01 Mar 00:40




  • Alec Wren commented
    02 Mar 03:08

    This feature can not come quick enough. Come on Webflow team this is such a vital feature to have and obviously super requested! 

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    05 Mar 09:46

    ASAP please!

  • Kenneth Rowe commented
    05 Mar 15:34

    You know it's a little embarrassing you guys haven't added this VERY BASIC FEATURE yet, what exactly is the holdup? I'm still stuck linking my webflow site to a garbage SQUARESPACE site.

    You've created a wonderful way for non-coders create legit websites. Whoever is in charge of this is really dropping the ball. It's 2019, get it done before we move on to the next thing.

  • Kurt Varner commented
    06 Mar 18:30

    Hi Webflow friends! Is there an update on this one yet? Looks like it's still in the "backlog" and not "development.

  • Louise Christensen commented
    12 Mar 11:01

    I wonder how far you are with the lightbox and cms solution?

  • Josef Najsel commented
    17 Mar 15:09

    Very important for my clients, hope it comes soon ;)

  • Kaboom Digital commented
    18 Mar 16:52


  • Dario Figueroa commented
    20 Mar 22:15

    +1, I'd also be very curious to know where this one is at or if there is any update on it. Seems like it's still backlogged and not in development.

  • Roarke Clinton commented
    24 Mar 21:41

    We needed this every day!

    What is the status of this feature?

    Please build it!

  • Martin B commented
    25 Mar 15:28

    There's a lot to love about Webflow, but there's a lot of basic stuff missing, such as there being no <hr> button in the rich content field. I'm now getting really impatient for an image gallery feature and have had to advise clients to use Squarespace, as the time wasted trying to implement workarounds for various features on here just isn't worth it. This request (for a basic feature) was posted over two years ago.

    I've tried to craft alternatives to allow clients to easily create galleries, but seem to be foiled at every turn with features such as Lightbox and Slideshow that don't hook up to the CMS properly – and workarounds for these that either have bugs or significant downsides, or even just result in an archaic and long-winded workflow.

  • Ezra Siton commented
    26 Mar 02:10

    Today I give another Wordrpress dev agency RAR with images and other stuff for rebuilding webflow site on Wordpress.

    A client with a site with a basic image gallery for each service decides to move the site to WordPress. I lose money and webflow lose a client  :(.

    No way to convince clients - The gallery is very important to them - to use Webflow (On WIX, WP, Squarespace, and other platforms its really easier to work with images). 

  • Veljko commented
    28 Mar 18:47

    And 2 years later, still not here.
    Basic basic thing.
    Same as non existent 1200+ px breakpoint system... 
    in the era of 4k screens.

  • Allen Ray Sales commented
    01 Apr 15:43

    Checking on this important component! looks like it's still in backlog.  Excited for you guys to get this started soon and added to your soonest sprint. Keep up the great work.

  • Jeff Jean-Baptiste commented
    05 Apr 23:49



    I believe in you guys. I know this will be great. 

  • Kaboom Digital commented
    10 Apr 14:40

    I wonder if Webflow realizes that this missing feature is actually somewhat of a deal-breaker for a lot of clients. How can I sell this to someone? Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify you-name-it are better suited to clients needs (in this case: easy uploading content to new products or projects) then Webflow at this point in time. Maybe Webflow websites are more easily customized with cool CSS and front-end stuff. But let's be realistic: this is not important for clients. Developers can customize any platform, easy of use is more important for clients. (Also, I'm sure there are workarounds but we need this to be clean and simple.) P.S. Still in love with Webflow :-)

  • Michael Clawson commented
    13 Apr 05:13

    Any luck on this important feature update yet? 

  • Martin Schulze-Schilddorf commented
    14 Apr 12:52

    Checking the status every few days since january and still cant use webflow because of this missing feature.. ^^ Webflow has so much potential and would be really time saving but without this feature I just cant recommend this to a client.
    I hope the status changes soon :)
    btw still in love with Webflow <3

  • Dan Gayle commented
    15 Apr 09:39

    Hi Admin,
    Absolutely loving Webflow. As someone without a develoer background, this platform has enabled me to create really good websites for my businesses myself.

    The CMS gallery really is something that's a must have for an e-commerce store. Customers want more than one image of what they're going to buy, especially if there are, for example differentiations such as front and back having different prints on.

    Please can you kindly give everyone an update on when you expect the first iteration you mentioned on 21st December 2018, will be ready for use?

    Thanks, Dan.

  • Edward Kim commented
    24 Apr 00:39

    YES, Finally! This is crucial as I have clients that I’m building that require a library gallery light box via CMS and so I would have to settle with just a thumbnail. Thanks.

    Edward Kim
    Founder/Co Owner

    Cell #: (360) 599-5058

    iBiz Shout-Out LLC

    1225 East Sunset Drive
    Suite 145-789
    Bellingham, WA 98226

    Business #: (360) 255-7399

  • Chloe Can commented
    24 Apr 06:50

    So happy to see this is in development!

