Add Mollie as Payment Service Provider

Mollie is the Benelux equivalent of Stripe. It's very developer friendly, offers all major payment methods and is inexpensive. Moreover, it offers certain payment options which are very specific to The Netherlands and Belgium and thus helps improve conversion at checkout.

  • Reginald Ofori
  • Aug 13 2019
  • Marlies van Gelder commented
    3 Oct 07:37pm

    Yes please! This is the only thing holding me back using webflow for all of my clients. We need Mollie :)

  • 100xspreadsheet X commented
    3 Oct 01:57pm

    This is absolutely mandatory to succeed in EU / Benelux.

  • Wim Peeters commented
    28 Jul 02:10pm

    Important, i had do decline webflow because clients use mollie!

  • Ahmed Jaama commented
    25 Jul 11:12pm

    I do not understand why molie or ideal has not been incorporated yet.
    Most importantly why is it taking so long.
    I really would love to use Webflow.
    It is really disappointing, finding out that can not offer e-commerce webflow sites wihout molie or ideal.

  • James Crane commented
    9 Jul 02:12pm

    Certainly good idea. I have the only question if it will be possible to pay for apps like this one cause it's important for me to use it while my son is running his Iphone 24/7 always

  • Michel Schade commented
    2 Jul 10:29am

    yes! If you guys need help integrating , let me know!

  • Maarten van der Aar commented
    29 Jun 12:11pm


  • Joram Baak commented
    26 Jun 12:12am

    Yes we really need this

  • Hi Live commented
    22 Jun 11:51am

    Please add this feature

  • Roderik commented
    20 Jun 11:04am

    yes please

  • Martin Achterhof commented
    24 May 12:33pm

    Yes please! Just created a website, the Mollie feature is a must have!!

  • Toyosi James Abdulai commented
    20 May 10:16am

    Yess we need this so badly!

    I am literally considering now using the webflow website builder because of it.

  • Alex De Smit commented
    20 May 07:35am

    Mollie YES!

  • Linda Groeneveld commented
    6 Apr 08:35am

    Please add this option! Sales will be booming ones Mollie can be integrated, because now I can't offer e-commerce webflow sites. We need Mollie! ;-)

  • Micha Müller-Zitzke commented
    2 Apr 02:24pm


  • Vincent Cleyman commented
    25 Mar 12:27am

    We really need this!!

  • Ezra van den Broek commented
    16 Mar 03:24pm

    This should be added like right away, Mollie has a really simple API

  • Daanyyek commented
    7 Feb 12:14am

    Mollie is really the only viable option for EU Users as Stripe does not support the most popular Payment Methods as easy as Mollie does.

  • Hans Adema commented
    6 Feb 12:49pm

    This will dramaticly increase the webflow users in Europe. 

  • Ayrthon Sadikrama commented
    5 Feb 11:45pm


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