Sell Digital Goods

All we are looking for is selling a digital good, and creating unique links to be sent via email for now. A full "my account" experience would be nice down the road. 

  • Tone Thieves
  • Nov 18 2018
  • In backlog
  • Alex Sung commented
    November 27, 2018 05:46

    Upvote on this! We sell digital goods and would love to see Webflow support this natively.

  • Jack Bush commented
    December 03, 2018 05:55

    Definitely, right now I need to sell tickets to an event. In this use case I have no need for the shopping cart. 

  • Cyan Cooper commented
    December 05, 2018 05:00

    Yes, this please.

  • Logan Venderlic commented
    December 18, 2018 15:45


  • Mohammed Hussein commented
    December 28, 2018 17:17

    This would revolutionise the event ticketing industry!

  • Guillermo Castillo commented
    December 29, 2018 01:16

    🙌🏻Please! 🙏🏻

  • Josh Warner commented
    14 Jan 17:31

    This is a requirement for me to use Webflow for eCommerce, so yeah, I'd like this feature a lot :)

  • Thomas Schlossmacher commented
    04 Feb 21:33

    Would be great, upload zip files to be sold or downloaded from an email msg after payment.

  • Kesey Badgett commented
    07 Feb 00:10

    Came here to ask for this. 

  • Jack Millard commented
    07 Feb 19:09

    :( unfortunately I have no real use for Webflow until this feature is added. My entire business depends on selling downloads. Any business trying to sell software, digital assets/products, or files of any type can't as far as I know unless someone has found a work around?

  • Noah Raskin commented
    10 Feb 22:37

    Need this so bad!!! 

  • Noah Raskin commented
    10 Feb 22:38

    Would be great if we could host our downloads somewhere else but you the e-commerce to sell and distribute the links to these files after a purchase is made. 

  • Noah Raskin commented
    10 Feb 22:39

    via Sendspace, Dropbox, Amazon etc.

  • Alex Harvey commented
    14 Feb 15:59

    Yes, Please Webflow!!!

  • Dawn Lynn commented
    15 Feb 15:20

    Much needed !! 

  • Alex Ag commented
    16 Feb 10:40

    Need this feature to build our design assets store.

  • Matthew Sanderson commented
    18 Feb 22:28

    +1 from me, would love to be able to sell tickets for events...

  • Alex M. commented
    19 Feb 15:42

    Please implement this as soon as possible:).

    I think a lot of digital goods sellers will agree with me, that in order to sell a product, you need the fact that the product can be sold and all other things are secondary and complement the main thing - the mere fact that the goods can be sold.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Levi Applegate commented
    06 Mar 20:39

    This is a bummer, already built a large portion of my site only realizing when I was working on checkout that digital goods are not an option. Never even though this wouldn't be offered! super bummed

  • Mark Taggart commented
    18 Mar 23:38

    I need this for a number of sites that want to sell digital products and subscriptions with a member area.

    Any ETA? 

  • Riley Brown commented
    01 Apr 23:01

    Hey Webflow! Do we have any sort of timeframe or ETA on this? Are you seeing it? Is this on the radar for say... the next 6 months? If so, I'll be building my digital asset and coursework site on Webflow. If I don't get a response from an admin, or the time frame is +6 months I'll be going elsewhere! I REALLY don't want to go back to wordpress on this one. Please give us an estimate here!  

    Thanks in advance. Loving other aspects of webflow. 


  • Dan Gayle commented
    15 Apr 09:43

    Hi Admin,
    This is another must have for so many people. In the information age, a lot of businesses sell digital courses/products, and so to be limited on this front really is hampering.

    Please can you kindly give us an ETA on delivery of this feature?

    Many thanks, Dan.