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Discount Codes Added to Ecommerce Merged

In ecommerce, the ability to offer discounts and sales is essential to customer acquisition. 

  • Jose Lopez
  • May 23 2019
  • Shipped
  • Michael Clawson commented
    29 Aug, 2019 06:43pm

    Yes, discount codes in e-commerce are very essential. 

  • Max Eleftherio commented
    6 Aug, 2019 03:08pm

    100% Essential to customer acquisition. I have upvoted in older wishlists posts and suggest you all +3 over at too! We need this now!

  • Alex Kawczynski commented
    29 Jul, 2019 07:09pm

    Please include this, it's the only thing keeping me from moving certain eCommerce sites from Shopify.

  • Daphné Choisnel commented
    22 Jul, 2019 01:29pm

    Will definitely need to provide at least two discount codes to track marketting and affiliates.

  • Nalen Ayurveda commented
    22 Jul, 2019 08:27am

    The ability to have multiple discount codes to track the impact of marketing activities and who is driving sales. 

  • Jia Min Chew commented
    26 Jun, 2019 02:57pm

    Discount Codes are a must for e commerce

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