Generating coupon code/accepting coupons

Guys, I sure hope this is already on your list, you are so great at what you do how can this not be here already! 

Webflow friends.... make it happen please!

  • Sam Almeida
  • Nov 28 2018
  • Planning
  • Carlton Gordon commented
    09 Jan 19:23


  • Happy Media commented
    06 Feb 18:50

    I totally second, third, fourth and infinity this. Please can we have it, amazing Webflowsters! 

  • Korbin Bennett-gold commented
    13 Feb 09:36

    I am using the Framer template, and there is a 15% off advertisement on the newsletter subscription. This is a great idea, and I would like to keep it in when I launch!

  • Lucas Mondora commented
    07 Mar 19:36

    I know this is on the next update, but we should really push this sooner. Discounts and coupons are very important in ecommerce. 

    13 Mar 14:57

    PLEASE, I'm about to have to make my clients site on shopify because this is so important to her.

  • SIRCAP CO commented
    01 Apr 10:31

    I need this feature on my Webflow Shop :(

  • Casimir krupinsky commented
    04 Apr 16:11

    please please please.

  • Jay Balderas commented
    06 Apr 20:52

    yes needed!

  • Michael Parks commented
    11 Apr 04:10

    Yap, pretty critical for me too!

  • Ethan Fenton commented
    16 Apr 14:33

    Absolutely need this launched ASAP. 

  • Michael Clawson commented
    16 Apr 20:18

    Yes. This is an important feature for e-commerce Webflow sites! 

  • Adam Murray commented
    29 Apr 00:18

    Hey Webflow team, where are we at with this? I have customers needing this on an e-commerce store that currently has 326 products. I sold them on the idea of using Webflow over a year ago, they wanted e-commerce and I sold them on that. Now we really need these basic features urgently. Their patience is dwindling quickly. 

  • Seth Ferguson commented
    08 May 20:26

    We also urgently need this for I've read elsewhere that this on the roadmap and should be coming soon, can you share an estimated timeline?

    Also hoping that we can dynamically generate unique codes, not just manual static codes.

  • Jose Lopez commented
    23 May 13:31

    100% needs to be added!

  • Carlos San Juan commented
    25 May 07:43

    This feature is very important to promotion webshop sales!.

    Please, develop it as soon as possible!.


  • Joshua Suntup commented
    30 May 04:14

    Can't launch without this

  • Jay Balderas commented
    01 Jun 05:37

    Definitely need asap! Only thing keeping me from moving to Webflow when building ecommerce!

  • Viktoria Chern commented
    15 Jun 15:19

    Any updated on this? Can't launch without the coupons...

  • Jia Min Chew commented
    26 Jun 14:59

    This should be made priority! Thank you!

  • Dustin Boyd commented
    28 Jun 19:29

    Would be a game changer. This is one of the primary things I would need to convince my company to switch from from Shopify.

  • Justin Rehayem commented
    01 Jul 01:24

    Love webflow - coupons / discounts are vital for e-commerce. Need this ASAP.

  • JP Cozby commented
    02 Jul 21:05

    How can we find out a date when coupon functionality is expected to ship!? Coupons and promo codes are a VITAL part of successful ecomm.

  • David Darocha commented
    10 Jul 19:45

    WOuld be solid

  • Alex Kawczynski commented
    12 Jul 02:14

    Please add this feature.

  • Jordan Ebright commented
    15 Jul 04:33

    How has this company been around since at least 2013 and there is still no discount code option???

  • Virgil Horghidan commented
    25 Jul 07:18


  • John T. commented
    02 Aug 22:25


  • Kenya Sullivan commented
    04 Aug 14:29

    This is a critical feature, cant move to Webflow E-Commerce without this functionality. As anyone who has run a shop knows, the ability to integrate coupons and discounts is a must. As the holiday seasons move in, not having this ability makes Webflow a no go. I hope this is a priority in your backlog.  

  • Avery Lin commented
    07 Aug 15:05

    any updates on this?

  • Christopher Schuller commented
    09 Aug 09:18

    Need it!

  • Brad Warren commented
    13 Aug 23:36

    This is a borderline deal-breaker for any ecommerce solution.

  • Veljko commented
    20 Aug 12:56

    Waiting for this to change a Shopify website to Webflow ecommerce..
    Discounts are a must

  • Aaron Scott commented
    24 Aug 15:32

    I'm launching a HUGE site this week and the client asked about coupon codes and I don't see them anywhere. Please please get this integrated, now I'm afraid they will want to change platforms.

  • Johannes Neururer commented
    26 Aug 12:12


  • Kane Garland commented
    25 Sep 09:33

    Need this asap!. I moved a client from shopify and didn't realise webflow did not have discount codes. I've been defusing the decision since. Would be a game changer.

  • Kyle Craven commented
    03 Oct 07:51

    Why is this taking so long? I can't use Webflow for any ecommerce sites without the ability to use discount codes

  • Arnaud Lafosse commented
    06 Oct 01:18

    Absolutely needed for Ecommerce!

  • Paul Sciortino commented
    07 Oct 22:25

    Is there any update on when this will be available? I need this for my site

  • John Trabelsi commented
    10 Oct 19:23

    Critical feature for conversion and upsell.

  • Cyan Cooper commented
    18 Oct 19:08

    Wow, we had been waiting on Webflow e-commerce for a minute, and figured the major features like this would have been incorporated by now. We just sold a client on using Webflow for e-commerce, got their site up, and are only now discovering that this feature doesn't exist.

    What's going on? How is this not live?

  • Stephanie Green commented
    18 Oct 19:12

    HOW IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE??? We just build an Ecommerce site for our client and now may have to move to another platform if there isn't a workaround for this. 

  • Christoph Muehle commented
    23 Oct 14:28

    Im actually surprised this is not on top of the list. one of the most important ecom features. 


    that and post purchase upsells!!! 

    I bet this is actually preventing a lot of ecommerce businesses from switching over.

  • John T. commented
    26 Oct 05:07

    😍PLANNING!! 😍Can't wait!!

  • Cyan Cooper commented
    27 Oct 17:19

    HUZZAAAH!!! Can't wait for this one! 😁🎉

  • Calum Lewis commented
    02 Nov 16:07

    Without Discount codes & native PayPal integration eCommerce with Webflow is almost impossible... please add soon. 

  • Aj Enterprise commented
    08 Nov 01:59


  • Hector Velez commented
    08 Nov 14:03

    YAY Planning stage!!!


    Any expected time when this feature be release???

    My clients site is in need of this feature!!!!


  • Michael Lenz commented
    10 Nov 15:53

    some news regarding coupons ?

  • Joel-Pascal Wodicka commented
    13 Nov 20:38

    Yes absolutely need this as well! Thx!

  • Matt Fernandez commented
    16 Nov 03:11

    This is so so so so needed.

  • Alex Mejia commented
    23 Nov 17:28

    Please this is essential for ecommerce clients, they always ask for this and i use shopify instead.

  • Alex Mejia commented
    23 Nov 17:29

    Could they possibly release this before black friday / cyber monday?

  • Shahnur Alam commented
    27 Nov 15:52

    Before webflow release ecommerce features they should have the coupon/discount option. 

  • Chad Morgan commented
    27 Nov 21:07


  • Nate Mohrman commented
    05 Dec 17:13

    Hope this feature is coming soon!

  • Bhangad commented
    07 Dec 14:37