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Add fully customizable customer review feature to Webflow Ecommerce

  • Michael
  • Nov 15 2018
  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    November 15, 2018 22:14

    I believe you can already do this by creating a new collection and putting the reviews in there.  If you want to let users add reviews automatically, you can make a Zap in

    Hope this helps :)

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

  • IWOO commented
    10 Jan 09:22

    Hi @nelson / team, (multi-)reference fields don't work with zapier yet. So the suggested option will not work.

  • Seth Ferguson commented
    30 Mar 21:31

    I would like a native reviews feature to capture and display at least:

    - star rating

    - product review text

    with these bonus's:

    - up/down vote (so customers van vote for the most helpful reviews)

    - verified purchase tag (builds trust that reviews are real)

    - review replies (allows others, or the store CS to respond)

  • Benjamin Perko commented
    03 Apr 23:07

    Hi everyone,

    we created customer reviews solution for webflow called Monto. Takes less then 5 min to setup. 

    What it does in a nutshell:
    Customers get an email to review the product(s) they bought from you.  Then these reviews are displayed on the correct product pages where you placed the review and star widgets during the setup.

    The whole review process is automated and you can use Monto for managing reviews and customization and oversee everything around customer reviews.

    To conclude with bullet points, It includes:

    - star rating
    - product reviews widget
    - automatic emails to customer 
    - verified purchase tags 
    - up/down vote
    - widget and star rating customization
    - automated review process
    - share review to social media

    New features will be added; such as these for example:
    - mail customization
    - video/photo reviews
    - add own custom ratings

    We would like to grow further with our users and their needs.

    Give it a try and let us know how we can make it even better for you. There is no credit card needed to sign up and the first 100 reviews are free and access to all features.

    You can see more and get started here: 

    Our team will be ready to whatever help you might need. 

  • Gaby Izarra commented
    12 Apr 01:01

    Hey all, feel free to upvote this similar Wishlist item