Custom Breakpoints

This is self explanatory.

  • Michael Mannucci
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Jan 19, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi all - jumping in with an update here. If you missed it, we added a new set of larger breakpoints in April 2020. We chose the new set of breakpoints based on feedback from everyone here and have gotten confirmation that it covers 90% of your use cases. Take a look at our Webflow University lesson that does a deep dive on our breakpoints and how to use them to cover your needs.

    That said, custom breakpoints are still on our minds, but for the time being, we’ll be working on other higher priority projects, some listed right here in this wishlist.

  • Reynard Muliaina commented
    20 Sep 04:11am

    Yep need this.

  • Ben commented
    9 Aug 04:37pm

    Some of the larger Phones (iphone 11 pro) are tipping into the range of the tablet Breakpoint, forcing me to design the tablet size for mobile landscape. Would really help to be able to customize the breakpoints...

  • Mark Allender commented
    9 Aug 01:39am

    MAN I wish you cats had this already.

  • Paul Hanna commented
    28 Jul 11:38pm

    I'd love to be able to choose the default breakpoint so I'm not having to design my site at 1280px and then adjust for 3 further breakpoints up and down. It really adds so much time to the development period. I feel like this should be of highest priority for a designer's developing tool.

  • J commented
    28 Jul 01:22pm

    991 - 1440px is waaaaay too large of a boundary for the base break point.
    Please allow us to add additional custom break points... or at least in meantime allow us to tweak the values of the existing breakpoints.

    Covering 90% of use cases really isn't something to boast about.

  • Kent Warren commented
    9 Jul 11:53am

    +1 on changing default breakpoint for mobile-first designs.

  • Jiaxi Yang commented
    23 May 06:46am

    Please... Also please consider allowing users to change default breakpoints. It's a nightmare trying to create something primarily for smaller screens.

  • Michał Sosnowski commented
    30 Apr 08:58pm

    Still waiting...

  • David commented
    25 Mar 02:27pm

    Would be very nice to be able to add custom breakpoints in the Project Settings. Seems like it wouldn't be too hard for Webflow to do. Seems like a no brainer to make so many people very happy.

  • Максим Красников commented
    14 Mar 02:52pm

    4 years have passed ... 4 years the platform cannot solve the problem with the tablets displaying the desktop version. What a nightmare ... what's going on? I have to admit that I really like the Wow platfrm, but this is just disgusting, I probably have to leave you guy

  • Nicole Cmar commented
    18 Feb 06:00pm

    This would be so helpful for Ipad Pro. My banners look terrible on devices like this because theres no efficient way to design for a vertical screen of this size.

  • Liam McCarty commented
    16 Feb 03:22pm

    Need this to handle iPad Pro (adding to the many other similar comments).

    Must say that I'm confused (as it appears many people are) why this is hard to implement. It's trivial to add custom breakpoints in straight CSS, so shouldn't it be in the Webflow interface also? E.g. if I have a breakpoint at Xpx and add one at Ypx (Y < X), then just duplicate all the CSS stylings for the Y breakpoint and let me edit them one by one. This is as far as I can tell exactly how the current breakpoint options work, so it seems like adding custom breakpoints would just be a matter of adding one more variable for the breakpoint size.

    Anyway, it's going to tough to stick with Webflow if it can't keep up with device changes like the iPad Pro (and someone else mentioned the iPhone Max).

  • Ellen commented
    20 Jan 05:43am

    Your pre-set breakpoints do not meet my use cases. This is so frustrating.

  • Luca commented
    19 Jan 10:58pm

    Not sure if I understand this correctly, if it's been developed and released, why is the status "in backlog"? Are there more features that you would like to add?

  • Michaela Arvidsson commented
    18 Dec, 2020 08:33pm

    An ideal breakpoint situation would really be to be able to add, edit and remove custom breakpoints. I still like the default, or "recommended" breakpoints, but its very limiting to not be able to add my own, edit or remove the default ones.

  • Thales Montebello Fukushima commented
    4 Dec, 2020 03:35am

    Same here, Ipad Pro seems breaking. I'll adjust manually on CSS but, could be nice this feature in app.

  • Aaron Moore commented
    1 Oct, 2020 03:58pm

    This would be a very useful addition. If I could adjust a breakpoint it would save me a lot of time and headaches.

  • Julio Pimentel commented
    27 Sep, 2020 12:02am

    Please do something about this,given that the default breakpoints have no error margin, I just found out that gives errors across different computers and browsers

  • Mustafa Durmaz commented
    26 Aug, 2020 09:45pm

    still planning? this idea came up 2017?

  • Ilya Gusinski commented
    15 Aug, 2020 05:55pm

    it has been a year from the last comment here, and STILL NO CUSTOM BREAKPOINTS!!!!! what gives?!

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