Payment Gateway Integration | Europe + Global | by Mollie

Next step due to the New Webflow E-commerce.

All major payment methods simple ready-made and free plugins or we can use their expansive yet simple API.

We, I need this combined with the use op Webflow E-commerce. End users and Cliënts asking!

  • Stefan de Beer
  • Mar 22 2019
  • Johar Zwan commented
    19 Apr 10:48

    also for Chinese customers, need Alipay and wechat pay.

  • Raj Kumar commented
    22 Aug 15:44

    Agreed, Mollie integration would be a game changer. I am currently working with charities at the moment who in the Netherlanda who opt for wordpress because of simple mollie donation form plugin integration. Would be amazing to have on webflow and would solve a major headache

  • Thijs Slootjes commented
    18 Oct 14:20

    Currently working on a new book platform that would work perfectly with a mollie integration, would be amazing if we can do this via Webflow.