Add modern File Types like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP

The Loading Time would be much faster. Google Page Speed say that it could be 7 seconds faster with this modern File types.

Admin Note:
Due to limited browser support, it's unlikely that we'll build the ability to use JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, or WebP until there's full browser support.

  • Dominik Klich
  • May 23 2019
  • James Hannaford commented
    23 Nov 05:32pm

    Running an Ecommerce store without WebP file format is really hurting my load speed. I wish i had gone with Shopify now. We need the ability to be able to leverage this file type to help site load speed

  • Dil Shah Dirar commented
    22 Nov 03:40am

    Lol; we are still stuck in 2019. Time to move to a different CMS that properly support these features.

  • Shusaku Ueda commented
    23 Oct 12:39am

    I really hope this function will be developed.

  • Stanford HIL commented
    20 Oct 07:21pm

    Weblfow tech people, can you let us know the date when you expect this will be implemented?

  • SH commented
    14 Oct 02:25pm

    It has full browser support...


  • Brent Ellis commented
    13 Oct 04:47pm

    It's about time to give us WebP! All the browsers support it

  • Andrew Gormley commented
    7 Oct 05:57pm

    Another vote for WebP here simply because of its versatility. CanIUse has all modern browsers supporting the format now, time to make it a reality:

  • Netram III commented
    24 Sep 04:07pm

    Please add this feature. I really do not feel like hosting my images on AWS and pointing them to my website... Mucho Gracias lads

  • Craig commented
    10 Sep 06:30am

    The three most important questions that need answering for me to move to webflow are...

    1. Does it support lazy loading images?

    2. Does it support responsive image sizes?

    3. Does it support webp?

    Quite surprised and very disappointed to find out the answer to 3. is no. Browser compatibility should not be a reason why it isn't since they are all coming on board fast and that's what fallbacks are for.

    This is kind of a dealbreaker for me sadly.

  • Piyush Jain commented
    24 Aug 10:47am

    This is important now. Google is clearly putting in RED on its Pageinsights to use modern image types.

  • Kennedy Rose commented
    23 Jul 09:28pm

    You can get next-gen image formats like webp on your Webflow site by adding CryoLayer to it:

    Not built into Webflow, but it does work.

  • Maarten Lodewijk Anne Veldhuijzen commented
    29 Jun 10:58am

    Any progress here? Taking forever. We need this.

  • Mike Ouellette commented
    26 Jun 02:14am

    This is a major sticking point for selling webflow over wordpress

  • River Massey commented
    28 May 09:34pm

    Any movement on this?

  • River Massey commented
    21 Apr 09:20pm

    Need this if I'm going to convince my agency to move away from WordPress. ASAP please.

  • Solidmakarna commented
    21 Apr 05:58am

    When will this be fixed? We need to get this feature.

  • Mitchell Eva commented
    10 Apr 09:03am
  • Neil commented
    9 Apr 11:52am

    Just watched a video promoting Optily image optimizer "for Webflow":

    However seeing as JPEG 2000 or WebP are not supported how is Webflow's own tool going to achieve these optimisations? I guess you have to pay to find out.

    This does not make me feel good.

  • Ani Guillen commented
    7 Apr 02:36pm

    How about solving this, it's been 2 years. So many updates except the basics.

  • Eric Martinson commented
    5 Apr 04:23pm

    WHY WHY WHY is this not supported yet? We're almost 2 years into this request, and it isn't some wild one, it's a WEB STANDARD. With the coming google update that is going to PUMMEL sites that don't comply, this is one thing that could make the difference. This makes me want to move off webflow completely and go to a company that cares about how our SEO affects us. I can deal with the idiotic workarounds I've had to do, but basic image serving????

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