Components + CMS functionality

Most components that work so well before the webflow CMS world, do not have an option to connect to your CMS datalists.  I believe this should be addressed since they work so well already and a great time saver.  (ie. galleries, sliders, lightbox, tabs, etc)

  • Jay Bussiere
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Miles commented
    26 May 06:08pm

    Yet another CMS limitation with Webflow 😫

  • Alex Bass commented
    24 Mar 01:48am

    So wishing this was possible, makes it difficult to make a rich text blog post more interactive 😥

  • Maic Fankhauser commented
    4 Feb, 2020 09:49pm

    Just had the idea of creating like a gallery component, where you could add Albums (cms) with a lot of images (more than 25). I often need like just a gallery with different albums (title, description, images)

  • Daniel Castro Maia commented
    11 Apr, 2019 12:18am

    It's crazy that its been 2 years and still nothing! Seems like it would be such a simple implementation...

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