Add modern File Types like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP

The Loading Time would be much faster. Google Page Speed say that it could be 7 seconds faster with this modern File types. 

  • Dominik Klich
  • May 23 2019
  • Tom Lieb commented
    18 Jun 10:57am

    we need it urgently

  • Nathan Thomassin commented
    27 May 09:44pm

    need it

  • Marc-Olivier Lafontaine commented
    27 Mar 04:59am

    We need this!

  • Dash Eleven commented
    1 Feb 05:15am


  • Eddie Yan commented
    16 Jan 11:37pm

    Yes please, thank you for all your hard work over there at WF dev team.  

    Any help in optimizing rank will ultimate help the community justify the use of Webflow compared to others (wordpress).  

  • Domenick Basolo commented
    8 Nov, 2019 07:47pm

    Why wouldn't you use WEBP this is Google's own image and the compression is insane making for faster websites. However, the downfall is that WEBP isn't supported by IOS and thus Workflow would need to make sure and render a jpeg or png file to nonsupported browsers/devices. This may be why it hasn't been done or still being worked on.

  • Philip Lester commented
    8 Aug, 2019 03:49am

    The main issue w/this feature is these new image formats are only supported by Chrome.  They'll render as broken images in just about every other browser out today.

  • Stefan Dieffenbacher commented
    5 Aug, 2019 02:30pm

    this is key for Google Ranking as well ...

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