Custom Breakpoints

This is self explanatory.

  • Michael Mannucci
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Jan 19, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi all - jumping in with an update here. If you missed it, we added a new set of larger breakpoints in April 2020. We chose the new set of breakpoints based on feedback from everyone here and have gotten confirmation that it covers 90% of your use cases. Take a look at our Webflow University lesson that does a deep dive on our breakpoints and how to use them to cover your needs.

    That said, custom breakpoints are still on our minds, but for the time being, we’ll be working on other higher priority projects, some listed right here in this wishlist.

  • Ninon commented
    26 Feb 04:41pm

    Highly needed...

  • Catalin commented
    11 Jan 02:11pm

    This is a must. Some elements just break on certain sizes and having the flexibility to create a custom breakpoint to fix that issue would be a nice addition.

  • J commented
    4 Jan 04:56pm

    It is crucial!!!

  • DA Admin commented
    11 Oct, 2022 06:37am

    Just discovered my design breaks in ipad landscape - have read the forums and found its a well known problem. This is going to be a ton of work to solve. Pleeeeease webflow give us a fix for this....

  • Robin Fang commented
    2 Oct, 2022 02:48am

    It's useful.

  • Yusuf Malik commented
    13 May, 2022 09:12pm

    I just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Vizard commented
    28 Apr, 2022 04:16pm

    Highly needed!!!

  • Aenias Fritsch commented
    27 Mar, 2022 11:31am

    EditorX will definately kill webflow beacause of this, if you don't implement it quickly!

  • Aenias Fritsch commented
    27 Mar, 2022 11:29am

    This major issue is the only reason, why i don't use webflow. You software is great, but this is not something you yhould put into "lower priority", this is THE ONE MAIN PROBLEM with your awesome software.

  • Julien Gouz commented
    20 Mar, 2022 06:45pm

    I understand that custom breakpoint is not the top priority but maybe it is possible for now without taking too long to code to just hade a breakpoint preset that is working find with apple table in landscape mode ? As it is IMO the most common issue with breakpoint !

    It would be nice !

  • Steve Doetsch commented
    6 Dec, 2021 06:05pm

    You can already do custom breakpoints via the "custom css" for a page or the entire project. While adding that feature to the interface is nice, it is still fully possible to do, and webflow does not stop you from having them.

  • Jimmy commented
    30 Nov, 2021 01:58pm

    I love how everything in Webflow is customisable... except the breakpoints!?!? HOW?

    This is the most painful part.

  • Adriano Resende commented
    18 Nov, 2021 07:32pm

    I think that adding breakpoint for height is very important because I use VH on the section tag and it makes quite a difference between the macbook and the monitor.

  • Jonathan Ingemarsson commented
    9 Nov, 2021 10:20am

    This would be very helpful indeed!
    It skips a vital part of the possibilities compared to others ways to create a website.

    Love you, but this feels like a base function that's needed.

  • schuyler commented
    16 Oct, 2021 09:43pm

    The biggest problem is large portrait tablets. Things get weird when I can't customize those sizes. I have to think you guys have iPad Pros at the office and know this. Would be great if you addressed it.

  • Zhong Hui Tee commented
    27 Sep, 2021 10:04am

    Can allow us to add our own custom breakpoints? i would need it.

  • Reynard Muliaina commented
    20 Sep, 2021 04:11am

    Yep need this.

  • Ben commented
    9 Aug, 2021 04:37pm

    Some of the larger Phones (iphone 11 pro) are tipping into the range of the tablet Breakpoint, forcing me to design the tablet size for mobile landscape. Would really help to be able to customize the breakpoints...

  • Mark Allender commented
    9 Aug, 2021 01:39am

    MAN I wish you cats had this already.

  • Paul Hanna commented
    28 Jul, 2021 11:38pm

    I'd love to be able to choose the default breakpoint so I'm not having to design my site at 1280px and then adjust for 3 further breakpoints up and down. It really adds so much time to the development period. I feel like this should be of highest priority for a designer's developing tool.

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