Custom Breakpoints

This is self explanatory.

  • Michael Mannucci
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Gabrielle Seaborne commented
    May 24, 2017 15:26

    Yes! Or at least provide options. We build to the Bootstrap breakpoints.

  • Kjell Ruben Strøm commented
    June 05, 2017 21:56

    I don't understand how this is not voted for more? Do people really not need a bigger breakpoint than 992?

  • Rot Kaeqpchen commented
    June 23, 2017 16:22

    Absolutely needed!

  • Tony Dawson commented
    August 25, 2017 12:53

    This and a few other 'basic' requirements really let the product down.

  • D P commented
    September 27, 2017 22:49

    This should be an absolute standard function. Can we please get the basics right before adding more fancy parallax scrolling type features ;-)

  • Golan B commented
    November 21, 2017 21:18

    Absolutely needed!!!

  • Tony Dawson commented
    November 27, 2017 11:30

    @cyberdave thanks for your feedback.
    Breakpoints have been raised continuously my me and many others since Oct 2013. 
    Come on guys as DP commented below let's get the basics sorted before the fancy stuff.



    Look at the likes of CoffeeCup RWD for their implementation - surely something like this is feasible. I like Webflow, I am prepared to spend the many on it - BUT - it is very frustrating not having standard features, I can't be the only one banging my head against the wall when having to code breakpoint in separately.

    Four years of comments from the people who have bought into Webflow and nothing - it's surely about time you sat up and actually heeded what people want and need instead of concentrating on the added value bells and whistles that you charge extra for!

  • Davida Pitts commented
    December 01, 2017 14:41

    Please guys....I am tired of having to use custom code to style landscape tablet view. I really would love to see this in development.

  • Kai Sinzinger commented
    December 09, 2017 11:12

    I am working with custom breakpoints everyday. It is absolutely neccessary in my daily work and I don’t understand how people seriously can work without them. Its absolutelly needed for testing out features etc.

    I really don’t understand why we have to urge here for something thats so common in this field of work. P L E A S E  and not just wider breakpoints – CUSTOM breakpoints. It would make Webflow the perfect tool.

  • Enrico Niederberger commented
    January 18, 2018 08:37

    absolutely needed ! this would help a lot

  • Snapper Cridge commented
    January 31, 2018 21:06

    It could be a simple as dragging the resizing handle to your desired width and then adding a function to create a breakpoint at the width. Also adding that handle at the largest breakpoint would be helpful too.

  • Niall Mc Dermott commented
    February 23, 2018 10:20

    Please implement this. It's Essential. 

  • Jane Kennedy commented
    March 05, 2018 09:02

    I am really interested in how people design with one breakpoint from ipad to the increasing large screens. It is 3 column stuff that fall apart for me. It needs to break on ipad landscape.

  • Marce Brum commented
    May 03, 2018 10:46


  • Good Kind commented
    May 15, 2018 17:32

    An absolute must for professionally built products. Sure, we can add code for each breaking point we want, but it totally takes us out of the Webflow workflow. 

  • Benn Raistrick commented
    May 16, 2018 23:30

    I'm finding the lack of break points really frustrating this needs bumping up. I have not used containers as they are two restricting but having just the basics 1024, 1440, 1280 1600 and onwards see straight forward.

    Is there a reason this would be difficult to implement? 

  • Joe Million commented
    July 04, 2018 17:16

    It's been a while coming and I've managed to work around it, but has finally arrived banging on the door in the middle of the night.

    I suppose the challenge Webflow have is that many people won't actually be designing on screens that match the breakpoints they're designing for, which could cause some issues. I do most of my work on a 15" Laptop.

    I would really appreciate some commentary on this from the management!

  • Chris Cole commented
    September 19, 2018 19:06

    Hi folks,

    I figured out a temporary solution to this - you can create a div, name it "Container", then set a 100% width value, auto positioning, and then and a max width of, say, 1200. Then, just apply that class to all of your normal containers. It'll stretch to fit larger screens, but also respond down like normal containers. I've been doing this on all my recent sites!

    Hope it helps,

    - Chris

  • Geon Network commented
    October 17, 2018 07:05


  • Micheal Beaulieu commented
    November 08, 2018 20:14

    Yes please :) 

  • Jim Collinson commented
    November 13, 2018 09:04

    This is vital. Sadly webflow is pretty unusable for my prototyping needs without it.

  • Sean Wildenfree commented
    28 Jan 23:42

    PLEASE!!!!! Bring this to fruition. It is beyond frustrating trying to design for the desktop breakpoint, only to realize when you view it on a larger monitor/widescreen (or working the other way around), things don't line up properly! It would be VERY helpful to have a widescreen breakpoint, or the ability to just adjust & set our own breakpoints if necessary!

  • Richard Petrich commented
    29 Jan 16:08

    This is absolutely needed!!! Think of Ipad 12.9 in vertical format.

  • Filip Sipos commented
    01 Feb 01:44

    Still one of the most annoying things about Webflow designer. At least ad Landscape vs portrait orientation. That alone would fix so many problems...

  • Filip Sipos commented
    01 Feb 01:46

    also "Breakpoint for WatchOS" and "Wider Breakpoint" should be merged into this.

  • Rich Trowbridge commented
    07 Feb 15:40


    However, what you SHOULD do, to redefine the entire www, is allow for custom breakpoints based on DEVICE that deals with width AND height for both portrait AND landscape.

    Too many large phones have the same landscape width as tablets.
    If I want to show the desktop layout on tablets and a mobile layout on phones, I can't, and that's a serious problem for me.

    Love Webflow, but this is a big problem.

  • Martijn De Schrijver commented
    11 Feb 17:31

    Also, aspect ration breakpoints, please!!

  • Michael Alhilly commented
    24 Feb 19:38

    This is one of the few missing features that prevents Webflow from achieving professional grade design through the UI. Of course custom code is an option, but if we're coding the design then Webflow isn't really necessary.

  • Craig Keeling commented
    27 Feb 21:21

    So crucial to getting the details right. 

  • Maksim Lobanov commented
    13 Mar 06:41

    Definitely needed. 1440, 1680, 1920.

  • Diego Monserrat nogués commented
    19 Mar 21:58

    Please!!! We need custom breakpoints urgently!

  • Jason Roach commented
    08 Apr 13:25

    Status Update?! 

  • Alain Descoux commented
    11 Apr 05:09

    as some persons said, it's vital. It's the only thing wich miss to webflow to be really perfect.