    We're currently using a workaround with pretty photo js but would love to have this out of the box! Great news!

  • Alex Dixon commented
    24 Apr 08:03

    "Moved to in development" – Whoop 🤗

  • Jean Levet commented
    24 Apr 08:10

    Like many of you, we had to abandon more than a dozen projects for which the absence of photo galleries in webflow is disappointing. We discovered an alternative that is an over-layer dedicated to wordpress that allows us to do, without developing a very beautiful site dedicated to the artists' portfolio: 

    We prefer of course Webflow but I think that webflow's developers should take inspiration from the possibilities offered by to provide an answer to both the webflow webdeisgners and also and especially to their end customers, the users.


  • Graham Jones commented
    24 Apr 08:37

    Let's hope the galleries get improved in general, they are woefully limited in Webflow.

    Slide galleries cannot have thumbnails!
    Tab galleries cannot slide or be advanced!
    Lightbox galleries cannot have their layouts and appearance controlled easily!

    It seems like every gallery option is short on features and most annoyingly, the features you have in one option cannot be used in another.

    Clients look at me like I am mad when I tell them you cannot have a thumbnail gallery in Webflow, let alone a CMS gallery.

    Very poor Webflow.

  • Tom Jones commented
    24 Apr 08:54

    Thank god - let's pray this is released quickly 🙈

  • Martin Schulze-Schilddorf commented
    24 Apr 12:12

    "CMS Galleries status has been updated to In Development"..

    WHOOOP WHOOOP 🥳🥳🎈✨🎊🎉

    There comes the HYPE TRAIIIIN 😅🥰  🚄🚃🚃🚃🚃

  • Piter Dimitrov commented
    25 Apr 17:23

    Awesome! Can't wait to see it live. Thanks team!

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    26 Apr 16:20

    Update (April 26, 2019): We'll be doing a demo of this feature during the next Webflow live stream on April 30th, 2019 at 10am (pacific).

    [ Watch live here ]

  • Michael Clawson commented
    26 Apr 16:26

    Great news! 

  • Sam Sharpe commented
    26 Apr 16:50


    If there's going to be a quick way to re-organise existing 'Images' collections which people will have used to create CMS sliders / Lightboxes etc it would be really useful to cover in the stream, and if not a heads up so we can do this efficiently would be much appreciated.


  • Alex Cheng commented
    26 Apr 16:51

    Super happy that it's in development!! 

  • Jeff Jean-Baptiste commented
    26 Apr 17:16

    Excellent! 😈

  • Rob Fullerton commented
    26 Apr 18:52

    super good news ... this feature at the CMS level will help us push Webflow to many more clients. 
    On Friday, April 26, 2019, 9:22:08 a.m. PDT, Webflow Wishlist <> wrote:


  • Sam Sharpe commented
    27 Apr 02:51

    Also it would be great if the images uploaded respect exif and iptc metadata!

  • Koen Spaansen commented
    27 Apr 14:39

    finally... keep on rocking guys... this kind of updates are the most wanted!

  • Raul Jarquin commented
    30 Apr 17:09

    Hi, was there supposed to be a live demo of the CMS Gallery today (4/30/19 at 10am Pacific time)?  The event YouTube link at the top generates a page not found error.

  • Bodie Brower commented
    14 May 16:19

    I want to beta test this feature yesterday!  Is this available to Beta test yet???  Pretty pretty pretty pretty please????

  • Nafta Studio commented
    14 May 22:10

    please only an idea of timing, week - month - year ...  i have finish all alibi to postpone the development of a site based on gallery. (all modern site are based on gallery) pleaaassseee

  • Open Dev commented
    18 Jun 18:32


    I've been patiently waiting for this feature since I joined Webflow years's blocking me from landing quite a few customers.

  • Bodie Brower commented
    27 Jun 19:50

    This was demoed 2 months ago! :)  Is there any new information to share about it's release!?  We are all soooooooo excited!  Admin?  can we get any timelines yet??

  • Kaboom Digital commented
    03 Jul 12:15

    I would also like to know when we can try this out. The demo 2 months ago looked promising; time for a beta test ;-)

  • Brandon Bostic commented
    03 Jul 15:49

    When can we expect this! Very much looking forward to the release of this feature

  • Romain vadillo commented
    05 Jul 14:37

    Hey ! Any news about the release ? I really need this feature !

  • Duncan Hamra commented
    11 Jul 15:22

    Woohooo!!! This is going to make so many photographers happy 😃 

  • Guillermo D'onofrio commented
    11 Jul 16:55

    Woww. Tomorrow I will try it

  • Sean Wildenfree commented
    10 Aug 18:27

    Hey so it's great that this feature is here! I also appreciate that you can use CMS items with Grid, but it'd be awesome if you all could allow CMS items to flow directly into pre-defined Grid Areas!