Add modern File Types like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP

The Loading Time would be much faster. Google Page Speed say that it could be 7 seconds faster with this modern File types.

Admin Note:
Due to limited browser support, it's unlikely that we'll build the ability to use JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, or WebP until there's full browser support.

  • Dominik Klich
  • May 23 2019
  • Yappie Yappieton commented
    25 May 03:08am

    "Due to limited browser support"

    We're in May 2022, time to revisit this!

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    19 Apr 08:00pm

    can @webflow please add the votes with this wishlist item:

  • Laurence O'Toole commented
    1 Apr 09:00pm

    Hi guys - This thread is almost 3 years old.

    We all know about the importance of SEO to website owners and we all know that page speed is one of many core ranking factors - highlighted by Google pushing webmasters everywhere to aspire to achieving the standards laid out in their Core Web Vitals.

    It's been said by lots of users already; images play a big role in how fast a page loads for a user - and supporting .webp would be a big step in the right direction for us all and for every user who happens to visit a site built with WebFlow.

    According to .webp support is now greater than .gif which is supported by WebFlow.

    I can see why you might choose to wait for .avif (unless you can also come up with an elegant fallback solution).

    .png - 97.85% of global users.

    .svg - 97.81% of global users.

    .AVIF - 68.86% of global users.

    .webp - 94.25% of global users.

    .gif - 93.41% of global users.

    Every client understands the importance of a fast loading site for users, and more and more are asking for site designers and developers to achieve 90+ scores on Core Web Vitals in their site build briefs.

    So, can you at least provide a view from the WebFlow product management as to when, if ever, this might be rolled-out?

  • Flash Sites commented
    24 Mar 04:31pm
  • Dylan Cunliffe commented
    4 Mar 07:30pm

    got to be time for this!!

  • Carl Hickerson commented
    1 Mar 12:45am

    It's time!

  • Dayron Gallardo commented
    28 Feb 10:34pm

    when? you guys it's 2022 this is a MUST

  • Dajana Dimovska commented
    28 Feb 01:39pm

    It's been almost 3 years.....

  • Keenan Price commented
    23 Feb 08:49pm

    Get with the times webflow :)

  • Flash Sites commented
    18 Feb 05:08pm

    Finally, you can use the WebP and even AVIF Image Format in Stacket today:

    You can benefit from the WebP or the AVIF (even smaller images) Automatic Compression without any Webflow Image Modifications!

  • Luke Schneider commented
    17 Feb 09:36am

    It´s time!

  • Darren Nix commented
    15 Feb 03:22am

    It is time.

    WebP now enjoys universal support and is a key recommendation from Google PageSpeed Insights for improving page scores, particularly on mobile.

  • Ahmet Bayram commented
    14 Feb 10:58pm

    Pls, Add WebP or AVIF

  • AdExperts commented
    2 Feb 09:43pm

    please Webflow its 2022 now. We need next gen formats like WebP, etc.

  • Christian Schmitt commented
    26 Jan 11:40am

    I see this everyday :(

  • James commented
    22 Jan 11:33pm

    +1 to Brent's comment - WebP support is widespread enough to justify support by Webflow.

  • Ezekiel Rochat commented
    12 Jan 04:32am


  • Brent Lagerman commented
    11 Jan 07:10pm

    note to admins above - browser support is no longer 'limited'

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    11 Jan 07:09pm

    just noticed cloudflare will convert all images to webp on the fly but you need to pay for a pro membership. It'd be great if Webflow would do this for us, it would speed up all webflow sites substantially and get better SEO scores for everyone. It's a win-win! Please UPVOTE people!

  • Philipp commented
    5 Jan 10:38pm

    Seriously, i can't believe that Webflow does not support this absolute standard function in 2021. You advertise Webflow with things like "Search engines love us" but then you are not able to add such a basic function? I mean it's not a big deal, "limited browser support" is outdated - all of them support it now and who cares about the like 5 people in the world that use too old browsers? They are used to have issues... Image optimization is SEO standard now and and it is about time that Webflow adds this little, important function!

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