Improve copy and pasting rich text from word processors (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)

My content workflow involves staging and formatting text in a word processing tool, like Word or Docs -- then copying the formatted text into a rich text field.

Unfortunately sometimes pasting certain elements go haywire, forcing me to spend time RE-formatting my text in Webflow.

Wish Webflow handled my copy-pasting workflow smoother.


We want to hear -- what's breaking for everyone? Please also share which tool you are copying from, and how important this is to your workflow.

  • Monica Czarny
  • Jun 4 2019
  • Lisa Richards commented
    20 Jul, 2020 12:59am

    This is really important as Microsoft word is used by many of my clients for source of the main content of regular post updates.

    I've found the workaround of opening the word document in google docs and copying and pasting from there instead of the microsoft word client works OK but is far from ideal.

    Please give some attention to this webflow.

  • Muhn Elmannae commented
    17 Jun, 2020 10:06am

    Odd problem still have no solustion since ever in webflow. It's not a problem with Microsoft Word or Google Docs only, the list is really long.
    I think many of webflow useres are intersted in desgin rather than text editing.

  • Ioannis Tsiokos commented
    7 May, 2020 03:58pm

    Copied texts are missing spaces in my case too. The only way around it is to paste it as simple text, and reformat ti from scratch. What a headache...

  • Erik Fossum commented
    9 Jan, 2020 12:31pm

    Why in the world is this still not fixed?? We're coming up on the THREE YEAR anniversary for the original issue wishlist:

    This is incredibly bad.

  • Ambrose Andreano commented
    24 Dec, 2019 04:14am

    How is this still not fixed. 

  • Novus Marketing commented
    24 Oct, 2019 03:32pm

    When copying from Word into a rich text box (Designer or Editor), I lose spaces so wordsappeaer togetherlike this. As a workaround I found that if I copy the text into Notes (on mac) first, and then copy into the Webflow, I don't have that issue. Pretty silly that that's now part of my workflow!

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