Custom Breakpoints

This is self explanatory.

  • Michael Mannucci
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Jan 19, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi all - jumping in with an update here. If you missed it, we added a new set of larger breakpoints in April 2020. We chose the new set of breakpoints based on feedback from everyone here and have gotten confirmation that it covers 90% of your use cases. Take a look at our Webflow University lesson that does a deep dive on our breakpoints and how to use them to cover your needs.

    That said, custom breakpoints are still on our minds, but for the time being, we’ll be working on other higher priority projects, some listed right here in this wishlist.

  • PETER RYCHLIK commented
    18 Apr 12:38am

    I just love how 5 years later, people are STILL asking for this.

    Like c'mon now...yet we have "blurred vision" site preview...because that's SO handy...

    Idk man, I don't get it.

  • Mae Walls commented
    27 Feb 10:21pm

    It is imperative to have at least one more breakpoint between 992-1220

  • Michael Morley commented
    27 Feb 06:38am

    Custom breakpoints surely is a necessity for custom websites? I have a custom interactive and quite complex section on my website, and it requires a custom breakpoint not corresponding with the standard desktop and tablet screen widths. Odd this isn't a feature.

  • Dan David commented
    23 Feb 04:49am


  • ED+ Content Hub 2 commented
    31 Jan 08:56pm

    Basic thing to have in the platform

  • Eli Smith commented
    21 Nov, 2023 07:25pm

    iPad Pro (1024) looks awful

  • Eli Smith commented
    21 Nov, 2023 07:24pm

    Agree with everyone else. We need custom breakpoints. Seems straightforward and obvious.

  • Tom Williams commented
    31 Oct, 2023 03:19pm

    Unreal this doesn't exist

  • Colt Fulk commented
    22 Sep, 2023 04:06am

    New to webflow, but seasoned in ux and design... with all the unique and "zany," to slick websites created on the webflow platform, it blows my mind this does not exist... I mean, webflow demonstrates don't have to follow the traditional model for website creation, SO WHY IS THIS NOT SUPPORTED?? Seems like a no brainer — viewport proliferation is so varied across the millions of mobile phones, desktop browsers and TV, it's odd to be constrained... the four standard breakpoints are old world form the early 2000s.... LFG!

  • Gilead Tenga commented
    8 Sep, 2023 11:27pm

    smh webflow trippin.. we need dis pls

  • Sophiq Rogelio Lopez commented
    7 Aug, 2023 01:32pm

    This should be a basic feature for any no code builder. All the designs I have to work on use a 1366px breakpoint and had to do them on WordPress/Other platforms because this feature is not implemented on webflow, such a shame.

  • Marley Elise | Siren Creative Co. commented
    7 Aug, 2023 08:09am

    Yes please, I keep running into issues with iPad pro taking on the desktop breakpoint, making my designs look like shiiit. Custom breakpoints are so necessary

  • Michael Jerxsen commented
    27 Jul, 2023 08:06am

    I understand your approach to say that the fixed breakpoints pick up 90% of the users. However, it is not only a question from the user's point of view but also often a question of design at which point which element changes and how. Fixed breakpoints force us designers to create the design in such a way that for certain elements the change takes place exactly at/in these breakpoints/boundary areas, although it would not have been necessary for this particular element yet.

  • Marcio Gutheil commented
    24 Jul, 2023 04:13pm

    +1 to custom breakpoints. Or, at least one more mobile size.

  • Andre Young commented
    18 Jul, 2023 07:16am

    Custom breakpoints are crucial.

  • Luis Alfredo Ponce commented
    6 Jul, 2023 08:38pm

    Pleaseee Webflow, custom Breakpoints is highly needed

  • Arjun Bellur commented
    28 Jun, 2023 04:13pm

    I would like to see the ability to delete higher breakpoints created.

  • Rory Stevens commented
    12 Jun, 2023 03:59pm

    I think it's pretty crazy the features webflow does have but then it doesn't have custom breakpoints.

    Framer has custom breakpoints, oxygen builder has custom breakpoints, bricks builder has custom breakpoints, TeleportHQ has custom breakpoints, even Elementor has custom breakpoints. Full stack developers adjust their main media queries to suit their workflow and the project their working on.

    In webflow, you have to use media queries in custom code to have any control and then you end up with a mess where what you're looking at in your designer and what your style panel settings are don't match.

    It's a basic feature of modern web builders, especially one that markets towards the professional market. It wouldn't be half as difficult to implement as the features Webflow are working on now such as eCommerce and Logic. You just need an input box that updates the breakpoint media query in the css, then update the designer accordingly.

  • Noah Osas commented
    4 Jun, 2023 07:23pm

    We need custom breakpoints! This should be a priority as responsiveness is a priority.

  • Henk de Blauw commented
    27 May, 2023 01:21pm

    Would love to see this in either:

    • Being able to add custom breakpoints

    • Adjust the exact px breakpoint of the existing ones.

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