Generating coupon code/accepting coupons

Guys, I sure hope this is already on your list, you are so great at what you do how can this not be here already! 

Webflow friends.... make it happen please!

  • Sam Almeida
  • Nov 28 2018
  • In beta
  • Apr 17, 2020

    Admin Response

    Great news! We’re happy to announce that discounts for Ecommerce is finally in beta. As a proven marketing strategy, the ability to run promotions for your customers can help you grow your business. Learn more →

  • Lester Tarranza commented
    14 May 05:58am

    Are you able to add discounts based on a specific user type automatically?

  • Nate Estes commented
    30 Apr 06:01pm

    Awesome! Will be adding this to a clients site in the near future.

    The client already asked for a tiered approach - ie - spend spend $50, get 10% off, spend more, get more off etc. This would be a neat add.

  • Aj Enterprise commented
    18 Apr 02:24am

    Just added one to my site. I know this is in beta but, I want to keep my finger cross that you will make it so we can use specific coupon for specific products or categories in our products.

    Example: To make specific coupon take percentage or fixed price off a certain item or items that belongs to a category.

    In this case, even when shoppers have multiple items in their cart, the coupon will only be applied to the specific items.

  • Michael Clawson commented
    17 Apr 02:17am

    Just added it to one of my client's websites for a test ride. Looks pretty good so far. Thanks!

  • Essay Tigers commented
    13 Apr 02:13pm

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  • Sébastien Poirier commented
    10 Apr 01:47pm

    Happy to see this update (April 2)! I really need this in a couple of ecommerce site I'm working on right now. Thanks.

  • Daniel pettifer commented
    10 Apr 04:58am

    How can we sign up for beta testing coupon codes?

  • Michael Clawson commented
    2 Apr 01:34am

    Awesome news! Thanks!

  • Matthew Greene commented
    2 Apr 01:19am

    Sweet baby Jesus I can’t believe we are getting discounts 😩😩❤️❤️

  • Hector Velez commented
    2 Apr 12:55am

    CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Mack commented
    1 Apr 11:21pm

    How is this not a thing? I've been forced to use to get my ambassador program working. While Foxy is a good workaround, it lacks 99% of the customization and ease of use that Webflow provides. The lack of this feature has made me focus on deciphering javascript scripts instead of running my business. Very frustrating. Like brain-numbingly frustrating.

  • Jens Vahle commented
    25 Mar 01:54pm

    Please make this happen!

  • Kathleen Kaiser commented
    23 Mar 08:48pm

    With the current economic conditions this is an absolut must to get people shopping on line.

  • Michael Henry commented
    16 Mar 01:44pm

    My customer just quit Webflow and decided to go to Shopify for this one feature alone...

  • Tom commented
    1 Mar 10:56am

    Absolute must

  • Jeein Shin commented
    28 Feb 01:20am

    Any updates from Webflow on this massive issue? I'm going to have to switch over to a different platform.

  • Cameron Frye commented
    21 Feb 05:16am

    I'd put this to use in milliseconds. Coupon/Promo codes are way too useful, especially with physical goods.

  • Joe Lac commented
    20 Feb 12:40pm

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  • Matt Lathrom commented
    18 Feb 10:42pm

    I'm getting request for this from clients, and I'd really like to make webflow my goto over Shopify. This is a killer feature for sure.

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